Whom Should I Invite to My Loved One’s Intervention?

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 09/20/2021

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When someone is in need of addiction treatment, it can be necessary to stage an intervention in order to help them realize this need. But whom should you invite into this process?

Hire a Professional Interventionist

One of the best actions to take in the beginning of your planning stage is to hire a professional interventionist and invite them to the meeting. According to the University of North Texas Collegiate Recovery Program, doing so can help ensure that your loved one’s intervention goes smoothly and that you are all able to communicate with one another more easily.

Hiring someone to do this can also allow your loved one to realize that this is a serious matter, as you have gone through the trouble to seek the help of a professional. The interventionist can lead the discussion and help everyone avoid saying things that are incendiary or problematic, which will avoid the discussion turning into an argument.

Make a List of Important People

Try to list the most important people in your loved one’s life. These individuals will likely be able to help your friend or family member realize that they do need to seek help and that you are not the only one who feels this way. Think about the people your loved one trusts the most as well as those whom they

  • Go to for advice
  • Ask for money
  • Look up to or respect
  • Have deep respect for regarding their opinions

Once you have a list, try narrowing it down to about four to six people. You don’t want the intervention to have too many people who will overwhelm your loved one, nor do you want it to seem like you weren’t able to find enough people who share your feelings.

Consider Personalities

It is important to consider the personalities of each person you are thinking about involving in your loved one’s intervention and whether or not they will be helpful to the overall situation. For example, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs.” Others may have strong feelings about addiction and would have trouble hiding them. Still others may become too angry, upset, or emotional during the event and possibly cause an argument. These people should be left off your list.

Staging Your Intervention

Once you have a good list of about four to six people, it is time to stage your intervention. Remember always that the purpose of this is to help your loved one realize they need addiction treatment and that the ultimate goal is to get them into a professional rehab program as quickly as possible.

This is why it is extremely important to set up a treatment option before the intervention even takes place, in order to get your loved one into rehab right away. We can help you find safe, reliable facilities where your friend or family member can attend the addiction rehab program most beneficial to them.