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Rochester, NY

Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
Meals & Nutrition 4


Rochester Outpatient Clinic is a part of the Conifer Park network of outpatient clinics located in Rochester, New York. At the Conifer Park Rochester NY facility, both adults and adolescents can get the care that they need to battle chemical dependency in all its forms. Because there are no on-campus residential facilities, patients will come to the clinic up to five times a week in order to get the treatment they need to stay sober. This allows them to continue living their lives so that they can maintain a job, care for children, and maintain their household.

Men, women, and those who have specialized treatment needs are all welcome at the Conifer Park Rochester NY facility. Located at 1150 University Avenue, this Conifer Park location is just a few blocks away from I-490, meaning it’s easy to get to no matter what part of the city you live in. You’re also extremely close to Lucien Morin Park and Tryon Park, both of which could provide an idyllic atmosphere to relax in after a group therapy session. You’ll be able to gaze out over the Irondequoit Bay and reflect on the positive changes you’ve made in your life.

Conifer Park Rochester NY is licensed by the Joint Commission as well as the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, meaning you’ll be receiving only the highest level of care. Conifer Park Rochester NY works together with insurance companies, health care organizations, and hospitals to ensure that its patients are receiving the care they need at all levels of physical and mental health. Its motto is that “people who care, treatment that works” – proving that the facility will do everything in its power to help you overcome your battle against addiction.

The Conifer Park Rochester NY facility is no smoking, so you’ll have to leave your cigarettes at home. Additionally, the facility has a number of payment options to ensure everyone can receive treatment. You can pay in cash, use your private health insurance, or use programs like Medicare or Medicaid to cover your treatment.


Conifer Park Rochester NY serves a diverse base of patients. Because of that, it offers a wide range of amenities to accommodate all of its guests. In fact, the facility has an option for walk-in patients who need help right away. This means that if you forgot to make an appointment or feel like you won’t make it unless you start treatment immediately, Conifer Park Rochester NY can help.

Full assessments can usually be scheduled within 72 hours, meaning you’ll be able to start on the path to treatment in just a few short days. You can even choose to have treatment on Saturdays or in the late afternoon, which is convenient for working professionals or kids in school.

Once enrolling in treatment here, you’ll have access to a number of different programs, including anxiety and meditation programs that will help you relax and focus on recovery. In particular, the facility utilizes the PAWS program – Pet Away Worry and Stress. This form of pet therapy brings in dogs so that patients can pet, cuddle, and play with animals to relieve their stress. For people with underlying problems contributing to their drug use, pet therapy is a great way to eliminate these issues to help you focus on the effects of your addiction instead.

You’ll also be able to benefit from a number of transitional services. Conifer Park specializes in helping people who’ve just been released from an inpatient clinic and need some assistance getting used to life back at home. The facility is also available for people who want to try to make it on their own, but realize that they might need help every once in a while. This includes relapse prevention, which is essential for staying on track with your treatment plan.

If you’d feel more comfortable working with people of your own sex, Conifer Park can accommodate your needs. It offers gender specific groups for both men and women in order to make your treatment sessions more relaxed and relevant. In these groups, you’ll be able to talk about gender-specific issues that recovering addicts face, such as prejudice in the workplace, difficulties maintaining or establishing new relationships, and more. With added family services, Conifer Park Rochester NY covers all of the bases you need for your recovery.


Because Conifer Park Rochester NY is an outpatient facility, it doesn’t offer intensive services like detox or medically-monitored withdrawal. Instead, it focuses more on self-help and sober support networks, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These 12-step programs guide you through the steps of recovery with a focus on getting help from a higher power of your choice. Meetings take place in a group setting where you can share your faults and make a commitment to living a better lifestyle.

Conifer Park is also extremely dedicated to those suffering from dual diagnosis. This is when you have a substance abuse problem paired with another mental health disorder. When you enroll in outpatient therapy, the facility will perform a full screening and assessment to determine your needs. They also have psychiatrists and nurse practitioners on staff in the event that you need any additional medications for these problems. Once you have a plan of care developed, you’ll attend psycho-educational classes to learn more about ways to cope with your disorder.

Another type of therapy offered is family and significant other therapy. In this type of treatment, your loved ones will accompany you to the clinic and meet with a therapist in order to discuss some of the issues in front of you. You’ll all learn ways to deal with each other’s problems in a safe and healthy manner. In this way, you can repair your relationships and prevent violent confrontations from happening in the future. Even better, your family will learn just how to support you in the coming months and years.

In addition to mental therapy, Conifer Park Rochester NY also offers medicinal therapy to treat your physical dependence on drugs. Prescriptions like buprenorphine and methadone can be offered to help wean you off of drugs and prevent any relapses. Once you reach a stable dose on these medications, you can either continue to stay on them while you work on improving your lifestyle or wean off of them to live an entirely drug-free lifestyle.


Conifer Park Rochester NY specializes in a number of different fields. One in particular is a focus on criminal justice treatment. The facility understands that many people who have served jail time had easy access to drugs behind bars. They might have developed even worse habits than they had before they went in. Even worse, some people might still be involved in importing drugs to prison circles. In this program, the facility can help former convicts get out of this lifestyle and back into a life away from the influence of drugs.

Another area of interest for Conifer Park is family care. Having an addiction affects more than yourself – it touches everyone close to you as well. By enrolling in the center’s family program, you can teach your family more about your disease as well as learn more tools to help you cope with your addiction. The facility offers a 1-day intensive workshop at another location, as well as ongoing family support group meetings. During these sessions, your case manager will be there to answer your family’s questions and keep your treatment on the right track.

Because Conifer Park Rochester NY also offers late afternoon classes, it specializes in the treatment of adolescents. This means they have a special staff that are experienced in treating children. Children have a unique set of needs than adults, as their minds are still forming. They are also more influenced by their peers. Adolescent services will work with the young person to eliminate bad influences from their life and help them get on the path to success. For adolescents with serious problems, the facility offers a dedicated program at one of its sister locations, ARMS ACRES in Carmel, New York.

Finally, Conifer Park Rochester NY also puts a high value on its educational services. It will work with you to teach you more about various recovery topics, including finding a job, rebuilding a friend base that doesn’t use drugs, managing your finances, and more. With these new skills in mind, you will find it much easier to enjoy your drug-free life.


All of the staff at Conifer Park Rochester NY is handpicked by HR director Jeannine Parkes. She makes sure that every applicant meets the organization’s stringent requirements. This includes having a full understanding of how to care for patients as well as the latest techniques in addiction treatment. All employees must have a professional license in their field, which can include social work, medicine, psychiatry, addiction counseling, and nursing. Additionally, applicants must show an ability to multitask, thrive in a fast-paced environment, have ACLS certification, maintain confidentiality, and have thorough experience and knowledge of both chemical and alcohol dependency.

Simply getting hired doesn’t mean that the staff members can stop their education. To ensure that all staff continues to be in the top of their field, Conifer Park also offers ongoing education, seminars, and in-service training to its employees. This allows them to develop more on a professional level as well as provide excellent care to every patient.

Conifer Park hires a number of non-skilled workers as well, including housekeepers, medical records technicians, drivers, and security guards. Just because these people do not have medical training does not mean they are simply picked off the streets. These applicants still need to meet Conifer Park’s hiring requirements in order to get the job.

As it’s located in the western park of New York state, the Rochester facility belongs to the Western Region of the Conifer Park brand. The director of the Western Region of the Conifer Park organization is Mary Yaw, so she is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Rochester NY facility. Michael Kettle oversees the entire New York Region as the Regional Director, so he makes important decisions on the bigger picture level.


  1. Pat

    Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 4.5

    If you have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, I recommend Conifer Park. I work and have a family to take care of so I can’t spend a long time in a hospital or treatment center. Conifer allowed me to get the treatment that I needed without a lengthy rehab stay. Their day treatment programs, counseling and doctors all seemed to have my best interests in mind. They recommended a course of treatment and gave me the tools that I needed to stay with it through the withdrawal symptoms and after effects. I loved the fact that they use pet therapy and other alternative programs to help me recover. When the main treatment program was over, they helped me through their transitional program so that I didn’t slip back into old habits. If you have a busy life and need an outpatient solution this is the treatment center that you want.

  2. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 3
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    I called Conifer Park today because I woke up and knew that the cravings would be too much for me. I needed help. When I called, I thought that I would be treated like another ex-con that was a drug addict, two things that most people look down on as soon as they find out. The person I spoke to did not seem to have a problem with it and even told me about a few of the programs that they had to help out ex-cons.
    They told me about life skills training, counseling, medication to help me through withdrawal and a whole bunch more. They seems very nice and could fit me in around my parole and work schedule so I don’t have to go explaining anything to my probation officer. Plus they told me everything that I said during counseling was confidential, they wouldn’t even tell my family about it if I didn’t want them to.

  3. Echelle

    Treatment Effectiveness 3.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    Conifer Park in Rochester New York helped me with my son. We were at wits end with the problems with him. He wouldn’t go to school, work, or anything else. When he got into trouble we knew that we needed someone to help. That someone was Conifer Park. We got him into treatment there and our lives changed. He was able to go to counseling and other treatment and they worked around his school schedule. He didn’t even miss a day. They helped him realize what he was doing to himself and showed him how to stop. We were so happy that he got his life back on track.

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