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Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
Meals & Nutrition 3


Redgate Memorial Recovery Center is a non-profit organization that’s part of the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) group. It provides medical detoxification, residential inpatient treatment, and clinical assessments to patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Long Beach, California.

BHS has been a part of the southern California substance abuse and mental health scene since 1973, helping thousands of patients make a full recovery from their chosen vices. The first facility was opened by the Centinela Valley Drug Abuse Coalition in Inglewood, California. Since the facility opened, BHS has expanded to 21 different centers throughout Los Angeles County, including the Redgate Rehab facility in Long Beach. They’ve also amped up their services, providing programs geared toward older adults, transitional living, HIV and AIDS education, and mental health.

The mission of BHS and Redgate Memorial Recovery Center is to help transform your life. They vow to do this by offering the opportunity to recover in a safe and comforting setting. Through your recovery, you’ll be able to develop a full sense of wellness, hope, and independence. Their vision is to provide a comprehensive system of human services available for every facet of chemical dependency, from mental health issues to education and prevention. They pledge to make their services affordable so that everyone in the community can get access to the treatment they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. The four main values they embody on a daily basis include diversity, compassion, dedication, and integrity.

As a part of the BHS network, Redgate Memorial Recovery Center is only one of two chemical dependency recovery centers and four residential sites. This means they are one of the most important facilities in the entire BHS conglomerate. If you choose to get help here, you’ll be guided throughout the entire recovery process, from start to finish. There’s no need to get sober first, as you’ll begin with medical detoxification. Once you’re finally clean, you’ll get the therapy and rehab you need to make chances in your life and prevent yourself from getting back into drugs or alcohol.


One of the main services that Redgate Rehab offers its patients is residential substance abuse treatment. This inpatient service usually lasts anywhere between three to six months depending on what drugs you took and how long you took them. Young adults, adults, men, and women are all welcome here as long as they have a positive attitude and want to make lasting changes in their lives.

Once you first arrive at the facility, you’ll benefit from a full substance abuse and mental health assessment. These will be completed by members of the Community Assessment Services Centers for anyone that’s a walk-in referral, DPSS’ General Relief referral, Proposition 36 referral, or CalWORKs Recipient referral. After this assessment, the staff will know a lot more about your problems and can make better recommendations for your care during your stay.

During your tenure at Redgate Rehab, you’ll enjoy countless amenities in the form of education. For example, you’ll learn how to resolve your family and social issues so that you can integrate back into society successfully. You’ll also get help with going back to school or getting a job, two things that can really improve your quality of life once you’re back in the real world. Upon leaving, you’ll have established a viable support network to help you continue to improve for years to come.

Additionally, if you have been unfortunate enough to contract hepatitis or HIV/AIDS during your period of drug use, you’ll be able to learn all about these diseases and how they will affect you. You can work with a counselor and doctor to get help and support for these diseases to help keep them at bay as long as possible. With the right knowledge, Redgate Rehab knows you can continue to live a long and happy life.

Redgate Rehab knows how hard it is to stay clean, especially when you’re surrounded by former addicts with connections to numerous sources of drugs. That’s why it offers a number of screening services to make sure you’re staying sober while in treatment. It offers breath analyzer testing, blood alcohol testing, and drug urine screening to give you the motivation to stay sober during your stay.


During your residential stay, the staff of Redgate Rehab will work with you in a number of ways to help you on the path to a full recovery. One of the techniques they use includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). With CBT, you’ll work directly with a therapist to identify the patterns of thought that lead to undesirable behaviors, such as drug use. CBT goes beyond simply telling you to stop using drugs and instead works to change the habits and feelings that cause your drug abuse. Because it’s a deeper level of therapy, it’s been shown to be highly effective in curbing addiction.

Patients might also be introduced to the 12-step program of their choice, such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. In these programs, you’ll be guided through a series of steps intended to help you come to terms with your drug abuse, own up to the bad decisions you made in the past, and turn your life and recovery over to the higher power you believe in. While it is a spiritual program, it is not a religious one, meaning that anyone with an open mind can participate and benefit from it.

Trauma-related counseling is another form of therapy used at Redgate Rehab. In this method of counseling, a therapist will work with you to try and remember a traumatic event that led to drug abuse. Often, people try to bury their feelings when something bad happens to them. This repression leads them to use drugs in order to self-medicate their feelings away. By confronting the catalytic event with a counselor, you can move past it and begin to heal. Some examples of a traumatic event that Redgate therapists can help with include sexual abuse, military trauma in veterans, LGBT abuse, or even AIDS patients.

If you’re more of a motivation-based person, you might appreciate the contingency management and motivational incentive therapies used at Redgate. In this type of therapy, you’ll be rewarded for making progress in your recovery. For example, if you are clean for a week and pass a drug test, you might receive a voucher for a monetary reward. After each consecutive week of being sober, the rewards will keep increasing. However, if you fail a drug test, you’ll have to return your rewards and start back at the bottom.

Other methods of therapy used might include rational emotive behavioral therapy, brief intervention approach, motivational interviewing, anger management, matrix model, or relapse prevention. It all depends on your individual needs and what types of treatment you respond to.


The main specialty at Redgate Rehab is medical detoxification. It is one of only two facilities in the BHS network to provide this service. The entire detox process lasts anywhere from 10 to 14 days, depending on the severity of your addiction, how long you’ve been abusing, and what drug you’ve been abusing. While detoxing, you’ll stay at Redgate’s inpatient facility and receive 24-hour care to ensure everything is going as smooth as possible.

There are a number of different detox programs available for a variety of drugs, including benzodiazepine detoxification, cocaine detoxification, methamphetamine detoxification, opioid detoxification, and alcohol detoxification. Whatever your vice, there’s a good chance that Redgate can help you get off of it for good.

The reason to choose medical detox is so that you can go through withdrawal in a safe and controlled setting. If you were to try and detox on your own, your withdrawal symptoms would become so painful that you might resort to a relapse. In many people, this leads to overdose, as they are so desperate for the symptoms to stop that they take a larger dose than normal. However, while you’re in a medical setting, you’ll be able to receive medications to control your symptoms and make the process as pain-free as possible. For example, you might receive doses of naltrexone or buprenorphine so that you can slowly wean off of the drug to limit just how potent the withdrawal symptoms are.


The staff of Redgate Rehab is entirely committed to seeing you make a full recovery. Everyone who works at the facility is trained in chemical dependency and rehab treatment, making them experts in the field. When enrolling here, you’ll be in entirely capable hands during your whole stay.

Overseeing the operation of the facility is the board of directors. The board is comprised of a number of professionals with an interest in helping people turn their lives around. For example, Victoria Velarde is an attorney, while Darlene Love is a community activist. Teri Cannon is now the secretary and treasurer but used to be the BHS Compliance Director. Other board members include Pablo Catano, Joe Gatlin, David Gascon, James King, Ina Lofton, Ernesto Saucedo, Lawrence Gentile, and Pauline Grasso.

As for the executive staff of BHS, they are just as dedicated to helping people as the board. The Chief Executive Officer of the organization is Shirley Summers, who has worked with BHS for over 28 years. After working her way up through the positions of counselor, clinical supervisor, program director, Director of Quality Assurance, and Director of Clinical Services, she’s absolutely the right person to be leading this company’s vision and poise.

Michael Ballue is the Director of Family Health Services and has an impressive resume to back up his skills. Before coming to BHS, he was the Executive Director of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of the South Bay. Naturally, he has an active alcohol and drug counselor certification so he can stay up-to-date with the latest treatments in the field.

The current Director of Clinical Services is Kerry Deeney. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work from California State University Long Beach. Afterwards, she transitioned into the field by working in a clinical setting to provide group, family, and individual therapy for patients in an acute psychiatric inpatient hospital. However, she’s been with BHS since 2014 and specializes here in substance abuse, LGBTQ, and trauma counseling.


  1. Brett

    Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 3
    Meals & Nutrition 2.5

    After trying to stop using Xanax on my own, I decided that if I really wanted to get off of it. I needed help. That was when I called the Redgate Center. They have an inpatient program where I won’t have access to the drugs but I will be able to get medications to help me through withdrawal. Honestly, the withdrawal scared me. I read a lot of things where withdrawal from Xanax can kill you if not done right. The woman that I spoke to was great. She explained Xanax withdrawal to me and what the center does to help. They have a medically monitoring program so that I would never be alone. Their doctors, nurses, and therapists would always be there to help. They also offer different ways to pay for treatment so even me, without insurance can afford it

  2. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    I knew I had a problem with alcohol but every time I stopped drinking my heart would race, my blood pressure would shoot up and I would feel horrible. Finally, it put me in the hospital but still I couldn’t stop. It was when my doctor and I had a talk about what was going on that I realized that maybe stopping on my own wasn’t the best answer. He recommended Redgate. I am very glad he did. They were able to put me in their detox program. Their friendly nurses and doctors were always there to help when things got bad. They kept me healthy and didn’t let my blood pressure and heart rate get too high while I got rid of the alcohol and went through withdrawal. It was the best possible way to do it. If you are worried about going through withdrawal, I recommend Redgate. They helped me. They can help you.

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