Chicago, Illinois Detox Centers

Chicago struggles with heroin, cocaine and alcohol use. Heroin and cocaine account for 90 percent of all illicit drug seizures by law enforcement in the city. Prescription opioids such as Hydrocodone are widely available and used by children and teens beginning as early as 9th grade.

Chicago, IL detox centers provide local access to addiction treatment that focuses on withdrawal recovery in preparation for the therapy and counseling that takes place in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs throughout the city. Learn all about the types of treatment available to assist you in your recovery at and find nearby Chicago detox centers to begin the healing process.

Chicago Addiction Stats

  • Heroin is a major cause of concern in Chicago accounting for nearly 20 thousand treatment admissions annually.
  • Billions of dollars work of illicit freight (drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin_ make their way through Chicago annually by way of air, rail and car. Tons of drugs are kept within the city and used by locals leading to alarmingly high overdose rates.
  • Hydrocodone prescribing rates are up 104% in recent years making the drug widely available to non-prescribed users in Chicago.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Substance abuse is caused by a wide range of situations environmentally, socially, and physically. An underlying or past family history of drug use may be to blame for addiction in some cases. In many cases, substance abuse is caused by over-prescribing for a legitimate illness or injury. Mental illness such as OCD, anxiety or PTSD can also be to blame when addition is present.

Common signs of drug abuse and withdrawal include:

  • Spending less time with family or friends in order to abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Feeling sick or otherwise unable to function without drugs or alcohol.
  • Lying about drug or alcohol use.
  • Struggling with strong and persistent cravings to use despite a desire to quit or cut back.

More Detox Centers in Chicago

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Womens Treatment Center

140 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60607

Windows of Opportunity Rehabilitation Services Inc

4619 West Harrison Street
1st Floor
Chicago, IL 60644

South Shore Hospital Medical Detox Services

8012 South Crandon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60617

South Shore Hospital Chemical Dependency

8012 South Crandon Avenue
Unit 4-E/CDU
Chicago, IL 60617

Sky Is The Limit Recovery Facilities Inc

2615 West 63rd Street
Ground Floor
Chicago, IL 60629

Safe Haven

2750 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608

Resurrection Addiction Services Lincoln Park Professionals Program

2913 North Commonwealth Avenue
6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60657

Renewed Hope Community Services

626 East 71st Street
Chicago, IL 60619

PDSSC/Chicago Inc

2260 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

New Hope Recovery Center

2835 North Sheffield Avenue
Sutie 304
Chicago, IL 60657

McDermott Center/Haymarket Center Mens Detox

120 North Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Loretto Hospital Addiction Center

645 South Central Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644

IJEGBA Community Inc

1950 East 75th Street
Chicago, IL 60649

Garfield Counseling Center Inc

4132 West Madison Street
Chicago, IL 60624

Fola Community Action Services Inc

8014-8018 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60620

EL Rincon Community Clinic

3809 West Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60651

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital Chemical Dependence Program

4840 North Marine Drive
Chicago, IL 60640

Chicago Center for Recovery and Empowerment NFP

700 North Green Street
Suite C-10
Chicago, IL 60642

Center for Addictive Problems

609 North Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Bridging the Tys to Jordan Inc

7122 South Vincennes Avenue
Suite B
Chicago, IL 60621

Bilingual DUI Counseling and Clinical Services Inc

4001 West Devon Avenue
Suite 412
Chicago, IL 60646

ABRAXAS Youth and Family Services Southwood Interventions

5701 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60636

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Getting Help in Chicago

Chicago, IL is a city full of detox centers that are readily available to help people just like you. Most accept major forms of health insurance including those purchased through the Marketplace. If you’re considering detox, visit Windows of Opportunity Rehabilitation Services in Chicago for help overcoming withdrawal in a safe, controlled environment.

Detox centers in Chicago provide customized treatment plans that aim to stabilize the patient physically and prepare you for long-term healing. For help finding a detox center based on your needs, our caring substance abuse counselors at are available 24/7 to assist you.

Choosing From Many Chicago Detox Centers

Finding the right level and program of detox can be challenging and even scary if you’re unsure where to begin. Follow these helpful tips when searching for Chicago, IL detox centers:

  • Consider All Underlying Conditions

    Dual diagnosis, a condition in which a user suffers from mental illness or physical health problems in addition to an addiction is a common problem and the leading factor in relapse. When seeking treatment, consider a detox center in Chicago that will provide quality care for your mental health too.

  • Consider location of treatment

    Some find that it’s actually better to seek help away from home because you aren’t faced with the daily struggle of local triggers. Look for Chicago, IL detox centers in both your hometown and outside your comfort zone to determine where the best treatment is for you.

  • Don’t Forget Rehab

    Detox is only the first step in your healing process. Choose a detox center that will smoothly transition you into an aftercare program or inpatient rehabilitation program that offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. This will help you to enjoy lasting recovery.

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Addiction is a devestatin disease that impacts more than 23 million Americans. Nobody should have to go through withdrawal and recovery alone. Call our 24/7 helpline at 800-654-0987 to talk to an experienced recovery counselor about your options for local Chicago, IL detox centers that can help.