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Brentwood Clinic South is the leading provider of opioid addiction treatment services in the vicinity of Fort Worth, Texas. The facility is operated by MedMark Treatment Centers. The clinic provides outpatient services for patients suffering from substance abuse disorders. Medication, laboratory testing, and both individual and group counseling sessions are all used in order to correctly diagnose and subsequently treat the problems experienced by each prospective patient. The organization strives to provide flexible services in order to accommodate the needs of its patients, who may need to maintain employment or educational commitments while seeking outpatient therapy. Brentwood Clinic South is especially equipped to help patients overcome addiction to prescription pain medication, heroin, and other forms of opioid drugs.

The organization defines addiction as “a maladaptive pattern of pathological use marked by a physiological psychological inability to quit or control use.” In order to meet the criteria for addiction, patients must also have experienced negative effects in their employment or social, emotional, behavioral, or interpersonal relationships. Opioid addiction is a particularly destructive form of addiction, because severe dependency on the drug tends to develop quickly. Opioids affect the “pleasure center” of the brain by releasing the chemical called dopamine, which alters the brain’s chemical makeup. As a result of this physiological change, patients come to crave more and more opioids. This results in a dangerous habit which is difficult to break without professional help or intervention.

Fortunately, Brentwood Clinic South and MedMark Treatment Centers are uniquely positioned to provide just such assistance. Through the accumulation of many years’ worth of experience, the staff at this facility has developed a marked expertise in the treatment of opioid addictions. With medication-assisted treatment and substance abuse counseling, Brentwood staff will be able to make a difference in your life. If you are suffering from substance abuse addiction and are ready to begin making healthy lifestyle choices again, the outpatient treatment provided by Brentwood Clinic South might very well represent the first step on your own personal road to recovery. During the admissions process, you will be able to see what the organization is all about.


Seeking help can often be the most intimidating aspect of achieving successful substance abuse addiction rehabilitation. Fortunately, the admissions process at Brentwood Clinic South is straightforward, accessible, and sensitive. All individuals applying for treatment will be assessed by medical and clinical staff in order to determine their specific needs. For example, some patients may require the development of a medication-assisted treatment plan involving methadone, while other patients may receive the bulk of their treatment in the form of individual or group counseling sessions. Each patient is assigned a treatment plan according to his or her needs, as no two patients are exactly alike.

During the admissions process, patients are also educated in aspects of the program’s policies, as well as HIV/AIDS information, other medical issues, and addiction and recovery information. This helps prospective patients to learn if Brentwood’s services are the right match for them. The facility is confident that it can help break the cycle of addiction, but each patient has to be willing to participate in the rehabilitative process. These admissions screenings can be conducted on a walk-in or appointment basis, depending on the client’s preference. Brentwood’s goal is to make the process of seeking treatment as painless as possible so that patients can focus on the challenges ahead of them during their recovery.

If patients are at least 18 years old and have been addicted to opioids for a period of at least one year, they are generally eligible for treatment at Brentwood Clinic South. The organization accepts insurance, as well as Texas Medicaid. For those patients who have neither, the facility also offers low cost or free treatment services to qualifying patients. The clinic strives to eliminate obstacles standing between a patient and the treatment he or she needs; patients unable to pay for treatment should speak with an admissions counselor to make alternative arrangements.

Once enrolled in treatment, patients will discover that the amenities at the facility are of the same high quality as those conveniences offered during the admissions process. For example, the clinic is conveniently located just minutes from the heart of Fort Worth, making it easily accessible for residents of the region. And as the facility specializes in outpatient services, its clients will be coming and going regularly. The clinic has provided for this by supplying patients with plenty of parking spaces, and the building itself is located conveniently amongst other storefronts. The clinic is marked discreetly as “MedMark” only, so that patients will be able to preserve their privacy and confidentiality while getting the help they need.


As Brentwood Clinic South specializes in opioid addiction treatment, the staff has developed effective treatment plans incorporating the latest in evidence-based practice. One such plan involves medication-assisted treatment. Using controlled doses of medications such as methadone and buprenorphine in conjunction with therapy, patients are able to undergo the difficult process of detoxification in a safe environment. Since the organization is certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, patients can rest assured that this sensitive treatment process is being administered by professionals who know what they are doing.

Counseling is also a substantial part of any treatment program at Brentwood. During this process, patients are led to understand how and why they developed their initial substance addiction. They are able to work through the personal problems that both caused substance use and are the result of substance use, in order to heal the emotional wounds associated with addiction. During counseling sessions, patients will learn how to modify their thoughts and behaviors as they relate toward the opiate to which they are addicted.

While receiving therapy entails many physical, mental, and emotional issues, patients will work loosely with a professional counselor who is sensitive to their needs and able to guide them through this challenging process. Eventually, most patients at Brentwood will be able to develop healthy habits and a productive lifestyle to replace their previous substance abuse addictions. And for those patients who are nearing the end of the therapeutic process, extensive tuition in relapse prevention is provided in order to make sure that they are able to live drug-free lives long after discharge.

Therapy programs at Brentwood also involve a number of supportive care services, such as physical evaluations, case management, coordinated pregnancy treatment plans, additional relapse prevention guidance, and discharge planning. For those individuals with needs exceeding the capacity of Brentwood to fulfill, the staff is happy to provide information about other resources in the community. In this manner, the organization seeks to behave as a responsible steward of the patients in its care, in order to ensure that they receive the best chance at recovery.


Brentwood Clinic South specializes primarily in the treatment of opioid addiction. The organization has found that the best approach to this type of problem is a combination of therapy and medication-assisted treatment, using medicine such as methadone and buprenorphine. Because these are powerful drugs, they can only be prescribed by a physician and administered only in prescribed dosages. As such, the administration of this type of treatment is overseen by qualified professionals at the Brentwood clinic. When used in conjunction with therapy, medication-assisted treatment can provide a number of benefits to patients suffering from substance abuse addiction.

For example, methadone initially helps patients to stabilize when they begin a treatment program, “freezing” their addiction in place and preventing it from worsening during the first stage of therapy. The medicine can also reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, lessen the symptoms of cravings, and help to prevent the possibility of a relapse in drug use. Because methadone does not produce a “high” like addictive opiates, patients are able to find relief from the difficulties of breaking the addiction cycle without substituting one addiction for another.

Buprenorphine is another medicine used during treatment at Brentwood. Also known by its brand name Suboxone, this treatment option also helps patients to manage withdrawal symptoms while they undergo a comprehensive regimen of therapy with a Brentwood counselor. Treatment with buprenorphine consists of three parts. The first, or induction, phase is comprised of the initial administration of the medicine after a patient has ceased drug use for at least 12 hours. The second, or stabilization, phase helps to reduce cravings and side effects. The final, or maintenance, phase involves regular administration of the medicine as patients resume their normal lives. Patients may remain in the maintenance phase indefinitely or may seek additional assistance in order to wean themselves from this medication.

Professionals at Brentwood will be able to determine whether methadone or buprenorphine treatment is appropriate for any given patient. As each client’s treatment plan is developed exclusively, each may involve a different approach to the resolution of addiction symptoms. What is guaranteed is that each treatment plan will be devised by staff fully capable of seeing it through to completion.


Brentwood Clinic South in Fort Worth is overseen by Treatment Center Director Christina Juarez. Under her competent administration, the experienced staff at the facility is fully prepared to provide the treatment necessary to begin the rehabilitative process. As the facility has developed a specialty in treating opiate addictions, the staff members at Brentwood are experts in the development of recovery plans involving medication-assisted treatments and substance abuse counseling. These rehabilitative efforts are delivered confidentially, safely, and effectively by a team of dedicated professionals.

MedMark employs a wide variety of clinical and medical specialists at its Brentwood facility, including lead nurses, dispensing nurses, patient care monitors, counselors, counselor interns, clinical supervisors, receptionists, medical assistants, medical directors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, program physicians, billing specialists, and fiscal clerks. This team brings together a wealth of experience in the mental health and substance abuse addiction field in order to provide the best treatment available in the Fort Worth, Texas area. By hiring individuals to cover all aspects of a client’s experience during treatment, Brentwood Clinic South has ensured that its patients will encounter nothing but the most professional and effective professionals in the region, whether they seeking admission, receiving treatment, or about to be discharged.


  1. Anonymous

    Treatment Effectiveness 4
    Accommodations & Amenities 3.5
    Meals & Nutrition 4

    I was addicted to prescription painkillers, I knew it, my family knew it, and my boss knew it. I needed help so I called the Brentwood Clinic. I was afraid that if I stopped using painkillers entirely my back would start to hurt again and I wouldn’t be able to work. The folks at Brentwood suggested an alternative. They said that I could go on a medication called Subutex and it would both treat my back pain and help me through the withdrawal. The person I spoke with was very nice and explained how the medication worked and how I could still go to work without being foggy. I made an appointment right away.

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