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Vancouver Treatment Solutions is an opiate addiction rehabilitation facility that provides medically-supervised buprenorphine detox treatment and methadone maintenance treatment for individuals struggling with addictions to heroin and other opiate drugs.

Opiate addiction is a progressive, chronic, physical disease characterized by persistent and compulsive use despite negative consequences and the desire to quit. Like other chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and asthma, addiction cannot be cured, but it can be successfully managed.

Regular use of opiate drugs creates chemical and structural changes in the prefrontal cortex and frontal cortex of the brain, making it very difficult to quit without professional treatment. Heroin and other opiate drugs are able to trick the reward centers of the brain into releasing unnaturally large amounts of dopamine that create a rush of euphoria. Over time, drug abuse damages the functioning of the reward centers, because the brain shuts off opiate receptors and slows the production of dopamine, which means the addict now has difficulty experiencing pleasure. This impairs functioning and causes depression. In an attempt to normalize, addicts take larger and larger amounts of opiate drugs, which only compound the problem.

In Washington State, there are more deaths from drug abuse each year than from guns and car accidents. This deplorably high rate of substance abuse makes victims of the addict, along with everyone who loves them. Vancouver Treatment Solutions is dedicated to saving and transforming patient’s lives.


Vancouver Treatment Solutions provides the highest-quality Medication-Assisted Treatment for individuals grappling with an addiction to opioid drugs like heroin or prescription painkillers. Our comprehensive programing options deliver full-circle addiction treatment care for adults age 18 and older. Our outpatient services integrate safe, effective opiate replacement medications with research and evidence based therapeutic methods.

The warm, inviting therapeutic environment at Vancouver Treatment Solutions is created by a dedicated team of physicians, certified counselors, and nurses with the training and experience to facilitate our patients’ recovery success. Our caring, motivated staff monitor patients and dispense medication, ensuring that each individual receives the most benefit possible from their recovery plan.

The primary goal at Vancouver Treatment Solutions is to stabilize patient brain chemistry so that they are able to resume and maintain productive, independent lives. Next, we seek to engage these stabilized patients in therapeutic interventions that will address the emotional, psychological, behavioral, and social aspects of their substance abuse disorder. We provide medication-assisted detoxification and medication-assisted treatment that combines opiate replacement medications with counseling and addiction support services.

At Vancouver Treatment Solutions, healing begins with a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment, so that our clinical staff can begin to guide patients through a closely-monitored stabilization phase. Patients are administered their initial dose of buprenorphine or methadone, and are then continually evaluated to determine the best medication at the best dosage. Some patients receive their optimum dose on the first try, while others require several adjustments until the appropriate pharmacologic therapy is determined. When taken as directed, these medications will decrease opiate cravings, suppress withdrawal symptoms, and help patients maintain their commitment to treatment.

Once patients are stabilized, they undergo outpatient care services that include group, individual and family counseling. As they progress in recovery, patients earn the right to take extra doses of their medication home, where they will administer their daily dose themselves. This means they will be able to visit the Vancouver Treatment Solutions clinic less often. This phase of treatment occurs with the support of the patient’s therapist and clinic staff.

After patients learn to master sufficient life skills and self-care, and their treatment team feel like the patient is ready to maintain their recovery outside of the treatment program, they will work together to come up with a safe, and effective plan to wean the patient off their opiate-replacement medication. This is a collaborative decision made under close medical guidance when the patient and the treatment team both agree that the patient is ready.

In the meantime, outpatient addiction rehabilitation offers a safe space for patients to share experiences, discuss issues, and give and receive support as they continue attending to their daily responsibilities, and coping with the challenges of everyday life. The addiction specialists at Vancouver Treatment Solutions help our patients deal with anxiety, stress, and other emotional concerns, as well as guiding them through the resolution of interpersonal conflicts. Problems are dealt with before they can become crisis situations, and even the patient’s loved ones get involved with treatment, learning about addiction and how best to encourage the ongoing recovery process.


Vancouver Treatment Solutions helps patients grapple with opiate addiction through Medication-Assisted Therapy with methadone, Subutex, and Suboxone. Which medication at what dosage is determined according to individual patient needs, the status of their health, and their progress in recovery. Changes in medication and dosages may be made at any time during treatment, depending on feedback from the patient, their counselors and the facility’s qualified physicians.

At Vancouver Treatment Solutions, we believe that the best approach to addiction treatment involves not just medication, but therapy to help our patients discover and address the underlying causes of substance abuse and addiction, as well as provide a safe, purposeful outlet for emotional stress throughout the recovery process, and concerning recovery issues.

Patients are most successful when they establish a support network of individuals they can turn to throughout their recovery journey. For this reason, we provide individual and group therapy sessions. Substance abuse is frequently accompanied by co-occurring mental and behavioral health conditions and disorders. Research has shown that one in every two individuals grappling with severe mental illness also suffer from addiction issues.

Often, it is the mental or behavioral health disorder that drives the patient to begin abusing substances in an attempt to self-medicate their condition. If the underlying condition is not addressed, chemical dependence will soon follow, as the patient comes to rely on the drugs, first emotionally, and then physically. Sometimes, though, the primary condition is the addiction, which then creates psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

Addiction and the co-occurring disorder will have disparate symptoms, but they also interact in complicated ways that can make diagnosing and treating the patient more challenging. That is why Vancouver Treatment Solutions employs accomplished mental health and addiction care professionals who can discover and address both conditions at once.


At Vancouver Treatment Solutions, we specialize in quality outpatient care for individuals seeking to overcome addictions to opiate drugs such as heroin. Heroin is extremely addictive, both physically and psychologically, and once the addict starts using, the drug immediately changes their life and body in ways that prohibit normal functioning. Addicts find themselves and their loved ones suffering in all areas of life, as well as facing the consequences of the many criminal behaviors associated with an addiction to heroin.

Scientific studies involving lab animals discovered that heroin-addicted animals will choose drugs over food and beverages, and they will continue to do so, even as they start to die from starvation, dehydration, and exhaustion. The potent addictive qualities of heroin are so strong, that many people get hooked after their first time using the drug. Risk factors that make an individual more vulnerable to developing an addiction include a family history of substance abuse, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Regular use of heroin will cause an addict to swiftly develop a tolerance to the drug, and if they attempt to quit, or even wait too long between doses, they will suffer severe, debilitating withdrawal symptoms. This can begin within hours of the last dose, and continue anywhere from a week to several months. In addition, even after fully detoxing from heroin, recovering addicts are vulnerable to relapsing when they are triggered by certain places, people, and things.

Most fatal overdoses of heroin occur when addicts relapse at this point in their recovery. Unaware of how low their tolerance for the drug has become, they attempt to use at their usual dose from right before withdrawal, not realizing that the dosage is now fatal to them.

To avoid painful withdrawal symptoms and the dangerous risk of relapse and overdose, Vancouver Treatment Solutions recommends methadone detox and maintenance. A safe and appropriate daily dosage of methadone will keep patients stable while they engage with other forms of therapy, such as counseling. This process is essential for patients to come to an understanding of themselves and their personal issues relating to substance abuse. Patients must also learn new ways of coping with stress and other challenges, if they are to successfully achieve and maintain a drug-free life. Recovering addicts must also be sure to deal with any co-occurring conditions that may have prompted their substance abuse, or else may have been caused by it.


The staff at the modern, welcoming Vancouver Treatment Solutions facility are experts in treating adults suffering from addictions to heroin and other opiate drugs. Our accomplished team of physicians and medical professionals are nationally recognized for their expertise in the field of addiction medicine, and are frequently invited to participate in panel discussions and deliver keynote speeches at conferences hosted by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and other respected organizations.

Our clinical and counseling staff have the compassion and experience to understand how difficult it is to deal with addiction, and how easy it is to fall into despair. We also understand that each one of our patients is unique, with individual needs, preferences and goals. From the moment you walk into our clinic, we listen to what you say and evaluate your condition and experience so that we can provide you with the customized treatment plan that will best facilitate your recovery. We monitor you closely and thoughtfully, making adjustments to your treatment plan as needed, because everyone grows and changes as they undergo treatment.

At Vancouver Treatment Solutions, we know that recovery is possible because we have helped so many people successfully overcome their addictions to opiate drugs. We deliver the highest-quality care in an environment of trust, understanding, patience, and compassion, guiding our patients towards a brighter, healthier future.

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