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Addiction Treatment

Where Can I Find Free Help and Rehab for Opiate Addiction?

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Medically reviewed: 05/20/2019
Last updated: 05/13/2019
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As of the year 2000, opiate addiction rates have skyrocketed as the demand for heroin and prescription pain medications continues to rise. In 2010, as many as 12 to 21 million people worldwide abused opiates. Within the United States, heroin addiction rates reached 359,000 with over 1.9 million people addicted to prescription drugs.

Likewise, the need for opiate addiction treatment has never been more pressing. Considering how opiate addiction all but destroys a person’s life, the need for free help for opiate addiction is all the direr.

Since addiction rehab programs can vary in the types of opiate addiction treatment offered, finding free help for opiate addiction starts with narrowing down the type of program that best meets a person’s treatment needs. As free “offers” tend to run out fast, finding free help for opiate addiction will likely take a little grunt work, but knowing where to look is half the battle.

Treatment Options

Support groups like Narcotics Anonymous are one free recovery option.

Finding free help for opiate addiction will do little to no good unless a person finds the right type of treatment. Before embarking on your search, it helps to know the types of treatment options various programs offer. Available treatment options may include:

People who have a long history of opiate abuse may also want to consider methadone treatment programs. These programs administer methadone as a treatment to help curb the drug cravings and withdrawal effects that often plague recovering addicts. Programs offering free help for opiate addiction may include methadone as part of their overall treatment approach as methadone can be administered within most any treatment setting.

Places to Look for Free Treatment

Within most any locale, addiction treatment agencies operate as a close-knit group. This means it can be fairly easy to find information on free help for opiate addiction from the various organizations in your city. Private nonprofit agencies are more likely to offer free treatment since these organizations likely receive government funding from various sources.

With addiction rates on the rise, local doctors have also become a valuable resource for finding drug treatment help. The same goes for local emergency clinics and hospitals. Online research can also offer up lists of programs that offer free help for opiate addiction.

As methadone treatment facilities fall under government regulation, these programs exist in most every state in the U.S. An online search can help in locating which ones offer free treatment help.

Narcotics Anonymous

As a source of free help for opiate addiction, Narcotics Anonymous groups should be a necessary, if not mandatory part of every opiate addict’s recovery process. While Narcotics Anonymous does function mainly as a support group, group members have a wealth of experience to offer in terms of how to manage drug addiction problems on a day-to-day basis. Group members will likely also have first-hand knowledge on which local treatment centers offer free help.