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Chicago suffers from one of the highest heroin addiction rates in the U.S. and ranks consistently high in heroin-related overdose deaths every year. Cocaine and marijuana are the top substances abused in the Windy City behind heroin, along with opioid painkillers that drive the city’s problems with heroin addiction.

Chicago, IL rehab centers can help its residents overcome addiction to nearly any substance, including alcohol, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs. Use to find the nearest rehab center in Chicago so you can get back to living a healthier, more fulfilling addiction-free life.

Chicago Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is commonly caused by factors including domestic abuse, chronic stress, and spending time in environments with regular access to drugs and alcohol. Drug abuse can also be triggered by mental health conditions such as depression and PTSD, and long-term prescription drug use.

Common signs of drug abuse:

  • Change in sleeping patterns
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Missing work or school
  • Withdrawing from friends and family

More Rehab Centers in Chicago

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Betty Ford Outpatient – Illinois

867 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Anchor Behavioral Centers Inc

79 West Monroe Street
Suite 920
Chicago, IL 60603

Anixter Center Schwab Rehabilitation Center

1401 South California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Cathedral Shelter of Chicago Adult Outpatient Program

1668 West Ogden Street
Chicago, IL 60612


2813 West 5th Avenue
Chicago, IL 60612

Chicago Treatment and Counseling Centers Inc I (CTCC)

1225 South Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

Cook County Bureau of Health Services The Core Center

2020 West Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60612

DUI Professional Providers

111 North Wabash Avenue
Suite 822
Chicago, IL 60602

Hazelden Foundation Chicago

867 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc

4534 South Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60609

Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc

210 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60607

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Getting Help in Chicago

Chicago is home to many drug rehab centers that use detoxification, counseling, and aftercare to help you overcome addiction as a whole. Treatments can be customized just for you based on the drug being used, the length of time you’ve been addicted, and your personal health history.

Receive outpatient care during the day at Cathedral Shelter of Chicago so you can return home at night, or learn how to avoid relapse and stay clean with cognitive-behavioral therapy at Chicago Treatment and Counseling Centers Inc. No matter what your treatment preference, can help you find the right rehab center.

Choosing From Many Chicago Rehab Centers

Narrowing down your rehab options can be difficult when you’re also trying to overcome addiction. Refer to these tips when researching Chicago, IL rehab centers.

  • Consider the detox method

    Choose a rehab center with detox methods that can make your recovery more comfortable and lower the risk for relapse. For instance, if you’re addicted to heroin or opioids, consider choosing a detox method that uses medications to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

  • Overcome psychological causes

    Detox helps you overcome physical dependency on substances, but doesn’t address underlying mental causes of addiction. Look for Chicago, IL rehab centers that offer counseling and support groups to help you overcome negative thoughts and behaviors driving your addiction.

  • Look for aftercare programs

    Aftercare programs offer the support and education you need to stay sober long-term following addiction treatment. Search for Chicago, IL rehab centers that offer ongoing counseling, support group therapy, and relapse prevention education.

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