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Mississippi Rehab Centers

Mississippi is more than just the river state. It has a rich southern history and vast plantations. The people from this state are said to personify southern hospitality and comfort. Ole’ Miss is the state college and extremely prominent in the college ranking, dispelling the myths state education in the south is inferior.

Unfortunately, Mississippi has another distinction. It has the highest poverty rate and the lowest income of any other state. The 22.6 percent poverty rate contributes to high substance abuse and crime rates across the state.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance abuse problem, help is available. All of the information you need about finding the perfect Mississippi rehab center for you or your loved one is right here. offers trained addiction specialists to help you in your search.

Mississippi Addiction Stats

  • The number of deaths due to an overdose has tripled in the last 5 years in Mississippi
  • Mississippi ranks higher than only 10 other states in overall drug addiction prevention programs
  • The biggest drug threat in Mississippi is crack cocaine and powdered cocaine
  • 8 percent of Mississippi residents ages 12 or older admit to drug use in the past year
  • 131,000 people in Mississippi are dependent on alcohol
  • 66,000 people 12 or older are dependent on drugs in Mississippi, this is slightly above the national average
  • Mississippi spends approximately 14 percent of its budget on prevention, treatment, and the consequences of substance abuse


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Although the causes of drug and alcohol addiction vary wildly from stress to boredom to self medication for a physical or mental illness, the symptoms remain relatively the same no matter what substance is involved. The most common symptoms are:

  • Continuing to use a substance despite the negative consequences
  • Severe cravings or an obsession with the drugs or alcohol
  • Spending money that you cannot afford on drugs or alcohol
  • Stealing, lying, or other risky activities in exchange to support your habits
  • Making sure you have a supply of drugs or alcohol and becoming anxious when that supply runs low
  • Lying to hide your problem with substance abuse and addiction

There are many other signs of addiction. One of the main problems with addiction is that you stop caring about anything except for your substance of choice. This means that everything else no longer matters until your life becomes a cycle of finding, purchasing, and using drugs or alcohol. In order to break this cycle you need a Mississippi rehab center to help. Featured Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Getting Help in Mississippi

Very few people can end an addiction without the help of a treatment program. Addiction is a dangerous disease because it starts innocently. It is a few drinks after work or a joint to relax. Sometimes it is using a stimulant like meth or cocaine to perk you up and get the job done. Before you realize it, you are using the drugs or alcohol all of the time. It makes you feel good as it gradually destroys your life from the inside.

Among the consequences of addiction are loss of family, loss of your job and financial stability, loss of your health, and eventually the loss of your life, if it is unchecked. Although every person is different, most cannot escape their addiction without the help of a comprehensive Mississippi rehab center and a solid treatment program. We are here to help you find the treatment program that you need in order to end your addiction as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Choosing From Many Mississippi Rehab Centers

One of the largest treatment decisions that you will make in your recovery is what type of rehab program you enter into. Mississippi rehab centers offer a wide variety of treatment types and programs.

As different people have different needs, different treatment centers cater to different needs. For those that want help with detoxification and their addiction there are combination centers available. The same goes for those that want to end their addiction without the use of medications or other substances. It is extremely important that the treatment is tailored to the individuals needs wants and goals.

While researching treatment programs, you should carefully consider the level of your or your loved one’s addiction. If it is severe, you might want to consider an inpatient Mississippi treatment center. If you need to take care of your family or remain at work during treatment, outpatient rehab might be the choice for you.

Most rehab centers offer a variety of treatment options, can help you sort through these options to find the one that suits your needs wants and goals.

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