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Macon, Georgia Rehab Centers

Known for its history, museums, and parks, Macon, Georgia is known for its old world southern charm. Located in the center of the state, it is a through hub for several major highways including I-95. Although this makes Macon a popular place to take a break from a long drive, it also makes it perfect for drug trafficking. Both Marijuana and cocaine are very popular in this town with prescription drugs not close behind.

If you or a loved one is addicted to these or any other drugs, there is help available. You can find all of the addiction and treatment information you need right here at Macon, GA rehab centers are available to help you with all of your addiction needs.

Macon Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The signs of drug addiction are a good indicator of both a drug addiction and the need for treatment. These signs can vary depending on the drug that you are on and the severity of your addiction. Some of the common signs are:

  • Risk taking behavior while on drugs or to get money to buy drugs
  • Strange absences or hiding your drug use from family or friends
  • Lying or stealing to get money for drugs or the drugs themselves

These are nonphysical signs the physical signs can be anything from poor health to poor hygiene.

The causes of drug addiction are important because without treating them, you will not end your addiction. The most common causes are:

  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Pressure from family and friends
  • Environment

Fortunately, most causes of drug addiction are correctable with proper treatment at one of the Macon, GA rehab centers.

More Rehab Centers in Macon

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Celebrate Recovery

2254 Rocky Creek Road
Macon, GA

Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

389 1st Street
Macon, GA

Bibb County Magistrate Court

601 Mulberry Street
Macon, GA


4664 Sheraton Drive
Macon, GA

Alcoholics Anonymous

2720 Riverside Drive
Macon, GA

Alano Club

454 Terminal Avenue
Macon, GA

Oasis For Women

502 Oglethorpe Street
Macon, GA

Middle Georgia Council-Drugs

905 Main Street
Macon, GA

Macon Behavioral Health Treatment

3500 Riverside Drive
Macon, GA

Harvest Cathedral

2254 Rocky Creek Road
Macon, GA

Dismas Charities Macon

744 2nd Street
Macon, GA

Coliseum Psychiatric Center

340 Hospital Drive
Macon, GA

Central Georgia Rehabilitation Hospital

3351 Northside Drive
Macon, GA

Teen Challenge

1976 Houston Avenue
Macon, GA

Salvation Army

1925 Broadway
Macon, GA

Regency Hospital of Central Ga

700 Spring Street
Macon, GA

HealthQwest Frontiers, Inc

890 Northwoods Plaza,
Macon, GA 31204

Trinity Treatment Center, Inc

1221 Newberg Avenue
Macon, GA 31206

GPA Treatment of Macon Inc

6132 Hawkinsville Road
Macon, GA 31216

River Edge Recovery Center

3575 Fulton Mill Road
Macon, GA 31206

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Getting Help in Macon

Although there is a debate over whether drug addiction is psychological or a physical disease, this does not change the fact that it is devastating. As the addiction continues, you will eventually fall into the cycle of addiction. The cycle is:

  • Getting the money for drugs or alcohol
  • Finding the drugs or alcohol
  • Using
  • Coming down
  • Starting the cycle over again

Once you are trapped in this cycle nothing aside from the process matters. The only way out is through one of the Macon GA, rehab centers. Getting help from and one of these centers is your best chance of getting away from the drugs once and for all.

Choosing From Many Macon Rehab Centers

Choosing from the different Macon, GA rehab centers may seem like an impossible task. Each center has a different philosophy and offers different types of programs with different amenities. You want to look at each treatment center that might be appropriate for you. With the volume of treatment options available this prospect might seem daunting. Fortunately, we are here to help. has friendly consultants to help you choose between the different rehab programs. We can provide you with any information that you might need to get the treatment you deserve.

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