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Missouri Methadone Clinics

The Show Me State loves barbecue. When it comes to cooking on a grill, Missourians are experts. The people in St. Louis consume more BBQ than any other city in the nation, and everyone is familiar with Kansas City style ‘cue. The state’s six million residents like their meat slowly wood smoked and slathered in a tomato and molasses sauce.

But, that’s not the only think that makes Missouri special. Residents like hunting, fishing, rooting for the home teams, floating on the river, Branson’s World Fest, and the legendary Mark Twain days. Unfortunately, none of these wonderful activities is slowing the pace at which people are becoming addicted to opioids and overdosing on them. Missouri sells more prescriptions opioids than any other state in the Midwest, and yet, the state remains the only one in the country without a database for monitoring prescription drug abuse.

If you or someone important to you are struggling with addiction, Missouri methadone clinics can give you the support and medication you need to achieve and maintain sobriety. Addictions.com has made it our mission to help people take control of their lives back from addiction by giving them the information they need to get help. We want you to return to living a stable, healthy life.

Missouri Addiction Stats

  • Deaths from heroin use in St. Louis jumped 94 percent between 2015 and 2016; at 80 deaths per 100,000 people, it’s two times the rate in the rest of the region
  • Between 2001 and 2014, the rate of heroin-involved death for men was four times the rate for women
  • The highest rate of heroin-involved, accidentals deaths is among Missourians 23-34
  • In 2014, the police made 2,437 arrests for crimes involving opium or cocaine and derivatives
  • In 2015, 183 people died from an overdose caused by a synthetic opioid, like tramadol or fentanyl


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

There is no single cause that is to blame for all addiction, which makes it difficult to prevent one developing. Many people begin abusing drugs for recreation. Others do it because they are self-medicating. And, there are still other who feel it is safe to use drugs because they have been prescribed by a doctor. All of these situations have the potential to become drug addiction.

Drug addiction develops over time, and as it progresses, people dealing with that addiction find ways to compensate for it. With all of the lies and the secrets practiced by addicts, confirming your suspicions of an addiction can be quite difficult. However, the following signs are commonly associated with addiction.

  • The person becomes defensive when questioned about substance abuse
  • The person’s finances fluctuate wildly
  • The person’s behavior is erratic
  • The person’s sleeping habits change
  • The person ceases to address their grooming and hygiene
  • If these signs are familiar, it is time to take action.

Missouri Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Missouri

An addiction to drugs or alcohol sucks all of the enjoyment out of a user’s life, leaving them a shell of the person that they used to be. Many Missourians know how it feels to be consumed by a compulsion they cannot control. But, every person who knows this feeling has the ability to recover. If you or a loved one are dealing with an addiction; it is possible to heal. You just need help. You can’t do it on your own.

This is where Addictions.com comes in. We have compiled all of the information you need to make an informed decision about a Missouri methadone clinic. Medication-assisted treatment is linked to positive treatment outcomes for participants, but it’s important that you enter the best program for your needs. We want to help you find a center that is a match to your personality, budget, and location.

Choosing From Many Missouri Methadone Clinics

During your search for a Missouri methadone clinic, you will have to do research. With such a serious decision, it isn’t advisable for you to simply enter the first one you find. During the decision-making process consider the following.

  • Speak to people who have received methadone treatment

    When you enter a program at a Missouri methadone clinic, your experience will be tailored to your needs. This means that another person’s experience won’t be an exact mirror of yours, but there is still value in talking to someone who has been through it. It will give you an opportunity to ask questions and gain information that wouldn’t be readily available to you any other way.

  • Ask for help from the people who care about you

    It is incredibly difficult to have an active opioid addiction and try to make a treatment decision. Your brain is clouded by drug use and you may not be able to muster the concentration or focus you need during this time. Ask your friends and family to help you evaluate Missouri methadone clinics. The people who love you are invested in your recovery and they would love to contribute to it. This gives them a chance to do it and it helps you make a better decision, which will lead to better treatment results.

  • Have a detox plan

    Before you enter treatment at a methadone clinic, you have to stop using drugs and alcohol. The process by which you let all the toxins flush out of your body is called detox. It is incredibly difficult to detox from opioids; the withdrawal symptoms are crippling and can even prove life threatening. A Missouri methadone clinic may not provide you with professional detox as part of the program. If you need the help of a trained, experienced staff to help you during this time, look for programs that offer detox assistance.

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