Foods With Nutritional Benefits That You Should Eat During Recovery

Calendar icon Last Updated: 06/6/2024

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When it comes to drug withdrawal, it is important to understand what foods to eat to help the body recover and cleanse the controlled substance out of the body. There are a great deal of nutritional benefits in nuts, oils, fruits and vegetables. These foods are known as mother nature’s medicine and, if eaten, they can help the body recover from different illnesses, addictions and other health related issues.

A detox diet can help you recover from your addiction faster and overcome some of the withdrawal symptoms that could occur. It is important to speak to a dietitian or a doctor about detoxing or about the foods and how much you should consume during the recovery process.

Top Foods to Help During Detoxing During Recovery

Green Leafy Plants

Nutritional benefits

Learn the nutritional benefits of different foods!

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, barley and other organic green vegetables have a great deal of nutritional benefits. Green leafy plants are good for the digestive tract. They can help with digestive problems due to nausea and diarrhea throughout the withdrawal process. Green leafy plants should be one of the largest group of foods eaten during the withdrawal process.


According to the CDC, limes, lemons and oranges are citrus fruits that helps helps with flushing out the toxins in the body and cleanse the liver. Since these fruits are filled with cleansing potential, it is the best to consume them at the start of the day and then throughout the day. Many people enjoy a slice of one or more of the fruits in their ice water. Drinking water with fruits is a great way to cleanse while staying hydrated throughout the day.

Green Tea

Green tea has a variety of nutritional benefits for the body. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help increase liver function. This beverage can be drank warm or cold and throughout the day. This is the best drink other than water for a person to consume while going through the withdrawal and recovery process. It is also best to stay away from caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soda.


Garlic can be consumed in many different ways. Many people will slice and cook garlic in their dishes. The nutritional benefits of garlic include great cleansing factors for the liver. Garlic helps filter out toxic residue and stimulate the liver’s production. Garlic should be consumed in some way everyday for the most benefit.

Nuts and Seeds

The body can easily digest nuts and seeds. When nuts and seeds are added into a diet, they can help detox and give the body clean protein. Nuts and seeds can be added in a variety of recipes and even drank in smoothies. Some of the best nuts and seeds to consume are flax seeds, pumpkins seeds, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Omega- 3 Oils

Oils such as coconut, hemp, and extra virgin olive oil are full of nutritional benefits for the human body. The oils help clean the body and the organs while fighting off toxins. They also help lubricate the intestinal walls and keep them moist and healthy. Oils can deliver many different benefits including healthier looking skin, hair and help with increased energy.