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New Mexico Detox Centers

For the 2,000,000 residents of New Mexico’s bustling cities and expansive rural regions, The Land of Enchantment is a beautiful home with opportunities for visitors to enjoy spa getaways. Since 2000, New Mexico has seen a rise in population, which has led to great economic opportunities for citizens. Whether exploring native regions or taking a road trip down one of the miles of highway stretching across the vast countryside, New Mexico is a popular destination for tourists and a nice place to call home.

As with other areas across the country, New Mexico has also seen a rise in drug use. With close proximity to Mexico, New Mexico is a haven for drug smuggling. Meth labs have also been a constant burr in the side of law enforcement agencies across the state. Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are commonly transported, and major cities like Albuquerque are experiencing a drug crisis of significant proportions.

Substance abuse problems affect everyone. Whether you or someone you love is struggling with a physical addiction, get help before a tragedy happens. Drug overdose is on the rise in New Mexico and other states across the nation. Most of the overdoses are accidental and could have been prevented in detoxification programs had been utilized effectively. Addiction is a real illness with real treatment available through New Mexico detox centers. Reach out today and review the resources on this site to find help and hope today. We are certain a program near you can help.

New Mexico Addiction Stats

  • New Mexico has seen an increase in overdose deaths since 2011.
  • New Mexico had the second highest drug overdose rate in the nation in 2010.
  • New Mexico has ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd in alcohol related deaths since 1982.
  • Between 2005 and 2014 there has been a 99.4% increase in opioid related emergency room visits.
  • Over 7,500 New Mexico citizens were hospitalized with complications from chronic liver disease.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

When the body has become physically addicted to a substance, a detoxification process is helpful. The term “detox” can be applied to stopping any sort of substance. For example, people quitting caffeine or sugar go through a detoxification period as the body becomes used to living with a particular substance. The difference is the coming off caffeine or sugar cold turkey, while uncomfortable, is generally not dangerous. Stopping drug or alcohol abuse without medical intervention can be fatal in certain instances. Seeking medical help is advised. Here are some signs to look for that indicate a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol:

  • Tolerance- Requiring more of a substance to receive the same desired effect.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms– Removing the substance causes ill effects.
  • Emotional Upset- Feeling hopeless and helpless at the thought of quitting.
  • Mental Changes- Obsessing about the substance of choice.

Reach out for help today if drugs or alcohol has high-jacked your body and your mind. Medical professionals are standing by to help.

New Mexico Detox Centers By City

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Getting Help in New Mexico

An addiction crisis is raging across New Mexico along with the rest of the country. The disease of addiction is isolating and tears families apart. Knowing when to seek help for yourself or a loved one is key. Fortunately, so many resources are available to fight this growing problem across the state and having the ability to choose from so many New Mexico detox centers at Addiction.com allows you the option in choosing the right facility for you or your loved ones.

At Addictions.com, we realize that everyone is different. We treat you like a person, acknowledging your individual needs and those of your family. By offering various resources and asking pertinent questions, we can put you in touch with the right detoxification center to meet your needs.

Living in the modern age means not having to “go it alone”. There are new medications and specific treatments to make detoxing from drugs and alcohol easier and less painful than it has been in the past. Admitting the problem and seeking medical treatment to help can set you and your family back on the road to a happier, healthier life.

Choosing From Many New Mexico Detox Centers

Alcohol or drug dependency requires specific treatment to stop using. Attempting to stop cold turkey could cause organ failure, heart irregularities or seizure activity. Many people feel a deep sense of shame in admitting addiction. The truth is that addiction can happen to anyone. Whether someone has a family history of substance abuse or simply found themselves using more and more chemicals after a health-related illness, injury or surgery, shame need not be part of the equation. It can happen to anyone. Seeking help is the key to getting back on the right track.

Honestly answer these questions when seeking a detoxification center:

  • Which substance or substances are you or a loved one addicted to?
  • How often are you using the substance?
  • How much of the substance are you using?
  • Have you tried to quit on your own? If so, what happened?
  • Do you have any symptoms if you go without the substance for too long?

Provide the answers to these questions to an addiction specialist or health care provider as a beginning to a new way of life.

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You deserve hope and help today. Our compassionate addiction counselors are standing by to take your call at 800-654-0987. We are waiting to provide immediate resources for your or your family member in selecting one of the best New Mexico detox centers. Don’t delay. Addiction is a medical condition and waiting could be fatal. Make the call. Feel the relief.