Houston, Texas Rehab Centers

Addiction rates in Houston are higher than in most other Texas cities considering this coastal city is one of the country’s largest distribution centers for marijuana and cocaine. Drugs are frequently trafficked into Houston from Mexico, and distributed to Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans.

Alcohol is the number one substance abused in Houston, followed by marijuana. Houston, TX rehab centers can help nearly anyone overcome addiction to alcohol and substances — including prescription drugs, club drugs, and inhalants.

Houston Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is often caused by factors including environment, family history, and mental health disorders such as PTSD. Other factors that can lead to drug abuse are peer pressure, injury, and misuse of prescription drugs like sleep aids and barbiturates.

Common signs of drug abuse:

  • Tolerance to drugs and alcohol
  • Cravings for drugs and alcohol
  • Decline in work or school performance
  • Financial or legal problems

More Rehab Centers in Houston

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A New Freedom

8340 Hammerly Boulevard
Houston, TX 77055

Adult Rehabilitation Services Inc

6624 Hornwood Street
Houston, TX 77074

Cheyenne Center Inc Residential Services

10525 Eastex Freeway
Houston, TX 77093

Cypress Creek Hospital Inc Inpatient CD

17750 Cali Drive
Houston, TX 77090

Houston Substance Abuse Clinic

7428 Park Place Boulevard
Houston, TX 77087

Memorial Hermann Prevention/Recovery Center

3043 Gessner Street
Houston, TX 77080

Memorial Hermann Prevention/Recovery Center/Adolescents

3033 Gessner Street
Houston, TX 77080

New Dimensions Day Hospital LLC

1345 Space Park Drive
Suite C
Houston, TX 77058

Odyssey House Texas

5629 Grapevine Street
Houston, TX 77085

Road to Recovery

9400 Lomax Street
Houston, TX 77093

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Getting Help in Houston

Trying to overcome addiction on your own without getting help can be life-threatening — especially for those fighting a severe or years-long addiction. Houston, TX rehab centers are located all throughout the city to serve those who suffer from addiction. Experience a safe, medically assisted detox at Cypress Creek Hospital, Inc, or learn the skills needed to avoid future relapses at Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center.

Choosing From Many Houston Rehab Centers

Researching your rehab options can be tough and overwhelming when you’re struggling with addiction at the same time. Use the following tips to aid you in your search for the best Houston rehab center.

  • Know your detox options

    Detox treatments can be natural, holistic, or involve the use of medications that relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Find out which rehab centers use safe detox methods that can lend to a more comfortable recovery.

  • Treat a dual diagnosis

    A dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorder, is a mental health condition such as depression that may be driving your addiction. Look for Houston, TX rehab centers that can treat your dual diagnosis using behavioral counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and similar therapies.

  • Opt for aftercare

    Aftercare programs offer ongoing treatment after rehab, and help you stay clean for life. Choose among Houston, TX rehab centers that include support group therapy, relapse prevention education, and counseling with treatment.

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