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Oregon Detox Centers

Oregon struggles with an opioid epidemic that is driving drug overdose deaths across the state. Opioid use has been steadily on the rise in recent years, along with heroin use due to stronger laws and regulations regarding the prescribing of painkillers. Opioid abuse is causing the state millions in medical and work costs, and is affecting Oregon families and communities who continue losing loved ones to addiction.

Other substances commonly abused in Oregon are marijuana and methamphetamine. Marijuana use disorder can lead to impaired cognition and decline in school or work performance, while methamphetamine use can lead to premature aging and psychosis including hallucinations and paranoia.

Oregon detox centers can help individuals overcome physical dependency on drugs and alcohol and get back to living healthier, more fulfilling lives. Detox centers offer patients a safe place to withdraw from drugs and alcohol surrounded by caring medical staff who can monitor their progress around the clock. Use Addictions.com to browse nearby Oregon detox centers and safe, effective addiction treatments.

Oregon Addiction Stats

  • Heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs are the top four substances abused in Oregon.
  • 505 people in Oregon died from drug overdoses in 2015.
  • Heroin and opioids are responsible for the majority of drug overdose deaths in Oregon.
  • The highest overdose death rates involve Oregon residents between the ages of 45 and 54.
  • 7% of Oregon residents over the age of 12 are physically dependent on alcohol.
  • 9% of Oregon residents over the age of 12 are physically dependent on drugs.
  • 92% of Oregon residents addicted to alcohol do not receive treatment.
  • Over 89% of Oregon residents addicted to drugs do not receive treatment.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is often caused by factors including peer pressure, trauma, and long-term use of prescription drugs like opioids, sleep aids, and benzodiazepines. Anyone can be affected by drug abuse regardless of gender, age, or income level.

Common signs of drug abuse:

  • Sudden changes in mood and behavior
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Problems at school or work
  • Drug and alcohol cravings

Drug abuse can also trigger physical health symptoms such as dilated or constricted pupils, excess sweating, and tremors. Those who suffer from addiction tend to devote less time to important obligations like family, work, and school, and spend more time obtaining, using, and recovering from drug and alcohol use. Detox centers in Oregon can treat physical dependence on substances, and help patients gain the mental strength and clarity needed to combat addiction as a whole.

Oregon Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in Oregon

Detox centers are located all throughout Oregon to accommodate its residents who struggle with addiction. Visit a detox center in Portland if your goal is to blend in and recover in a large city, or detox in a smaller town like Klamath Falls just miles away from the lake and California border. Use Addictions.com to explore available detox treatments and detox centers in Oregon.

Detox treatment can make withdrawal more comfortable and low-risk for those who have struggled with addiction for an extended period of time. Many Oregon detox centers prescribe medications that can ease some of the pain and discomfort associated with detoxing from drugs and alcohol.

Choosing From Many Oregon Detox Centers

Finding the best detox center can be difficult when you’re also trying to recover from addiction or help someone else. Use the following tips when researching detox centers in Oregon.

  • Look for a customized approach

    Each person faces their own unique struggle with addiction, and requires a different treatment plan based on addiction type and addiction length. For instance, those suffering a severe addiction to crystal meth for several years will require a different detox treatment than those suffering a mild addiction to marijuana for only a few months. Look for detox centers that customize treatments just for you or your loved one.

  • Treat addiction as a whole

    Detox treats addiction from a physical standpoint, but does not address psychological causes of addiction. Look for Oregon detox centers that treat addiction as a whole using detox and counseling. Some detox centers even offer aftercare programs that help former patients stay sober in the months and years following treatment.

  • Consider the location

    Many patients seek detox treatment in their cities and hometowns to stay near supportive friends and family. However, detox treatment is available throughout Oregon to help those who need safe, peaceful environments away from distractions and negative influences. Choose a detox center located somewhere that makes you feel motivated and positive about your recovery.

  • Research detox costs

    The cost of detox treatment in Oregon varies depending on location, amenities, and therapies offered. Detox centers featured on Addictons.com accept most health insurance plans, and may offer sliding scale payment systems that adjust the cost of treatment based on income. Ask about alternate payment methods and discounts for which you may qualify when researching detox centers.

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