Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Medical Reviewer - Dr. Mark R. Laflamme, MD

Dr. Mark R Laflamme is a medical doctor who specializes in internal medicine. He has been involved in the study and practice of medicine for over 25 years, first beginning his career as a certified phlebotomist, and eventually performing countless venipunctures.

After completing his Master’s in Medical/Dental Sciences at Boston University SOM, he worked under the Director of Home Draw Services at Quest (formerly MetPath). He left the country to Grenada, West Indies to attend and graduate as an international medical graduate (IMG) from St. George’s University SOM. He immediately went into his residency in Internal Medicine at SUNY Stony Brook.

From residency, Dr.Laflamme was accepted & completed his fellowship in Medical Informatics at the Regenstrief Institute while receiving his Master’s in Clinical Research. He has had multiple publications and presented at the Society of General Internal Medicine, the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine.

In 2006, Dr. Laflamme was hired by NextGen HealthCare as a part of their new Physician Resource team to be directly involved in the electronic transformation of practices all over the USA.

Dr. Laflamme has served as medical director & physician champion for the growth of personal injury (PIP) clinics. He has been involved with the development of non-surgical knee programs for strengthening and rehabilitation.

In 2009, Dr.Laflamme was certified in Buprenorphine treatment and he became more clinically diverse with addiction medicine, aesthetic medicine, light-based devices (LASER, IPL) and injection therapies (joint injections, trigger point, IV therapies).

Dr. Laflamme has also been involved in peer review and disability exams for the State of Florida and our Veteran population. He also has participated in the development and editing of medically relevant articles and documents for healthcare related websites. His goal is to become a physician leader in the world in clinical informatics. He presently resides in Tampa, FL.