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Youngstown, Ohio Rehab Centers

The city of Youngstown, located in northeastern Ohio, has long had a reputation of high crime, despite revitalization efforts. Much of this reputation stems from the collapse of the steel and coal industries, major portions of the local economy, in the 1970’s. However, the city currently boasts a low crime rate and is home to Youngstown State University, one of the leading public universities in the country. However, drug and alcohol addiction continue to be a problem that can only be helped with one of the Youngstown, OH rehab centers. All of the information you need on these rehab centers, addiction treatment, and addiction in general is right here at

Youngstown Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The causes and signs of drug and alcohol abuse are infinitely intertwined. If you just treat the signs or symptoms of addiction, you are likely to relapse because you have not discovered the cause. A cause like high stress levels will continue to be there even after you treat the symptoms. Fortunately, a quality Youngstown, OH rehab center can help you both treat the signs of addiction and eliminate the cause. More information on the causes and signs of drug abuse is available throughout

More Rehab Centers in Youngstown

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Donofrio Women’s Center

64 Ridge Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Donofrio Addiction Rehab Center

1161 McGuffey Road
Youngstown, OH

Cocaine Anonymous

2555 Rush Boulevard
Youngstown, OH

Churchill Counseling: Dyer Edward

4531 Belmont Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Boardman Specialty Care & Rehabilitation Center

5665 South Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Al-Anon Family Groups

4409 Mahoning Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Youth Services

500 Gypsy Lane
Youngstown, OH

Teen Challenge

1622 Mahoning Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Prevention Partners Plus

550 West Chalmers Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Ohio Valley Teen Challenge

1319 Florencedale Avenue
Youngstown, OH

Grover Ruby R

527 North Meridian Road
Youngstown, OH

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Getting Help in Youngstown

Addiction is called is called by some a very dangerous and debilitating disease. It gradually takes over your life leaving you with nothing. No family, no job, no home, and sometimes no life at all. You will find yourself trapped in an endless cycle of abuse. Eventually you will come to only care about using the drug and achieving the escape that it provides.

Fortunately there is help available in the form of the many Youngstown, OH rehab centers and We can provide you with any information you need on addiction as well as treatment.

Choosing From Many Youngstown Rehab Centers

Choosing a rehab may seem like an impossible task at first, especially knowing that the wrong choice could lead to relapse and continued addiction. Each addiction is different and needs different treatment. This is why your choice is so important. Fortunately, you do not have to make this choice blind. We can help. We offer accurate, up to date information on all of your treatment options.

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