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Pine Bluff, Arkansas Rehab Centers

Pine Bluff, AR is an urban college town, located in the center of the state. With a population of under 100,000, the city offers a perfect blend of metropolitan intermingled with small-town comforts. Home to the University of AR, Southeast Arkansas College and Jefferson Regional Medical Center School of Nursing, Pine Bluff is abuzz with educational opportunities at every turn.

Colleges are often plagued with alcohol and drug abuse. While statistics show that Pine Bluff alcohol and drug abuse rates are less than in the rest of the country, numbers don’t matter if addiction is affecting you or your family. Pine Bluff, AR rehab centers are available to get people back on the right track. Whether college partying has taken a dangerous turn, or students have turned to chemical help to make it through the stress of exams once too often, help is available.

Pine Bluff Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

College can be a time of independence and finding the path for the future. When students turn to drugs and alcohol for thrills or help in meeting the new demands of college life, danger and dysfunction can erupt. If you or a family member has struggled with substance use problems, Pine Bluff, AR rehab centers offer help and hope. Look for the following indicators to determine if addiction may be a problem:

  • Physical withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit
  • Moodiness
  • Legal problems
  • Family problems
  • Preoccupation with substance use

No matter the substance abuse issue, reaching out for help is the best decision you can make. Continuing to struggle with the above problems while others mount is foolish in the face of help and recovery options.

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Second Change Recovery Center

2821 South Catalpa Street
Suite 2
Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Sobriety Living Center

2001 West 5th Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

United Family Services Inc

1314 West 6th Avenue
Pine Bluff, AR 71603

Human Development and Research Servs

6841 West 13th Street Pine Bluff, AR 71602

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Getting Help in Pine Bluff

While the alcohol and drug problems in Pine Bluff are largely attributed to the college population, other residents struggle, as well. With opiate addiction on the rise, many find themselves unintentionally hooked on prescription medication. After an illness or injury, it is easy to become dependent on pain medications to function. If you or your loved one are requiring more medication to feel relief, this could indicate the development of tolerance.

At, competent professionals are standing by to hear your story. By placing a confidential phone call, specialists can advise about how much is too much with opiates or any other type of substance. Further, upon hearing your information, our staff can make suggestions about Pine Bluff, AR rehab centers to serve you best.

Choosing From Many Pine Bluff Rehab Centers

Participating in the addiction recovery process is crucial for long-term health. Because addiction affects the body, mind and spirit, recovery programs should address individuals as whole entities. Treating the physical addiction and craving, underlying emotional concerns and honoring each person’s spirit are all important parts of substance abuse treatment. Evidence-based treatment facilities offer a combination of all three. For you or a loved one Pine Bluff, AR rehab centers provide various therapies for patients in need. You do not have to embark on the recovery journey alone.

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