Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

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Your journey to understand, choose, and attend drug addiction treatment in a specific recovery center is just as important to your convalescence as your overall treatment. After all, it is important that you attend the right addiction treatment program so that you are able to recover in the way that is safest and best for your specific needs.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

There are several different types of drug addiction rehab centers. Depending on the one you choose, you will likely receive different treatment options, levels of care, and program lengths. However, it is important to consider always which of these types generally offers the options you require and then to find a specific center that seems to be the most beneficial to you.

Inpatient Drug Addiction Centers

Inpatient centers are usually extremely intensive, providing 24-hour, hospital-like care to patients. In addition, a controlled environment is provided where you will not need to be concerned about the possibility of relapse and where you will receive round-the-clock access to medical treatment and medical professionals. This is a beneficial option if you have severe mental or physical issues along with an intense substance use disorder.

Residential Drug Addiction Centers

This is also an option that provides 24-hour care in a controlled environment, but you may want to choose residential care if you do not need the kind of intensive medical help that is normally provided in a hospital setting. Residential rehab facilities do usually provide additional treatment options, including holistic methods, and it can be a very beneficial program if you are in the initial stages of your recovery.

Outpatient Drug Addiction Centers

Outpatient centers only provide treatment for patients during the day. In the beginning of your recovery, you would likely visit the facility once a day but, eventually, you may be able to only go a few times a week. These programs usually do not offer as many options as residential and inpatient centers, but they can often provide a number of off-site options when necessary.

These are general descriptions of the main types of drug addiction treatment centers. It is difficult to create a list of all possible types of treatment programs because many of them work by different rules specific to the facility itself and create different agendas for each patient. However, this can give you an idea of how, going forward, you can choose the right treatment program for your needs at this current time in your recovery.

What Are Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Like?

Like all types of healthcare, drug addiction treatment centers are focused on your safe and reliable recovery from a specific health issue, in this case ,substance abuse. These facilities are run by medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors, volunteers, and others, who want to help change the course of your addiction and make your life safer and healthier in general.

If you attend inpatient or residential care, you will stay at the facility every day as you make changes to your behaviors and attitudes and heal from substance abuse. You will receive access to medications, behavioral therapies, holistic options, and additional programs depending on the facility you choose and on your needs as a recovering addict. You will also discuss your progress with your doctors and your treatment program will be assessed and modified continually based on your development.

In most drug addiction treatment centers, all staff members and other patients will become part of your social support network in order to help you create a stronger recovery. You will meet many individuals who all want to see you succeed in your addiction treatment, which will be extremely beneficial to your long-term health and wellness as a recovering addict. In some instances, you may even make a friend for life. Addiction treatment centers are safe spaces where you can begin to heal from addiction and receive help from others who all want to see you succeed in your recovery and end your substance abuse for good.

How Long Does Drug Addiction Treatment Last?

Your program will last as long as it needs to for you to fully recover from your addiction. Most programs generally last around 30, 60, or 90 days, while there are some treatment centers that provide patients with long-term options. These programs might last 12 months or more, depending on your specific situation.

In addition, you will also likely benefit from attending an aftercare program once you finish your initial treatment program at the center of your choice. However, every individual’s treatment length is different, and this should be discussed in detail with and updated continually by your doctor in order to reflect your changing needs and progress.

Where Will My Drug Addiction Treatment Center Be?

Some people choose to attend their treatment program in a facility far away from home while others prefer to stay close to their loved ones and hometowns. Both of these options can be beneficial, but it can be especially helpful to consider choosing a remote center if:

  • You do not have a strong social support system at home.
  • Your issues at home, at work, or with your family/friends have contributed to your substance abuse and you need a break.
  • You do not feel safe in your home or someone you know does not support your attempt at recovery.

Sometimes, money can make people hold back from attending treatment in a faraway place, but your insurance program is meant to help you find and pay for the healthcare that you require. This is why it is important not to make the decision to attend the cheapest center specifically because it will cost less; healthcare is important and you should seek out the options you require the most in order to recover in the most effective way possible.

How Do I Find the Right Drug Addiction Treatment Center?

It is best to know what your needs are in order to be able to find and choose the program that is right for you. For example, your needs associated with drug addiction treatment will include:

  • Any medical requirements you have of your treatment (including help for physical or psychological issues associated or co-occurring with your addiction)
  • Any social requirements you have, including the ability for family to visit you, the need for social behavioral treatment, etc.
  • Any vocational, educational, financial, or legal help you may require for problems that have occurred as part of your addiction
  • Any needs associated with your gender, age, culture, or ethnicity, including the ability to attend treatment only with individuals of a certain group, the ability of the staff to speak a certain language, etc.

Once you understand these needs, along with your requirements for your addiction treatment itself, you will be able to find the right program for you.

  • Once you find a drug addiction treatment center that seems to be helpful to you, make sure to call the facility and ask the staff any questions you may have, including:
    • How long does your treatment program last?
    • What treatment options do you offer as part of your program?
    • What is your facility’s success rate for patients?
    • What should I bring to the facility? What shouldn’t I bring?
    • Will my insurance plan help cover the cost of my treatment?
    • Do you need any additional information from me before I can begin treatment?
    • Can I visit the facility before deciding to attend treatment there?
  • If you are able to visit the center before you sign on to attend their program, make sure you feel comfortable and safe there. Consider whether or not you will be able to visit every day or to live there for whatever amount of time is necessary for your safe and strong recovery.

Seek Drug Addiction Treatment Now

Many people attempt to go through recovery on their own and without the help of professional treatment, but this is not advisable or safe. Addiction is a severe physiological disease that affects all parts of an individual’s life, and without the proper, professional treatment, relapse is almost an inevitability. You will be much safer and have access to many more helpful programs if you attend treatment in one of these centers than if you tried to go through it alone.

We will make sure to match you with the best possible program for your individual needs and answer any questions you may have about treatment and addiction. Recovery is a difficult road, but with the help of professionals and the security that comes from seeking care in a safe and reliable treatment center, it can be much easier, and you will be able to lead a happy and successful life post-addiction.