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Austin residents not only get to live in the Live Music Capital of the World, they get to enjoy a great culinary scene, including tons of food trucks. And, they get to cheer on the University of Texas Longhorns. Sadly, all this fun is often overshadowed by the number of residents attempting to cope with drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, many people go through this alone. is committed to providing people with the support they need as they decide on an addiction treatment program. We have gathered everything you need to know about Austin, TX rehab centers. Together, we can locate the perfect facility, no matter what the substance of abuse is.

Austin Addiction Stats

  • Of the 2009 overdose deaths in Travis County, 43.5 percent of the deceased has marijuana in their system, 17.4 percent had Xanax, and 13 percent had hydrocodone
  • 32 of the people who died in Travis County were the victim of chronic alcoholism
  • In 2014, 2.3 out of every 100,000 people in Travis County died from an opioid-related overdose
  • In 2014, 5.5 percent of men in Austin diagnosed with HIV attributed it to injection drug use, and 18.6 percent of women did the same
  • There were 483 drunken driving crashes in Austin in 2014


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is caused by a myriad of factors, which means there are thousands of possible causes. Sometimes, the reason is simply a desire to party. In other cases, drug abuse may be triggered by a need to quell chronic pain. The basis for abuse could also be a craving for an escape from a trauma. It all depends on the drug abuser and their circumstances.

Drug abusers generally go to great pains to keep their substance use secret. But, there are large-scale behavioral shifts that are hard to disguise. Drug abusers often:

  • Sleep considerably more or than they used to
  • Have a lot of money or need to borrow it
  • Gain or lose a sizable amount of weight
  • Stop caring for their homes and themselves

If these signs seem familiar, follow your gut and give the situation more attention.

More Rehab Centers in Austin

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Aeschbach and Associates DBA Addictions and Psychotherapy Servs

2824 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704

Austin Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program

7801 North Lamar Boulevard
Suite D-109
Austin, TX 78752

Austin Recovery Inc Edith Royal Campus

8402 Cross Park Drive
Austin, TX 78754

Austin Recovery Inc Family House

8402 Cross Park Drive
Austin, TX 78754

Austin Recovery Inc Outpatient Program

4201 South Congress Avenue
Suite 202
Austin, TX 78745

Austin/Travis County Integral Care (ATCIC) Residential Services

403 East 15th Street
Building B
Austin, TX 78701

Austin/Travis County Integral Care (ATCIC)/Oak Springs Treatment Center

3000 Oak Springs Drive
Building A
Austin, TX 78702

Austin/Travis County Integral Care CARE Program Journey OTP

1631 East 2nd Street
Building E
Austin, TX 78702

Austin/Travis County Integral Care Child and Family Services

105 West Riverside Drive
Suite 120
Austin, TX 78704

Changes Counseling Services

8711 Burnet Road
Suite A-3
Austin, TX 78757

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Getting Help in Austin

Austin residents with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol very rarely want to continue with their addiction. Most of them feel some level of shame and wish they could make a change. Many of them have even tried and failed because they mistakenly thought they could exert their will to end their drug use. You cannot treat addiction independently; you need professional help. is the resource that you need to find the ideal addiction treatment program for yourself or your loved one. Without research, choosing one facility from among the many Austin, TX rehab centers would be impossible. We not only want to make it possible, we want to make it easy to find a rehab that matches your temperament, budget, and goals.

Choosing From Many Austin Rehab Centers

Consider the following when finding an addiction treatment center for yourself or someone who is important to you.

  • Seek out people who have gone through rehab

    Check with friends and family to see if some of them have been in Austin, TX rehab centers. These folks are great resources because they have a perspective you won’t find anywhere else. They are an important resource to round out the other info you find.

  • Consider detoxification services

    It’s really best that you receive medical detoxification services before you enter rehab. A trained staff can guide you through withdrawals with a minimum of discomfort, which decreases the chances of relapse. When you research Austin rehab facilities learn about their detox offerings.

  • Get the correct level of treatment

    You need to be able to objectively assess your addiction and determine how intensive the treatment needs to be. In most cases, outpatient rehab is fine, but some people need the additional focus provided by residential programs. Be sure you are looking at Austin, TX rehab centers that will treat you with the proper intensity.

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