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Addiction Treatment

How Long Should My Demerol Addiction Treatment Last?

Last updated: 04/30/2019
Author: Medical Review

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Addiction treatment should last as long as the individual patient needs it to, and every patient is different. However, there are ways to somewhat predict how long your Demerol addiction treatment is likely to be.

General Treatment Lengths for Demerol Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, for both inpatient and outpatient stays and generally for any type of drug, “participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness, and treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.”

Opioid abusers normally fall into this category, unless a person is specifically seeking methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), which usually lasts for a year at the very least.

While this is the normal amount of time Demerol and other types of opioid addiction rehab programs should last, every individual is different. Therefore, shorter and longer rehab programs do exist.

Demerol Addiction Treatment

Longer treatment programs promote lasting recovery.

Some people are able to receive most of the benefits they require from a 30-day stint in treatment, but usually, this is meant to be followed up with another 60 days of aftercare. However, you should also consider whether or not a longer program might be necessary for your specific needs.

What Might Cause My Treatment Time to Be Extended?

Demerol rehab, like professional care for other types of opioid addiction, often follows the pattern of detox, addiction treatment, aftercare. This usually takes about 90 days for most patients, especially for individuals to be able to benefit fully from their treatment, but some patients require a longer program.

  • Those who are severely dependent on or addicted to a drug like Demerol may need a longer rehab program than those whose syndromes are less intense. An individual may need more time in detox or maintenance in this case, or they may need to be in treatment in general longer in order to avoid the temptation to relapse until they are stronger.
  • People suffering from comorbid mental disorders often need longer treatment stays. For example, a person suffering from Demerol addiction is also likely to experience depression, as the drug can cause depressive symptoms during withdrawal. The individual with both these disorders will need to be treated for both at the same time, in order to ensure that one does not hold back the progress made on the other. Therefore, longer rehab stays are often beneficial in this case.
  • Those who have been abusing Demerol or another type of drug for a long time and have tried seeking treatment in the past (and haven’t liked the results) may need a longer program for their recovery. This can be a sign that an individual hasn’t received enough help to truly create a strong recovery.
  • Those who have trouble admitting to their addiction or have problematic beliefs or attitudes toward their substance abuse can often benefit from a longer program. According to the NIDA, therapeutic communities (a type of rehab program that usually lasts 6 to 12 months) can help change these attitudes through resocialization, but the process can take a while.
  • MMT, a program that has been used for decades to treat opioid abuse, often requires a longer treatment program, usually at least 12 months (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). If you are suffering from a severe dependence on Demerol, this option could be especially beneficial to you.

How Long Will My Demerol Rehab Program Take?

If you have any issues similar to the ones listed above, it may be necessary for you to stay in treatment longer than the suggested 90 days. However, the standard option could also be beneficial to you, especially if you do not have multiple complications or a severe addiction to Demerol. Of course, as stated by the NIDA, “Most patients need long-term or repeated care to stop using completely and recover their lives.”

In general, the best way to be certain of what length of rehab program you will require is to talk to a doctor about your addiction or to seek help from another medical professional.