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North Dakota Methadone Clinics

North Dakota is a state divided by the Missouri River. To the east are Grand Forks and Fargo, large cities where most of the state’s population live. The economy in this area is driven by a variety of businesses, and the state’s two universities are located here as well. On the west side, North Dakota gets rural. The rolling hills extend to the badlands. Recent attention from the energy industry has sent people and money rushing into some western cities, like Dickinson, Bismarck, and Williston.

The Peace Garden State can be brutal. The winters are extensive and frigid. But, North Dakotans are strong folk, and they power through difficult weather, including the hot summers. Unfortunately, no amount of internal fortitude can protect a person from developing an addiction. The opioid epidemic that has been impacting the rest of the nation to varying degrees has arrived in North Dakota, and individuals, families, and communities are being ripped apart.

If you or someone you love need treatment for an addiction to heroin or prescription opioids, medication-assisted treatment using methadone could be the solution. Addictions.com provides you with all of the data you need to make a wise decision when choosing a North Dakota methadone clinic. We have the background needed to help people reclaim control of their lives.

North Dakota Addiction Stats

  • In 2014, 0.22 percent of North Dakotans age 18-25 reported using heroin in the previous year
  • There was a 400 percent increase in heroin use between 2013 and 2015
  • Since 2010, heroin-associated criminal charges have increased 4,300 percent
  • Between 2013 and 2015, the number of drug cases passed to the state crime lab rose 26 percent, with a 400 percent jump in those associated with heroin
  • In 2012, one percent of people seeking addiction treatment identified heroin as the primary drug of use; by 2016, it was six percent


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

In the case of opioid addiction, both prescription narcotic and heroin addiction can be traced back to nonmedical use of prescriptions. This isn’t the only cause of drug abuse, but it is quite common. People who have received a prescription may take the medication as directed for a period of time, only to develop a tolerance. Their brains and bodies adjust to the meds and they don’t get the same effect they used to. Many people respond to this by using the medication in ways other than prescribed, like taking more of the medication, taking it more often, or taking it with alcohol. This is abuse and it can lead to addiction. In many cases, when people are hooked on abusing prescription opioids, they switch to abusing heroin because it is less expensive and easier to access.

If you are concerned someone you care about is abusing drugs, you can look for the following signs of drug use:

  • Change in sleeping habits
  • Financial difficulties
  • Disinterest in personal grooming and hygiene
  • Change in weight
  • Secrecy
  • Social isolation
  • Defensiveness when questioned about drug use
  • Neglect of responsibilities

There is no guarantee that someone exhibiting these signs has an addiction or is abusing drugs, but if these signs are present, it’s worth spending more time examining the situation. It might also be time to have an honest, open discussion with your loved one.

North Dakota Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in North Dakota

Often, when a North Dakotan with an addiction ends up in jail, family and friends of the addict beg law enforcement to keep them there because that may be their only chance at detox. People who love an addict don’t want to watch that person slowly fall apart or die. North Dakota communities are desperate for help and they are begging for any assistance they can get. Addicts often want that help as well, they simply can’t break free of the control addiction has over them. Thankfully, North Dakota has a number of excellent rehab, detox, and methadone programs.

Addictions.com wants to connect you with the help that you need for yourself or for a loved one. We have compiled all the relevant information about North Dakota methadone clinics. That information can be used to compare treatment methods and evaluate facilities. This will enable you to pick the ideal facility. We want you to live a healthy, stable life, which is why we have options for every location, budget, and temperament. You will find a match.

Choosing From Many North Dakota Methadone Clinics

As you consider which North Dakota methadone clinic is right for your needs, spend some time reflecting on the circumstances of the addiction and researching the role of methadone in recovery from addiction. Taking the time to be thorough will help you find the facility that is right for you or a loved one.

  • Location

    You have a lot to consider, but don’t forget practical matters. A methadone clinic requires patients to travel to the facility every single day to take their medication. You will make that trip when you have pressing obligations at home and at work. You will make it when you are sick. You will make it when you have pulled an all-nighter finishing a project. So, you need to make sure you choose a North Dakota methadone clinic that is convenient. It doesn’t have to be the one that is closest to your house, but it shouldn’t be an hour’s drive away if you can help it.

  • Reach out to the people who care about you

    All of this information is overwhelming, so reach out to the friends and family who love you to help with your search. People who care about you have been watching your decline into addiction and wishing they could force you to stop; they want to help make that happen in any way they can. Ask them to help you learn about North Dakota methadone clinics and how methadone works. They will not only feel more confident about your treatment because they understand it, they will be able to help you understand it as well. Without having to juggle all of this on your own, you can concentrate on getting better. Plus, you are less likely to get discouraged and give up when you have help.

  • Be honest about the treatment level you need

    Methadone programs are generally outpatient and people prefer them because they allow patients the freedom to continue living at home and going to work. However, more severe addictions may need the intensity of an inpatient rehab before entering into a North Dakota methadone clinic program. Residential care may allow for the focus you or a loved one need to exhibit to get sober and stay that way. Your recovery depends on matching your treatment to your needs, so be honest about the severity of your addiction and the amount of care it needs.

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