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It’s no surprise that the arts and music are celebrated throughout Memphis, the home of the blues and birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll. Residents can catch a band on Beale Street or hit up the Orpheum Theater for a big show. Sadly, all that great music can’t compensate for the toll that addiction is taking on this community.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with addiction, you deserve help establishing a path to recovery. would like to be the support that you need. We have organized all of the information you need to know about Memphis, TN rehab centers. Our goal is to help you choose the ideal treatment program, regardless of the addiction involved.

Memphis Addiction Stats

  • In 2016, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office made 286 adult and 10 juvenile arrests for drug/narcotic violations
  • In 2016, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office made 174 adult and 2 juvenile arrests for DUIs and 15 adult arrests for drunkenness
  • Of the 278 clients served by the Shelby County Drug Court between June 2015 and June 2016, more than one third identified heroin as their drug of choice
  • In 2015, 188 Shelby County residents died from a drug overdose
  • In a survey, 44 percent of Shelby County residents serving as a caretaker of a nine to 19-year-old reported their children needed more information about drug abuse


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Between the variety of drugs and the variety people taking them, there are thousands of causes of drug abuse. Many of them, however, fall into the category of coping. Frequently, drug abuse is caused by a desire to manage another situation of discomfort. A person troubled by their parent’s divorce may abuse drugs to quash the pain of the experience. People who are socially anxious often abuse alcohol to alleviate tension in group settings.

The variety of drugs also contributes to the many, many signs of drug abuse. Physical symptoms of intoxication vary from substance to substance, but there are some consistent behavioral changes that occur regardless of the drug being abused. If you are concerned someone you know is abusing drugs, look for changes in sleeping and eating, as well as social withdrawal and a lack of attention to basic grooming and cleaning.

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Getting Help in Memphis

Memphis residents who are weighed down by addiction can’t function as productive members of the community. They simply don’t have the ability. They also lack the ability to independently cease their use of drugs and alcohol. They can’t do it on their own.

This is where comes in. We have compiled all the information needed to make educated decisions about Memphis, TN rehab centers. Using the data we provide, you can choose a facility that matches your budget, level of care, and temperament.

Choosing From Many Memphis Rehab Centers

Memphis, TN rehab centers have a lot of advantages to offer patients, but you have to choose a single one to attend. When you are making your choice, consider the following.

  • Talk to former patients

    If you have friends who have been admitted to a Memphis rehab, meet with them and ask about their experiences. Combine their first-hand impressions with the other information you gather.

  • Ask for help

    Learning about Memphis, TN rehab centers can be overwhelming. Ask friends and family to help. Divvying up the work leaves you more time to focus on your recovery.

  • Detox

    You can’t begin treatment in earnest until the drugs and alcohol have processed out of your system during a process called detoxification. Experts urge you to undergo professional medical detox. When looking into rehab facilities, be sure to learn about their detox offerings and factor those into your decision.

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