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Aliviane is a nonprofit behavioral health organization located in El Paso, Texas. Its mission is to “provide a comprehensive and integrated continuum of high quality trauma-informed behavioral health, interventions, treatment, and education services” to patients across several counties in western Texas. The facility strives to realize a society where addiction is eliminated, children are safe from the pressures of drug abuse, and negative stigmas associated with mental health are removed entirely. The organization opened its doors in 1970 and since that time has provided a wide range of prevention, intervention, and treatment services to a large number of Texas residents.

Aliviane is now proud to be the primary provider of this type of service in the entirety of western Texas. By developing a broad network of community partners, the organization has been able to offer a continuum of care that extends to current patients, previous patients, and even individuals who have never received treatment at Aliviane. By providing training and professional development to mental health professionals in the area, the organization also ensures that the community is well-supplied with dedicated and knowledgeable health workers, interns, and volunteers who are ready to serve patients’ needs.

Rehabilitative services offered at Aliviane are broken into three components. The first is prevention, during which family and youths will be able to enroll in educational programs designed to help them understand the nature and risks of addiction. These patients will be better armed than ever before to reject substance use and lead healthy lives. The second type of service is intervention. This is implemented when youths and adults are already in the thrall of substance abuse and require professional help to break the cycle of addiction. This is accomplished through a variety of programs but culminates in treatment.

Treatment itself is the third service offered at Aliviane. This is where the facility’s more than 40 years of experience really come into play. Residential services are offered for both women and men. An outpatient behavioral health clinic is available to patients who do not require residential treatment. Services are also provided to youths and teenagers who are living with addiction. In this way, Aliviane works to meet the needs of its entire community.


Aliviane offers a wide range of activities and extracurricular events to enrich the lives of its patients. Examples include a “Monster Mash” costume party, a health fair, a “Red Ribbon” carnival, family picnics, walk-a-thons, and rummage sales. By participating in these events, patients are encouraged to develop a sense of community with individuals and organizations in the area. This can also contribute to their rehabilitative progress, as engaging with the community can provide patients with a sense of self-worth and a stronger work ethic.

Additional programs offered by the organization are educational in nature and frequently address topics such as outreach and case management, empowering families, sexual trauma, adolescent development, HIV/AIDS outreach, and children’s mental health. While some of these programs may be attended by patients seeking to broaden their knowledge of the problems they or their family members may be facing, many of the events are intended for mental health professionals looking for further development within their chosen field. In this way, Aliviane acts as a caretaker for both its patients and the entire community by empowering those in treatment, as well as those providing the treatment.

The Aliviane facility itself is centrally located in El Paso, Texas and is easily accessible from the heart of the city. The facility is comprised of several attractively designed red and white buildings which are set back from the street and surrounded by an ornate white fence. Behind the fence, patients can enjoy the shade and greenery offered by several trees and shrubs. The organization truly offers a bright spot both metaphorically and literally, as it provides patients with the hope for change and also lends a splash of color to the streets of downtown El Paso.

Patients seeking to take advantage of these amenities in conjunction with the organization’s reputable treatment services are encouraged to make contact with Aliviane over the phone or in person. Substance abuse addiction is a serious problem, and Aliviane is there to help. While making the initial point of contact can be an intimidating step, patients are rewarded for their efforts by receiving the recovery assistance they need in order to regain control of their lives.


Prevention is the first component of therapy at Aliviane. The organization is committed to preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drug use by raising community awareness of the damage these issues can cause. The facility conducts educational classes for youths and teenagers about the dangers of drug use and how to develop the skills necessary to make smarter drug-free choices. Services are also provided for families with children between the ages of 6 and 11, who are sadly not guaranteed immunity from the impact of alcohol and drug addiction. Specific prevention programs tailored to residents of rural El Paso are developed to address the specific needs of that demographic.

Intervention is the second of Aliviane’s pillars of therapy. It is key to the organization’s mission of diverting both youths and adults from the course of substance abuse addiction. Intervention services are aimed at populations who are especially vulnerable to addiction and include HIV testing for drug users, case management for HIV/AIDS-positive patients, parenting classes for pregnant and post-partum women, and parenting classes for single fathers. Intervention services are also available for homeless patients, and financial assistance is provided in conjunction with case management to veterans and their families. By managing demographics which are especially vulnerable to addiction, Aliviane seeks to reduce the presence of addiction in the community.

Treatment at the facility represents the third form of therapy offered by the facility. Behavioral health services are offered for all types of patients. Residential services are specifically tailored to both men and women, including women with children. Aliviane’s behavioral health clinic specializes in focusing on families and children who have experienced trauma as a result of their own drug addiction or the addiction of others in their lives. Outpatient services are provided for patients whose problems are not sufficiently severe to warrant residential treatment or who have ongoing employment or educational commitments which treatment can avoid interrupting.

By providing this comprehensive continuum of care which treats every stage of the addiction process, Aliviane is able to further its vision of achieving a society where individuals “can freely seek recovery from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.”


One of Aliviane’s specialties is its drug abuse service center. This department is able to provide medication replacement therapy for individuals suffering under opioid addiction. Medication typically comes in the form of methadone, which is a highly effective treatment when administered by a trained physician and in a prescribed dosage amount. The medication is able to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal as patients cease drug use, “freezing” their addiction and preventing it from worsening during the initial stages of therapy.

Methadone is an effective treatment because its use does not produce a “high” like illegal drugs, meaning that patients can seek relief from the physical pain of detoxification without developing a second addiction or just replacing one addiction with another. Methadone is most effective when it is administered in addition to traditional therapeutic models, including group and individual counseling sessions. This allows patients to address both the physical and emotional components of addiction at the same time, providing a fuller picture of the recovery process.

Aliviane has also developed a specialty in screening children from birth to eight years old, in addition to providing classes for the parents of these children and community awareness projects for the whole family. These services are administered in partnership with El Paso Project Launch, a program designed to help children reach physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development milestones. Unfortunately, even young children can be exposed to the grim realities of substance abuse addiction in the home environment. By providing parenting classes, home visitation, and early childhood mental health consultation, Project Launch and Aliviane have taken steps to intervene in the lives of these vulnerable children.

It is important to note that while Aliviane has developed these specialties, its prevention, intervention, and treatment options are available to all demographics. The organization strives to be a responsible steward of the El Paso community, and that includes making sure that the needs of all prospective patients will be met with the organization’s comprehensive services.


Aliviane’s El Paso facility employs a wide variety of mental health professionals in order to provide service of the highest quality to the patients in its care. The organization’s treatment programs employ licensed professional counselors, licensed professional counselor interns, licensed chemical dependency counselors, and licensed chemical dependency counselor interns. The combined experience of these dedicated and continually-developing professionals ensures that patients can take advantage of many collective years’ worth of knowledge and expertise. The treatment programs at Aliviane are proud to represent the leading option in Texas mental health.

Prevention is just as important as treatment, and Aliviane’s prevention programs also employ certified prevention specialists, advanced certified prevention specialists, and associate prevention specialists. The organization recognizes the need to intervene within the community in order to help prospective patients to get their addictions under control. Once enrolled in treatment, these patients will also be able to receive assistance from the facility’s recovery support services. This department employs peer mentors, peer recovery coaches, and peer recovery coach specialists. In this manner, the prevention and recovery aspects of rehabilitation are given just as much focus as the treatment process.

Aliviane also employs a number of administrative staff members who may not provide direct therapy to patients but are nonetheless important parts of the facility’s operation and the patients’ overall experience while in treatment. This includes, but is not limited to, residential technicians, front desk support staff, cooks, and outreach workers. The organization also solicits the help of volunteers in order to help patients with their daily needs and to enrich their lives while not receiving treatment. As a result, it can be truly said that Aliviane seeks to provide a comprehensive package of care for patients suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders.


  1. John T

    Treatment Effectiveness 4.5
    Accommodations & Amenities 4
    Meals & Nutrition 3

    They said they have a program that could help me through withdrawal. The people that I spoke to seemed to understand what I was going through and how I could get my life back on track and maybe even start talking to my family again

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