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Does Anyone Really Know How to Treat Opiate Addiction?

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Medically reviewed: 01/30/2019
Last updated: 05/13/2019
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Opiate addiction is commonly described as a chronic condition, which has led to the myth that seeking opiate addiction treatment is pointless. This begs the question of whether or not anyone really knows how to treat opiate addiction. In truth, there are a number of people and treatment options that have proven to be effective.

Who Effectively Treats Opiate Addictions?

The first thing you may be wondering is who can effectively treat an opiate addiction. Addiction professionals are the only people with the specialized training to effectively treat someone addicted to opiates.

There are many of these specially qualified people spread throughout the country. Knowing who to seek out for treating your opiate addiction gets you one step closer to the treatment you need.

What Treatments Have Proven Effective?

Now that you know who can effectively treat an opiate addiction, you need to know what treatment methods are the most effective. There are three such treatment options.

Medication Maintenance

Treat Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is treatable; get help today!

According to Harvard Medical School, medication maintenance has been used to treat opiate dependence since the 1920s. In this method, patients are given a medication that replaces the opiates in their system, without the pleasurable effects, for the purpose of reducing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms. These medications include:

All of these medications are effective in the treatment of opiate addiction, especially as part of a more complete addiction treatment protocol.

Behavioral Treatment and Counseling

Behavioral treatments and counseling have also been shown to be very effective in helping people suffering from opiate addictions. These treatments can include:

All of these treatments are proven successful, but they, like medication maintenance, are more effective as part of a complete treatment program.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment is quite possibly the most effective treatment and involves combining medications with counseling and behavioral therapies in order to treat every aspect of an addiction simultaneously. For help finding opiate addiction treatments call 800-654-0987.

Where can You Find These Treatments?

The most effective treatments for opiate addiction are offered at addiction treatment centers. There are three main kinds of these centers available for treating you.

Inpatient Centers

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, inpatient treatment centers require patients to reside there for the duration of their treatment, but offer access to around the clock care and intensive treatments.

Outpatient Centers

These centers treat patients by allowing them to continue their lives except for regularly scheduled appointments that are related to their addiction treatment or counseling.

Combined Treatment Centers

Combined treatment centers begin patients in an inpatient program for detox and the initial recovery phase, then transition them to outpatient services to continue their treatment. Only qualified treatment centers can help you determine which of these centers best fits your needs.

How do You Choose the Right Treatment Center?

Now that you know your opiate addiction treatment can be treated effectively, you need to choose a treatment center that meets your needs. We have expert staff standing by at 800-654-0987 that will assist you in selecting the opiate treatment center that is right for you.