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Formerly known as the Douglas County Citizens Committee on Alcoholism, the organization now officially named DCCCA is a nonprofit provider of social and community services operating in the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri areas. DCCCA has been improving the safety, health, and well-being of its patients for more than 40 years. Residential treatment programs, outpatient treatment programs, prevention services, a child placement agency, and traffic safety programs make up the wide repertoire of services provided by the organization. The administration of these services has brought recognition to the organization through various government and state agencies.

Since 2007, DCCCA has been recognized by the Council on Accreditation, which is an international and independent organization accrediting the efforts of agencies according to detailed reviews of administration, management, and service delivery. The organization’s substance abuse treatment programs are licensed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. DCCCA also holds licenses from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for its work in child placement, youth residential services, and its women’s recovery center. DCCCA is also licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the Missouri Department of Social Services.

As a result of these prestigious accreditations, the organization is well-equipped to provide its patients with the highest level of service available in the Midwest. The full continuum of addiction treatment programs includes individual and group counseling, intensive outpatient services, short-term residential treatment, and non-medical detoxification assistance. By partnering with additional resources within the community, DCCCA provides continuing care for its patients even after discharge.

One of DCCCA’s specialties is exemplified by its First Step at Lakeview facility. This is the organization’s local inpatient substance abuse center. It differentiates itself from other similar clinics by focusing its treatment options exclusively on women and women with children. Because women can bring their children into treatment with them, DCCCA allows family units to stay intact while mothers seek the treatments they need in order to regain control of their lives. In other situations, women exiting treatment facilities may experience difficulty in resuming custody of their children; DCCCA eliminates this problem by never separating them in the first place.


The First Step at Lakeview facility is located along a flat stretch of pleasant Kansas highway. Its closest neighbors are two churches and a few residential neighborhoods, offering a pleasant and wholesome environment for patients seeking treatment at the clinic. The building itself consists of three single-storied wings. Ample parking is provided in order to reduce the stress of patients who are already experiencing enough stressors in their lives. The grounds of the facility are green and attractive. Plenty of foliage offers a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Just behind the facility lies a large, tree-lined lake.

Patients who are fortunate enough to seek recovery in such an idyllic environment frequently find that their rehabilitation proceeds that much faster. The effects of a tranquil outdoor environment are tangible and can speed the recovery process for patients who are undergoing drug and alcohol abuse treatment. DCCCA patients frequently report an increase in self-esteem and a decrease in depression and anxiety as a result of their on-site treatment programs.

The benefits offered by the facility are not strictly exclusive to the First Step at Lakeview center. All of the organization’s residential women’s programs are provided with fully licensed child care facilities that allow women to seek treatment without worrying about providing babysitters or caretakers for their children while they are away. This allows patients to concentrate on getting better, for both themselves and their children. This family involvement extends to the patients of all DCCCA programs, as family and friends are encouraged to visit during specific times and to leave messages or place phone calls when visits are not allowed.

Another amenity offered by DCCCA takes the form of an Alcohol and Drug Information School, which is a one-day classroom experience addressing the consequences of alcohol and substance abuse. The class also meets Kansas education requirements for first-time DUI offenders. Participants learn about substance abuse education, state laws and guidelines, Blood Alcohol Content levels, and legal consequences of addiction throughout the course of this eight-hour class. This classroom opportunity functions as a bonus of sorts, as it ties directly into many patients’ actual therapy while also allowing them to fulfill legal obligations without interrupting treatment.


Therapy at DCCCA is conducted in both residential and outpatient treatment programs. Residential programs are intended to offer expanded, comprehensive services for patients whose needs are especially severe or whose symptoms have been especially long-lasting. Therapy takes the form of detoxification, individual and group therapy counseling sessions, life skills coaching, health and wellness services, mental health services, family support sessions, parenting skills development, and case management. Patients are assisted with finding employment and drug-free housing, and they are encouraged to continue their education so that they can achieve continued self-sufficiency upon discharge.

The outpatient programs offered by DCCCA are no less comprehensive, but they are designed for patients whose problems are less severe or who have continuing workplace of educational commitments that cannot be interrupted by treatment. Outpatient therapy is also appropriate for individuals who are uncertain whether their drug use constitutes an addiction, and counselors are happy to work with family members and other professionals upon patient consent. This allows patients to obtain a fuller understanding of how their substance use and behavior might be affecting both themselves and also the people around them.

Because each patient has different needs, qualified members of DCCCA staff are trained to conduct reviews of each patient’s situation in order to determine whether residential or outpatient therapy is recommended. Evaluations will examine current and prior substance use, physical and mental health, education, employment, family situations, and any legal entanglements resulting from substance use. Working together with staff members, patients are encouraged to take an active role in their treatment plan by being honest about the problems they are experiencing in their lives.


DCCCA’s most pronounced specialty program is undoubtedly represented by its First Step at Lakeview facility. This residential treatment clinic allows female patients with children to bring those children with them into the treatment program. Licensed on-site daycare is provided to young children, while transportation assistance is provided to school-aged children so that their own educational opportunities are not compromised while their mothers receive therapeutic services at DCCCA. This treatment model is designed to preserve the family unit and to minimize disruption to patients’ personal lives during the vulnerable period of childhood development.

While mothers receive therapy, children are given the full attention of licensed child care providers. Mothers are able to take advantage of hands-on teaching and role modeling from DCCCA staff while they continue to learn how to be effective parents. For pregnant women who have not yet given birth, extensive “well-baby” services are provided so that mothers will know what to expect and how to provide appropriate care.

Women with children have historically experienced difficulty in seeking rehabilitative services, because they had nowhere to provide trusted child care when they were receiving treatment. DCCCA resolves this first problem by admitting the children into the facility alongside their mothers. But mothers have also experienced additional difficulties wherein they were unable to regain custody of their children upon completion of a rehabilitation program. DCCCA also eliminates this obstacle by never separating mothers from their children in the first place. The organization’s emphasis on this program was truly innovative when it was first implemented, and it continues to lead the way by providing a full continuum of care.

DCCCA also specializes by intervening directly in the community. Instead of relying on patients to seek treatment of their own accord, the organization attempts to enter the community to interact with its residents and determine their needs from a proactive standpoint. The organization recognizes that prevention is preferable to treatment, whenever possible, and it works with the Kansas Prevention Collaborative to develop additional specialized programs designed to connect with the community about prescription drug abuse and to provide related educational programs. Substance abuse addiction is treated like the epidemic it is, and DCCCA’s preemptive and collaborative efforts to combat this problem are at the forefront of the mental health field.

While DCCCA provides specialized services at facilities like its First Step at Lakeview clinic and through its community outreach programs, prospective patients should know that DCCCA is a large, well-appointed organization capable of meeting the needs of virtually all demographics. As a result, anyone suffering from substance abuse or mental health disorders is advised to contact DCCCA to see how the organization can help.


Led by Executive Director Lori Alvarado and Chief Financial Officer Kerye Jackson, DCCCA is proud to represent the leading providers of treatment in the Midwest. The executive team consists of a Director of Behavioral Health Services, a Director of Children & Family Services, a Director of Prevention and Leadership, and various members of administrative staff who ensure that only the most qualified professionals are hired to deliver direct care to the patients of the organization.

DCCCA employs a wide variety of clinicians and counselors in order to provide patients with the best chance of achieving successful recovery. Some of the positions filled at the facility include mental health therapists, clinical coordinators of outpatient services, substance abuse counselors, chemical dependency technicians, childcare lead teachers, child care assistants, program coordinators, connections therapists, and child placement specialists. This diverse team of professionals brings a wide array of experience to bear on the many treatment options offered by the organization, ensuring that patients are always exposed to the best practices available.

DCCCA also believes in the professional development of its members of staff. The organization seeks to develop a culture that allows employees to continue their educational opportunities and obtain leadership roles, to that patient treatment is always at the forefront of the mental health field. DCCCA prides itself on being a responsible steward of the community, and part of that community is comprised on its own staff. Therefore, the individuals employed by the organization are given every opportunity to grow as professionals so that they remain motivated to provide the best possible therapy and rehabilitative services.

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