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Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise (CARE) in Anoka, Minnesota is a government-operated rehabilitation facility at the cutting edge of the addiction recovery field. As part of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the organization provides family planning, relapse prevention, continued care programming, and medically-assisted and monitored therapy for mental health, physical health, and addiction-related issues. The facility is also equipped to administer methadone and suboxone detoxification regimens and treatments. Using the resources of the Minnesota government, CARE Anoka is able to provide a higher level of service than many privately-funded facilities of a similar nature.

CARE acknowledges that true recovery requires a partnership between an individual, a rehabilitation organization, and the sources available in the community. Therefore, the center has developed a dynamic system of services to deal with substance use disorders and addictions. This system takes into account the complex needs and challenges represented by each individual patient, while simultaneously fostering an atmosphere of education and respect. This combination of techniques has even been dubbed the “Minnesota Model,” and it has been adopted as a standard of treatment delivery by various organizations and facilities throughout the world.

CARE’s vision is to “partner in the development of vibrant, sustainable, healthy, and inclusive communities across Minnesota.” This people-oriented approach ensures that staff at the facility never loses sight of its goal: to help its patients overcome the tremendously difficult problems they face on a daily basis. In addition to its affiliation with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, CARE Anoka is also licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. These impressive credentials signal that patients are in good hands when they choose to seek rehabilitative services at Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise.


One benefit of seeking treatment at CARE Anoka comes in the form of easy access. All too often, individuals addicted to dangerous substances do not know where to turn—or if they have located an appropriate provider of addiction treatment, they cannot access that provider due to the limited transportation opportunities available to them. Fortunately, transportation is provided by the facility for those patients requiring medical, court, and programming appointments. Additional transportation is also available for initial intake appointments, upon specific arrangement. In this manner, Community Addiction Recovery Enterprises is able to take an active hand in the progress of their patients, facilitating easy access to services and ensuring that no one misses the counseling or treatment appointments that they are trying to attend.

While CARE is located less than ten minutes from the center of Anoka, the facility is nonetheless situated in a pleasant green space with plenty of inviting, shade-providing trees. Visitors en route to the center will encounter comfortable residential homes, wide-open fields, and plenty of attractive foliage.

This peaceful setting only serves to reinforce the good work being accomplished in the facility itself; patients are typically able to achieve a greater level of access when working in a comfortable, familiar environment. Parking is also provided in a spacious lot, eliminating the stress associated with finding a parking spot in the city. This may seem a small matter, but anything that makes one’s therapy appointment more convenient is more likely to make that patient want to attend. As a result, even these small amenities end up contributing a great deal to the progress of each patient at CARE Anoka. However, it is in therapy itself where the greatest strives are made towards becoming addiction-free.


Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise in Anoka provides both inpatient and outpatient services for adults with substance abuse problems. Most clients are recommended for outpatient services or day treatment, which is an effective alternative to residential treatment without all of the latter’s associated costs and inconveniences. Individuals who are identified to be at high risk due to chronic addiction to alcohol or other substances will find a program that integrates housing, intensive case management, transportation, and vocational assistance services.

These treatment plans, while always tailored to an individual patient’s needs, are generally intended to reduce the number of detoxification and emergency room visits, improve recovery, decrease homelessness, facilitate improved interaction with the court system and law enforcement, and the integration of other community resources into a patient’s lifestyle and continuing care. These services reflect the community-focused approach that CARE Anoka has developed and usually also manage to decrease the cost of serving the target population. For these reasons, outpatient therapy at CARE is able to dramatically improve the lives of its patients and set them on the path to complete and long-lasting recovery.

While many clients only require outpatient treatment, sometimes inpatient services may be recommended when chemical dependency reaches a certain level of severity. At CARE in Anoka, inpatient services are provided within a locked facility in order to ensure absolute security for the patient, as well as to eliminate the temptations that may exist outside the facility. Detoxification can be a difficult and dangerous prospect, and patients who have to go through this process are often referred for inpatient service.

CARE Anoka is certified in the use of methadone and suboxone, which are highly effective medicinal aids to detoxification and are considered safe when administered according to the instructions of a qualified medical professional. This is another reason that CARE in Anoka conducts its inpatient services within a locked facility; the risk of medicinal abuse or misuse is mitigated by the controlled administration of treatment by CARE staff.

In addition to its Anoka facility, CARE also operates centers in Brainerd, Pine River, Four Winds, Fergus Falls, and Liberalis Carlton. These additional locations provide day and evening outpatient services, an intensive day-treatment model, and the same high standard of care typified by the Anoka facility. These locations are typically recommended for specific types of patients; for example, the Four Winds facility is a Native American specialty clinic staffed by culturally-sensitive professionals who are keen to treat the unique needs of this demographic. Additionally, the center in Liberalis Carlton is designed to provide gender-specific treatment to women, and the Fergus Falls location specializes in men’s needs. However, it is the Anoka facility that specializes in integrated treatment.


Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise specializes in delivering integrated treatment for co-occurring conditions. Co-occurring conditions are considered to exist when a patient is suffering from both mental illness and a separate chemical dependency. While these two issues may be clinically separate, they are often intimately related in reality, and this concept is sometimes also referred to as a dual diagnosis. Individuals experiencing under these conditions may be especially disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives; symptoms of substance abuse can mask symptoms of mental illness, and vice versa. As a result, some patients do not even know that they may be experiencing a co-occurring condition.

Fortunately, CARE Anoka staff is trained to conduct intake assessments to identify precisely this kind of issue. Their wealth of expertise in treating this specialized issue means that they can identify behavioral and medical patterns that point to its existence, such as when an individual’s mental health symptoms actually get worse even while being treated, or when substance addiction problems appear to be resistant to treatment. Experts at CARE Anoka can successfully determine when this problem is present, and the facility has developed a tried-and-tested integrated treatment approach designed to effectively treat both conditions at the same time.

Integrated treatment assigns the responsibility to address the co-occurring conditions to one provider, which relieves the patient from the arduous task of seeking treatment from two providers. Additionally, this evidence-based practice involves the patient every step of the way. CARE Anoka patients are able to determine the goals that they want to achieve, the path that they want to follow to achieve them, and at what pace treatment should proceed. Because one provider is able to follow a single treatment plan to help the client realize his or her self-identified goals, the provider can incorporate both of the co-occurring conditions in one treatment plan. This results in greater consistency for the patient and eliminates the need for cross-facility communication.

Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise also specializes in treatment for gambling addiction. While this may seem less serious than substance abuse addiction at first blush, it is a very real problem for those suffering under its shadow. Also called pathological gambling addiction or problem gambling, this condition is characterized by the urge to continue gambling despite the threat or presence of substantive negative consequences. The American Psychiatric Association has classified problem gambling as an addictive disorder, legitimizing the issues experienced by many Minnesotans. CARE Anoka is highly experienced in the treatment of the disease, and patients will discover a treatment program and series of counseling sessions designed to help them overcome the gambling compulsion and achieve financial solvency once again.

Additional forms of specialized treatment come in the form of culturally-based residential services for patients of particular demographics, relapse prevention services, adult aftercare services, and adult family services. CARE Anoka has developed its therapeutic repertoire to successfully address such a wide range of issues that it is clearly a forerunner of the mental health field not only in Anoka specifically, but also in Minnesota as a whole. This is largely due to its outstanding staff members, who are dedicated to providing top-quality service each and every day.


Staff at Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise in Anoka is at the forefront of the addiction recovery field. All staff members are experts at employing industry-standard best practices at Anoka and also throughout the statewide system of care operated by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Counseling staff members have been highly trained in motivational interviewing, which allows them to elicit the most important information from their clients and patients.

Staff members are trained to use person-centered treatment planning in CARE Anoka’s outpatient and inpatient treatment programs alike. Employees are culturally-sensitive and can be relied upon to administer the facility’s specialty programs with the utmost compassion and discretion. And since all staff members at CARE centers are also able to provide family programming, relapse prevention, and continued care services, anyone with a mental health condition, substance abuse condition, or both will find the solace they seek at CARE Anoka.


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    Meals & Nutrition 3.5

    It was during an intervention that it was suggested that I call Community Addiction Recovery Enterprise or CARE. I made the call that day. I wanted to know if they could help me and my family deal with my addition. I didn’t want to ask for help but the CARE center made it easy for me. They explained that they have an integrated treatment program, which means that they treat the addiction and my other mental health issues at the same time. They believe in treating all problems at once rather than just the addiction. I thought that this was a good idea considering my issues.
    One thing that I particularly like is that they provide transportation. I have a hard time getting to and from things because I don’t have a car. They can help with transportation to and from appointments as well as other things like court visits and medical appointments.

  2. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    Instead of going two different places to treat the addiction and the depression, I just went to CARE. They taught me how to handle the depression without using alcohol. They even helped me deal with my family. I have since started to repair my relationships and I am now on a stable medication that helps the depression. This is all because of the CARE program. I am very glad that I went there

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