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Hastings, a small city in west-central Nebraska, is the county seat of Adams County. Hastings is famous for being the birthplace of the soft drink Kool-Aid as well as the home of the Fisher Rainbow Fountain, the largest water fountain between Chicago and Denver. While this rural city maintains an air of rustic tranquility, it also harbors a substance abuse problem that is best helped through the use of one of the Hastings, NE rehab centers.

Finding treatment might seem like a daunting process at first. Don’t worry, offers a look at all of the treatments available and how to utilize them. We can help you find the treatment that you need to end your addiction.

Hastings Addiction Stats

  • In 2016, a drug task force that included Hastings police officers made the largest drug trafficking bust in the history of the state of Nebraska.
  • Adams County ranked seventh is prescription drug abuse in the state.
  • In one year the drug taskforce arrested over 60 individuals for the production and sale of methamphetamine.
  • The abuse of prescription drugs is a growing problem in Adams County.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It can be extremely difficult to identify alcohol and drug abuse. Each addiction is a bit different, although many of them do have overlapping situations which cause addiction. Some of the main causes are stress and physical or mental illness and trauma. If one of these situations are present, there is a possibility you have a drug abuse problem.

The signs of addiction are very subtle at first. By identifying the signs of addiction, you can usually understand which of the Hastings, MI rehab centers is right for you. For more information on the causes and signs of addiction, take a look at

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Getting Help in Hastings

Addiction is a very subtle and dangerous condition, some people even call it a disease. If you are using drugs or alcohol to escape your life, you could find yourself with more than you bargained for. Drug and alcohol abuse are traps. They trap you into thinking that the only thing that matters is the substance you are using and eventually you will deteriorate to the point where you will do anything to get it.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop this from happening. By using one of the Hasting, MI rehab centers, you can eliminate the threat and end your addiction. We can help by providing you with a comprehensive listing of all the treatment centers in your areas and information about treatment, addiction, and rehab.

Choosing From Many Hastings Rehab Centers

While you are searching for the right treatment center for you, you might notice that each addiction treatment center has a different philosophy and offers different types of treatment with different amenities. This is because addiction treatment has to be personalized and change with you. Choosing between the rehab centers might seem difficult but you have help available. can help you chose the right rehab center for your needs and goals.

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