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The Salvation Army has become something of a household name, due to its ubiquitous presence at retailers during the holiday season and its well-regarded secondhand goods stores throughout the country. However, many people are unaware of the many good works performed by this organization. The Salvation Army actually operates many adult rehabilitation centers for patients suffering from mental problems and addiction abuse.

One such facility is located in Jacksonville, Florida and is an important part of the community there thanks to its many outreach programs. These efforts include a downtown Meal Ministry, an emergency shelter, utility assistance throughout Clay County, providing clothing and shoes to the disadvantaged, providing supplemental groceries throughout northeastern Florida, and running a Christmas gift “Angel Tree” program. As a result of this community-focused philosophy, The Salvation Army is well regarded in the Jacksonville area—and its rehabilitative services are able to maintain the same high standards.

The Salvation Army uses its adult rehabilitation centers to offer spiritual, social, and emotional recovery services for adult men who are experiencing difficulty in coping with personal problems or in providing for themselves and their families. The facilities provide residential housing, employment, and therapy sessions (conducted in both group and individual settings). The end goal of each rehabilitation plan is to allow patients to reenter their communities, obtain gainful employment, and lead lives of physical and spiritual well-being. For those individuals who may have been suffering from severe problems (such as chemical dependencies) and may have become estranged from their families, The Salvation Army aims to reunite patients with their loved ones and return to their lives as they once were.

The mission statement of The Salvation Army is “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.” As such, it is a religiously-motivated organization recognizing that spirituality is an important part of the rehabilitation process, as has been demonstrated in other rehabilitation organizations employing the 12 Step method. This unique aspect of the organization ensures that patients will be cared for not only at the physical level by addressing specific needs such as chemical dependency, but also at the spiritual level. This tried-and-true technique results in fuller, more complete lives for patients as they are discharged from the rehabilitation centers and resume participation in the society around them.


Located in tropical northeastern Florida, The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is conveniently accessible from downtown Jacksonville. The facility itself is located along a palm tree-lined stretch of interstate US-90 and is also easily reached by residents of Clay County, Nassau County, and Saint Augustine. This centralized location makes it easy for patients to attend their appointments and for family members to visit patients who may have enrolled in the center’s residential services. The virtually beachside location of the facility means that residents can expect plenty of sun, warm ocean breezes, and blue skies.

While this may seem to be a negligible bonus, weather is strongly correlated with patient recovery, and even cursory access to a pleasant outdoor environment can improve the chances of a successful rehabilitation by making patients feel at home, at ease, and relaxed. Therefore, the Jacksonville adult rehabilitation center is ideally situated to provide both a convenient and effective means of achieving treatment for patients suffering from issues that they can no longer address on their own.

One advantage of seeking treatment at The Salvation Army is its extensive network of funding sources and its incredible nationwide visibility. Donations to the organization are widespread and are able to fund its acclaimed rehabilitation programs, like the facility in Jacksonville. As a result of its excellent management team, The Salvation Army has been able to open more no-fee residential treatment facilities than any other similar rehabilitation program in the country.

Because these treatment options are free, patients can rest assured that they will have their housing, nutrition, counseling, community services, and employment opportunities provided for them. They are therefore able to focus on getting better instead of worrying about providing for themselves while not generating any personal income. For many patients experiencing debilitating substance abuse addictions, this is an unprecedented opportunity to begin living clean lives at no risk. The Salvation Army recognizes that over 40 million Americans are living in poverty. By providing no-cost therapy and residential services, the organization is working tirelessly to reduce that number.


The Salvation Army is proud to provide holistic work therapy designed to help residential patients prepare for their eventual reintegration into society. By setting realistic and sustainable employment goals, the organization’s counselors can work with patients by preparing them to provide for themselves and others. As social skills are invariably a part of any workplace, The Salvation Army also focuses on developing interpersonal strategies to allow patients to communicate effectively on the job and to work in a collaborative manner.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville offers both group and individual counseling sessions. Group sessions typically consist of several residential patients working with one counselor at a time. Patients are encouraged to share their experiences and coping strategies so that the entire group can benefit from a wealth of experience. The counselor is present to direct the appropriate flow of the therapy session and to provide context and additional input where necessary. This type of therapy has been demonstrated to be particularly effective for patients suffering from drug or alcohol dependence.

In contrast, individual therapy sessions are comprised of meetings between one patient and one counselor. These sessions are typically employed to address specific personal issues that are not suitable for group therapy: i.e., deeply personal issues specific to one patient’s particular situation in life. By working closely with a single counselor, a rapport can be developed that will lead to the successful excavation of the root causes of an individual’s problems. Then the therapist and patient can work together to begin solving them.

The organization also focuses on family relationships. Many patients of The Salvation Army turn to the facility’s services only when they have reached “rock bottom.” In these cases, individuals may have allowed their personal problems or substance addictions to separate them from their family members. This can be especially challenging for patients with children. The Salvation Army works hard to reestablish these family ties whenever possible. By stressing the need to develop patients’ interpersonal skills and responsibilities, the facility is often able to reunite families and help patients to develop healthy daily routines. If children can be reunited with their parents, then patients can be reunited with the lives they used to lead.


As The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is designed to treat the needs of men specifically, it has developed a specialty with this demographic that is often not seen at other similar facilities. For example, the needs of more vulnerable mothers and children are sometimes prioritized at other facilities. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this approach, sometimes the needs of men in crisis are not treated by professionals who are intimately familiar with their particular needs.

The Salvation Army is different. It recognizes that men who were exposed to domestic violence as children are three to four times more likely to continue the cycle and become abusive themselves. It recognizes the increased risk of homicide associated with gang membership, which typically affects men. The organization also observes the negative effect that men’s problems, such as addiction, can have on family dynamics and cohesiveness. As such, the adult rehabilitation centers operated by The Salvation Army are uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of men and their families by specializing in those issues that are particular to the male gender. While the organization’s overall relief efforts are by no means limited in this way, the specialization of its adult rehabilitation centers allows for a laser-focused, highly effective approach to client recovery.

As a religious organization, The Salvation Army directs its therapeutic efforts through the lens of God’s spiritual guidance and healing. The center observes that 59% of people prefer support from a religious counselor or clergy member in times of crisis. The Jacksonville center takes this statistic to heart by offering a Christianity-oriented method of therapy. Patients are instructed in the scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments in order to ground the recovery process in a time-honored faith, providing hope to many individuals who have reached a point of despair in their lives.

As such, donations to The Salvation Army do not simply support their no-cost rehabilitation centers; they also provide funding for programs aimed at sharing God’s love with those who need it most around the world. Indeed, The Salvation Army considers itself to be an evangelical “worldwide church.” Each and every tenet of its therapeutic strategies is designed to serve God by serving the disadvantaged segments of the population that it has taken into its care. This level of dedication is truly one of the organization’s specialties, as it is rare to find a facility so wholly dedicated to its mission.


The staff at The Salvation Army works around the clock to provide more than 18,000 nights of shelter in any given year. During the same timeframe, the organization serves over 82,000 meals. It provides case management for more than 800 patients and offers permanent housing assistance to over 200 more. The amount of staff members necessary to provide this level of coverage is no small order. As a result, the organization solicits employees and volunteers from all over the state of Florida—and, more broadly, from all over the country.

While staff members may provide direct therapy, occupational assistance, and administrative functions at the adult rehabilitation centers, it is often the purview of volunteers to serve meals, stock pantries, help in the kitchens, and provide disaster relief. By creating a large network of paid and unpaid professionals alike, The Salvation Army is able to provide a level of service that cannot be matched by smaller organizations. Patients at facilities like the adult rehabilitation center in Jacksonville will be able to take advantage of this incredible staff by receiving the very best care available.

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