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Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board, or LACAB, is an organization providing rehabilitative mental health and substance abuse disorder treatments for patients in the Camdenton, Missouri area. They are affiliated with the Lake Area Resource Center and partner with a number of community organizations in order to provide a complete and comprehensive continuum of care for the patients who pass through its door. Through Missouri’s Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP), the organization specializes in providing treatment and educational services to patients who have experienced arrests due to motor vehicle violations (i.e., DUIs or DWIs) associated with drug or alcohol use.

The organization is also affiliated with Outreach Consulting and Counseling Services (OCCS) of Missouri. This is a private probation program with a mission statement to provide “answers to issues of abuse and dependency in society.” Services provided by this organization are intended to help defendants successfully complete probationary terms that they have incurred as a result of legal complications or arrests. Therapy is also provided in partnership with this organization in order to offer parolees the chance to heal emotionally and learn to prevent risky behavior in the future. In order to comply with legal requirements, OCCS uses breathalyzers, GPS tracking, and house arrest units.

LACAB’s commitment to its community is further evidenced by its partnerships with various organizations throughout the state of Missouri. One such partnership is with MERS Goodwill. While Goodwill is a charity organization known throughout the country and while any partnership would Goodwill would be laudable in and of itself, MERS Goodwill is especially committed to the local community and economy. By providing work assistance within the state, MERS Goodwill has turned into an essential pillar of the community. Disadvantaged individuals who are receiving treatment at LACAB can be referred to Goodwill, and vice versa.

It is this type of productive relationship with other organizations that makes LACAB more than the sum of its parts. In addition to offering cutting-edge therapy sessions and partnerships with community organizations, Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board also celebrates its close proximity to a number of amenities that enhance its patients’ lives.


Lake Area Citizens Advisory board takes its name from the Lake of the Ozarks, which is an enormous reservoir in the northern Missouri Ozarks. Nicknamed “The Magic Dragon” by locals, the lake is a popular tourist attraction and provides a number of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Typical recreational activities include the lake’s three separate golf courses, swimming, watersports, and boating. As these activities can be pursued in a pristine natural environment, the lake also offers something outstanding for the outdoor enthusiast.

What this means for LACAB patients is that they have an unusual but highly fortunate opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful natural resources very close to their treatment facility. While many treatment facilities across the state are purposefully situated in park-like atmospheres featuring flower gardens, shaded walkways, and decorative fountains, LACAB residents are even more privileged in that they have access to a world-class natural resource virtually on the doorstep of their treatment facility. The organization itself can coordinate outdoor activities for patients experiencing inpatient treatment, while outpatient clients can elect to enjoy the lake’s attractions before or after therapy sessions.

While access to a pleasant outdoor environment may seem like a small thing in the face of the enormous challenges faced by LACAB patients, the benefits of such an environment are not to be underestimated. Studies have indicated that simply walking in nature can yield mental health benefits and reduce the risk of depression. This may prove to be especially important to LACAB’s DUI/DWI patients, whose legal difficulties may be compounding their own problems with addiction and putting them at risk of additional disorders, such as depression or anxiety.

Whatever type of services patients at Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board end up receiving, they can rest assured that they will be able to take advantage of the amenities offered by the actual facility, in addition to the high-quality treatments provided by the organization’s qualified, professional staff. By ensuring that therapy takes place in a constructive, pleasant, and comfortable environment, LACAP guarantees a strong possibility of successful rehabilitation for all of its patients. This is accomplished through a number of therapy sessions that take place between counselors and clients.


Through its partnership with Outreach Consulting and Counseling Services (OCCS) Missouri, Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board is able to provide reasonably-priced services to clients who would typically not be able to afford them, or to certain population demographics which are underserved in the community. Patients are involved in the treatment process, and counseling is provided in both group and individual therapy sessions in order to provide a wide variety of treatment options. The mission of OCCS is to provide “answers to issues of abuse and dependency in society.” The therapy programs offered in conjunction with LACAB are an indispensable component of that mission.

Group therapy consists of several patients engaging in counseling sessions with a single counselor. During these meetings, clients will be able to share their experiences, learn coping strategies from one another, and make human connections. The counselor will be present to direct the course of the therapy and to ensure that group contributions remain relevant and constructive. This is an excellent therapy model for individuals suffering from alcohol or drug dependence. In fact, this is the type of therapy used in 12 Step programs popularized by organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Individual therapy allows a patient to engage in one-on-one counseling sessions with a single therapist. In this type of meeting, patients are able to more deeply explore the root causes of their addictions or mental health problems, as they do not have to share the therapy sessions with other patients. This allows more time to be focused on individual patients. This type of therapy is most effective for clients attempting to address their mental health disorders. Of course, patients would do well to engage in both types of therapy in order to provide the most complete picture of recovery possible. Most treatment plans recommend a combination of techniques in this manner.

Co-occurring disorders are defined as mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders occurring at the same time. For example, a patient may present with alcoholism and depression simultaneously. Diagnosing one disorder becomes difficult if symptoms are disguised by the presence of another disorder. Therefore, it is crucial for patients to turn to qualified professionals in order to have co-occurring disorders correctly identified and appropriately treated. Fortunately, the professionals at Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board have developed a specialty in this area of mental health treatment. However, it is far from their only specialty.


Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board specializes in the treatment of patients who have incurred charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI). This is a population demographic with very specific needs, and LACAB has developed an expert treatment program in order to address them. Patients with pending DUI charges or convictions may be required to attend compulsory educational classes or risk losing their drivers’ licenses. LACAB is able to assist by providing classes which can help to meet those legal requirements. Further, patients learn how to make better choices throughout these intensive DUI therapy sessions.

This is accomplished by looking not only at what causes behavior that leads to DUI, but also what effects that behavior has on the lives of patients’ families, friends, and loved ones. Legal consequences are also frequently examined in detail, as that is often the cause of a patient’s initial attempts to seek treatment in the first place. After completing a rigorous educational program, patients may also consider enrolling in group or individual therapy sessions in order to make positive, lasting changes that will help them to maintain sober lifestyles even after their legal complications have been resolved.

Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board also specializes in the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). This is related to its work with DUI and DWI offenders, but is more nuanced in nature, as it provides treatment for anyone arrested for any alcohol or drug-related driving offenses. Over 200 statewide locations participate in the SATOP initiative; LACAP is proud to be one of them. In order to participate in SATOP, organizations must provide affordable care services that include assessment screenings. They must treat patients with respect and dignity while preserving their rights as private citizens.

Patients participating in the SATOP portion of LACAB’s treatment services should expect to learn about the hazards and consequences of impaired driving. They will discover strategies to help them make safe and responsible driving decisions in the future while incurring personal growth and development. And by taking the values they learn back into the community amongst their friends and family, they will be equipped to contribute to public health and safety by furthering the values learned at Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board.


Since the treatment of patients who are experiencing charges related to DUIs, DWIs, or other traffic violations is especially sensitive, the staff at Lake Area Citizens Advisory board is specially trained to provide confidential, compassionate, and effective therapeutic treatment options. Staff counselors are equally proficient in individual and group therapy alike, and they are happy to coordinate their efforts with a number of community organizations when appropriate and when approved by the patient.

The administrative staff at Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board has assembled a team of therapists, counselors, admissions staff, reception staff, and other clinical personnel who are trained to provide the best possible therapy to the clients of the facility. Since the organization specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from substance abuse addiction disorders, staff is trained to provide therapy in a constructive, sober environment that teaches clients how to approach their lives in a drug-free manner long after they have been discharged from the facility. By involving the entire community in the course of its operation, Lake Area Citizens Advisory Board has become a valuable member of the Camdenton, Missouri society.


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    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 3

    After my DWI I was afraid that I would go to jail. I knew I had to go to court and I knew the penalties for drinking and driver were steep and I could be put in jail. Instead the court advisor recommended LACAB. At first, I thought the program was just a way to get out of jail but then I realized that it could actually help me. They got me into counseling and taught me a better way of living. I don’t have to worry about drinking and driving ever again because I stopped drinking completely with their help.

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