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A visit to the quaint little town of Troy, AL brings memories of simpler times. Home to Troy University and the beloved Trojans, citizens of Troy support each other. This wonderful little city has all the educational events of a college town without losing its southern, eclectic charm.

However, it is not immune to problems with alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Sometimes, drug abuse can start innocently. Young people seeking a thrill or using drugs for a little pick-me-up to cram for the next big exam is commonplace in a college town. This type of social and recreational use can turn into a consistent habit before a person is fully aware of what is happening. Substance abuse and addiction can damage a bright and promising future. If you or someone you love is struggling, has the information you need.

Troy Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

What are the signs of addiction? You or someone you love could easily fall into a substance use disorder. Binge drinking more than three drinks a day or seven in a week is considered excessive. Using prescription medication and requiring more and more to receive the same initial effect could indicate an addiction. Asking yourself these questions could help you decide if drinking or drugs is detrimental to a healthy and productive lifestyle for you:

  • Is memory loss after drinking or using drugs a problem?
  • Is drinking or drug use social, recreational or “to get high”?
  • Are there other problems like depression or anxiety associated with drinking or drugs?

If you were suffering with diabetes or any other chronic illness, you would seek help from a health care professional. The same is true for a substance use disorder. Why continue suffering alone?

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Rivers Bend PC

33975 Dequindre Street Suite 5 Troy, MI 48083

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800 Stephenson Highway Suite 250 Troy, MI 48083

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Getting Help in Troy

In the quiet town of Troy, AL, rehab centers are not found on every corner. However, recovery solutions are available for you and your family members. has gathered the most current resources and medical options to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are interested in more traditional centers or crave alternative therapies to get you back on track Troy, AL rehab centers have many options for you.

Most importantly, we take individual concerns into consideration. Rehabilitation programs are not a one size fits all. There are many factors that come into play when helping addicts, alcoholics and substance abusers to make the turn around.

Choosing From Many Troy Rehab Centers

Knowing what to expect in Troy, AL rehab centers may help to put you at ease. While substance use disorder is a diagnosis outlined in the DSM-5 that requires medical and mental health intervention, it also effects the emotional and spiritual life of a person. Consider the following when selecting an appropriate rehab center:

  • Physical dependence- If a patient is physically addicted, detoxification will be needed upon seeking treatment.
  • Physical health issues- If a patient is suffering from health issues like liver failure, diabetes or HIV, treatment for those issues needs to happen along with drug and alcohol rehab.
  • Mental health issues- If a patient suffers from depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia or other mental health concerns, selecting a program that can help with these issues is key.

There are in-patient and out-patient options at Troy, AL rehab centers. A variety of evidence-based therapies and combinations may be prescribed. Ask questions and make sure to understand why healthcare professionals have made specific recommendations.

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