Signs a Loved One is Suffering From Compulsive Gambling Addiction

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For individuals who are suffering from compulsive gambling addiction, life can be difficult on a daily basis. This particular addiction is incredibly damaging to a person’s financial life and many people have had to file bankruptcy simply because they cannot stop gambling. If you feel that a loved one has this addiction, you may want to be aware of the signs that there is a problem. By identifying the signs, you will be able to help the individual overcome this issue.

How to Tell if Your Loved One Has a Compulsive Gambling Addiction

One of the first signs to look for when you think someone has a gambling addiction is what they do on a daily basis. Someone who has this type of addiction may exhibit it in a variety of different ways. One person might be an online casino addict and spend the majority of their time on gambling websites. Another person with a gambling addiction might spend a lot of their day buying and screening lottery tickets from local gas stations and convenience stores. Some people are also addicted to actually going to local casinos in their area and playing the machines that are available there.

compulsive gambling addiction

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If you are noticing that a loved one is using one or several of these gambling methods on a constant basis, it could mean that they are suffering from a compulsive gambling addiction. You might also notice that someone with this issue constantly complains about money and financial problems. The person might work a steady job but still not have enough money for bills, rent or even food. Financial distress is a major problem that people who have this addiction have to deal with each day.

How to Confront Someone with this Addiction

If you feel that a loved one has this addiction, you may want to confront them about it. This type of addiction is no different from many others because the addict feels the urges to constantly gamble to see if they are able to win big. Confronting someone might mean something as simple as sitting down and asking them if they feel like they have a problem with their gambling. Some people recognize that they have an issue and are willing to get help for it. Others do not even realize that their gambling is an actual addiction and that it is causing problems in their life financially.

Working with a therapist when dealing with someone who has a compulsive gambling addiction can be thoroughly beneficial to both you and the person involved. Without help, a person with a gambling addiction can spiral out of control, lose all of their assets and face financial ruin. Before this happens, the person needs to understand that they have an addiction and that there is help out there for them if they simply reach out for it. Knowing the person who has the addiction will also help when you actually go to confront them about it personally.

Signs of a Gambling Addiction
Compulsive Gambling Addiction