Clonazepam Addiction

Clonazepam is part of a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. These medications are prescribed to patients who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety and seizure disorders. Taken as prescribed, Clonazepam is relatively safe, but when the drug is abused addiction and a subsequent need for treatment may occur.

Understanding Clonazepam

Clonazepam is more commonly known by the brand name Klonopin. This drug is relatively safe but may be habit-forming if taken for a prolonged period or if abused. Commonly prescribed to treat seizure disorder and sometimes prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, Clonazepam can help to control certain symptoms but will not cure or heal such symptoms.

Unfortunately, this medication is widely abused by individuals who have not been prescribed the drug as well as by those who have legitimate reasons to take the drug but fall victim to the euphoria that is felt with excessive use. Any use of this medication outside of the prescribed methods of a doctor can be considered abusive and may lead to addiction.

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Signs of Clonazepam Abuse

Clonazepam Addiction

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking Klonopin is a sign of addiction.

Taking Clonazepam for medical purposes when it is prescribed to you is not abusive. However, taking 1 more pill than prescribed, taking a pill 1 hour earlier than prescribed, or taking the medication when it is not prescribed is considered abuse. Any such use can be habit forming and may lead to an addiction that later requires professional treatment in a residential rehab center.

Pay close attention to these signs of Klonopin abuse:

  • Taking the medication when it hasn’t been prescribed to you.
  • Taking the medication more often than prescribed.
  • Taking the medication in larger doses than prescribed.
  • Taking the medication just to feel the euphoria.
  • Taking the medication at times other than prescribed.
  • Taking the medication in conjunction with other habit-forming drugs.
  • Taking the medication even though you have suffered from consequences as a result of medication use.

Signs of Clonazepam Addiction

Early signs of addiction often look much like the signs of abuse. Telltale signs may include missing medication, doctor shopping to find new physicians to prescribe medication and otherwise telling lies about medication use. You are likely suffering from Clonazepam addiction if:

  • You take the drug even after you have been ill or otherwise suffered consequences as a result of the drug use.
  • You have been legally, financially or emotionally in trouble as a result of drug use.
  • You have stolen from friends, family or others in order to obtain drugs or money for drugs.
  • You have developed a tolerance to the drug in which you now require greater amounts in order to feel the same effects.
  • You feel sick or otherwise unhappy or uncomfortable without the drug.
  • You can’t imagine life without the drug.
  • You suffer from symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking Klonopin.
  • You experience seizures, hallucinations or other side effects when you don’t take the drug.
  • You hide your drug use from others.
  • You would rather use Klonopin than take part in other activities.
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If you suspect that you may be addicted, seek medical attention and professional treatment right away. Your continued use of Klonopin represents a need for professional help. Fortunately, many treatment options are available to assist you in recovery. Call us today at 800-654-0987 to learn about these options.

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