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Much more than a “halfway house,” New Life Launch Pad in Wilmington, North Carolina describes itself as a “recovery residence community” where patients can work to find their own unique path to healing. The facility employs a variety of rehabilitative techniques in order to help its residents achieve that goal, including 12 Step programs, sober living homes, and a thorough selection of clinical services. It is the latter that truly sets Launch Pad apart from its peers in the mental health field, as combining typical therapeutic options with a full battery of clinical services offers patients a much greater chance at successful rehabilitation. For these reasons, New Life Launch Pad represents a holistic approach to the recovery process and offers real hope to the patients who seek treatment there.

The combination of treatment options is key to Launch Pad’s therapeutic model. While 12 Step programs are the backbone of many treatment facilities and are demonstrably effective in helping patients to achieve and maintain sobriety, Launch Pad is able to improve upon them by offering them in conjunction with additional clinical services and a completely sober residential living environment. Patients at the facility will enroll in either the Recovery Coaching or the Clinical Services treatment option. Despite their names, both treatment options provide a variety of counseling and clinical options.

The Recovery Coaching model of treatment involves a 12 Step program, family-centered activities, health and wellness instruction, a focus on mental health and personality, and social and spiritual elements of rehabilitation. The process is facilitated by Recovery Coaches who actually live in the residential home alongside patients. These coaches will ensure that patients are able to progress in therapy at an appropriate rate while maintaining health and wellness in the home environment.

In contrast, the Clinical Services model stresses intensive outpatient services, clinical therapy, an outside referral network, in-house drug testing, and the facility’s own specialized wellness program, which stresses the importance of physical activity and whole-body recovery. This treatment option seeks to take comprehensive care of a patient’s overall health in mind, body, and soul in order to achieve lasting rehabilitation.


Most of Launch Pad’s residential homes are located in Wilmington, North Carolina, although there are also several in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The city of Wilmington is an attractive coastal Atlantic community, a historic port city, and a popular spot for vacationers and retirees. Wilmington boasts a strong economy and a vibrant local community. Residents at Launch Pad will be able to take advantage of these perks when seeking treatment at the facility’s inpatient homes. The homes themselves are clean, spacious, and appealing colonial-style in appearance. They are typically situated on green lawns, with plenty of shade-providing trees and pleasant shrubbery.

The benefits of seeking rehabilitation in a relaxing environment are not to be underestimated. By making its residential facilities as homelike as possible and by situating them in pleasant, relaxing environments, Launch Pad has ensured that its patients will undergo therapy in a setting that is strongly correlated with increased relaxation, decreased stress, and fuller recuperation. Patients are sure to enjoy the sea breeze while strolling across the lawn, or while practicing yoga in an effort to get regular exercise as part of their therapeutic schedule.

Launch Pad also owns and operates a Recovery Resource Center in Wilmington. This is an especially pleasant facility which houses the administrative staff offices for the organization. However, patients are encouraged to take advantage of the location, as 12 Step meetings and group meetings are regularly conducted within. Patients are also encouraged to relax at its outdoor “zen-like” retreat area, as the facility is open seven days per week and always available for the use and enjoyment of Launch Pad’s clients.

If the facilities and amenities available at Launch Pad sound like they would help you on your own road to recovery, you need only begin the admissions process to take the first step. While this can be an intimidating process, the same welcoming attitude that governs the Recovery Resource Center is present in Launch Pad’s admissions department. The organization makes every effort to simplify the admissions process so that potential patients are never overwhelmed or turned away. Prospective clients are asked to submit an application, hold an interview at the facility, and determine a method of payment. Once admitted, patients will have a treatment plan devised for them.


Therapy is always a part of a patient’s treatment program. Patients will work with Recovery Coaches in order to determine what level of counseling is appropriate for their needs. However, the backbone of treatment is usually represented by a 12 Step program. These programs are administered through Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, or Celebrate Recovery. Launch Pad’s coaches will help patients through these proven programs, attending classes and participating in all 12 steps alongside the patient. While patients are still encouraged to find individual sponsors, these coaches will help clients as they eliminate addiction from their lives and progress towards their spiritual recovery.

Recovery Coaches also coordinate sessions with a client’s family members in order to make sure that families can witness their loved ones’ recovery. This allows family members to understand exactly what difficulties the patient is facing, and the patient is given the opportunity to better understand how his or her addictive behaviors may have impacted family members. Both parties are given the chance to develop empathy for each other, which is an important element in the healing process. Recovery Coaches will be there every step of the way in order to ensure that all interactions are appropriate, constructive, and beneficial to the patient.

Physical therapy is often an important tenet of a patient’s recovery program. Sometimes patients may be tempted to replace one addiction with another by developing an addiction to a certain snack food or to a sedentary lifestyle. By engaging in physical activity, patients are able to achieve a higher standard of healthy living. Exercise has also been demonstrated to release natural endorphins in the brain, which have a positive effect on a patient’s mood without the negative symptoms of hangovers and withdrawals that are associated with artificial, chemical “highs” like the ones brought on by opiates. Recovery Coaches will work with patients to develop helpful exercise programs at Launch Pad.

During the process of recovering from addiction, some patients may discover that they are experiencing agitation or mood swings even after they have stopped consuming drugs or alcohol. But even after the physical bonds of addiction have been broken, there is often a mental component that remains unsolved. Recovery Coaches can help patients to re-evaluate their state of mind in order to develop healthy post-addiction living happens and mindsets.


New Life Launch Pad’s most striking specialty is its ability to combine traditional substance abuse recovery options, such as a 12 Step program, with clinical treatments. Through the use of Recovery Coaches, Launch Pad’s therapeutic services are already head and shoulders above its peers in the field. But when taken in conjunction with the cutting-edge medical innovation afforded by the facility’s clinical team, the comprehensive treatment provided at the facility is virtually unrivalled.

As a result of its medical facilities, Launch Pad can also conduct in-house drug testing via its affiliation with a verified laboratory contract. This is especially useful for patients who may be under legal obligations to satisfy period drug-testing requirements, such as parolees. Launch Pad is therefore a specialist in addressing the needs of this demographic.

Another of Launch Pad’s specialties involves intervention. Families and friends of patients often consider staging an intervention when they see how a patient is harming himself or herself. However, conducting an intervention requires professional guidance. The staff at Launch Pad is specially trained in this type of therapeutic technique—which, when properly administered, has proven to be highly effective. Over 90% of individuals faced with a properly-planned intervention agree to enter rehabilitative treatment. Since Launch Pad can both stage an intervention and provide the subsequent treatment, they are especially well-suited to this type of treatment. However, interventions may not be appropriate for everyone.

Interventions tend to be most needed when a patient is putting himself or herself at significant risk. For example, a legal intervention might address continued arrests, jail time, probation, or parole. A medical intervention might concern overdoses, heart attacks, or strokes brought on by a patient’s unsafe behavior. A psychiatric intervention may become necessary when an individual becomes suicidal or homicidal as a result of substance abuse. Family intervention may be appropriate when spouses separate from their partners or children are forced to disown their parents. Finally, financial intervention can be needed when an addicted individual loses a job or is forced to declare bankruptcy. In these unfortunate situations, staging an intervention may indeed be an appropriate route to take. The staff at Launch Pad can assist in these types of scenarios.


The experienced, compassionate, and reliable staff at New Life Launch Pad operates under the leadership of Director Wayne Ray. Ray stresses the psychological, biological, sociological, and spiritual components of addiction rehabilitation, and it is this ethos which permeates the entirety of Launch Pad’s treatment philosophy. He also encourages vocational and educational pursuits for staff members and patients alike, helping to foster an environment of professional and personal development. This philosophy is furthered by the facility’s events coordinator, who focuses on arranging activities for residents which build camaraderie and life skills. The development of these life skills tends to pay off; the facility employs a number of former residents in positions such as house manager and financial assistant.

The mission of Launch Pad’s staff is to “remind our residents of their own strengths, dreams, and resources; and to provide the structure and support for realizing their goals.” Staff members facilitate this mission with their every action, whether they are administrative support staff or Recovery Coaches living in the residence homes with the patients. Abstinence, humane lifestyle models, and esteem-building peer support are the pillars by which Launch Pad staff members lead by example. By providing a structured and supportive environment for each and every patient that passes through its doors, Launch Pad offers an excellent rehabilitative program with the power to change lives.


  1. Steve

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4.5
    Meals & Nutrition 3

    When I was ready for treatment I knew that I couldn’t stay where I was. I was afraid that my friends that also used would sabotage my recovery. Being around it all the time just made me want to stay on drugs and not do anything else. I knew that it was time to get my life back together. Life Launchpad helped me do that. They have a sober living environment that you can stay in while you straighten things out. Their program helped me become a better person and leave the drugs behind. They can help you too.

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