21 Signs You Need Oxy Addiction Treatment

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Calendar icon Last Updated: 06/25/2021

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, addiction and overdose on prescription painkillers is now considered an epidemic in the United States. Although the addiction starts innocently, enough it is easy for use to become abuse. Those that take oxy often find themselves in situations where they need the drug in order to function even though the reason for taking the drug has passed. There are many reasons why you should seek out treatment for an oxy addiction.

Physical Reasons

There are many side effects of using oxy that you might not realize. Oxy carries serious long and short term side effects. A few of the side effects you are experiencing that are also signs you need treatment are:

Oxy Addiction Treatment

You may need oxy addiction treatment if you need to take more and more to get high.

  1. You need to take more oxy in order to get high. Many oxy users develop a tolerance to the drug. This means that soon your normal dosage is not enough to produce the same effect on the drug.
  2. You no longer have to worry about brain damage from the oxy. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, long term opiate use can cause permanent damage to the brain.
  3. The oxy use if affecting your health, you get infections easily or you do not feel well most times. Using oxy weakens your immune system. Long term use causes a myriad of infections and diseases, not to mention the physical problems that come with high risk behaviors such as unprotected sex.
  4. You go into withdrawal when you try to stop using oxy. Withdrawal is one of the most prevalent signs of addiction or dependence. If you are using oxy as prescribed and you still have issues with withdrawal talk to your doctor about tapering off the drug.
  5. There are more negative physical symptoms of your oxy use than positive ones. If you feel worse when you are on the oxy than you did previously, it is definitely time to seek treatment for your addiction.

Physical addiction can cause long term physical damage to both your body and your brain. Most people who quit using oxy do not suffer from some of the more serious long term consequences. Stopping oxy now can save you from this long term damage.

Psychological Reasons

If the physical symptoms are not enough, there are some psychological signs. Psychological addiction is just as powerful if not more powerful than the physical signs of oxy addiction. Some of the psychological signs of addiction are:

  1. You become anxious when you think that you will not get your next dose of oxy.
  2. You become suicidal while on or off the drug.
  3. You think about being caught constantly and that produces anxiety.

There are many more psychological signs that you need help with your addiction. Some of these signs include aggressive behavior and inability to stop using oxy.

Legal Reasons

Unfortunately, there are also legal signs that you need addiction treatment for your oxy addiction. These legal signs include:

  1. The courts ordered you to get treatment for your addiction.
  2. You have been arrested for use or possession.
  3. You have driven on oxy and been close to getting into an accident because of it.
  4. You received heavy fines or tickets because you drove on oxy.
  5. Police have questioned you regarding the medication you are on.

Although you might never get caught in possession of illegal oxy, the possibility is always there. A jail record can stop you from a lot of activities and exclude you for a lot of professions that require a clean background. The record of a drug conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.

Financial Reasons

Everyone knows that drug addiction is expensive. Purchasing any drug illegally gets very expensive very quickly. Some signs that it is hurting you financially are:

  1. You use money that should go to pay bills to buy drugs instead.
  2. You have lost your job or employment because you were on oxy.
  3. You have missed too many days of work while on oxy.
  4. You have lost your home because of your oxy addiction.

The financial loss might not be apparent at first but purchasing oxy illegal can cost thousands of dollars a week. Most people who develop a serious habit wind up spending most of the money they have on the drug.

Social Reasons

The social reasons that you should seek treatment for your oxy addiction are varied. These are problems that arise from your oxy use with your friends, family, or other people in your life.

  1. Your friends or relatives have told asked you to get help for your addiction.
  2. People notice your drug use and avoid you because of it.
  3. You cannot deal with social situations without using oxy.
  4. You miss important events like birthdays, weddings, or funerals because you are high on oxy.
  5. Your family and friends no longer want to be around you when you are using the drugs.

There are many more reasons why you should seek oxy treatment. Fortunately, there is help available for those who need it. There are many treatment solutions for your oxy addiction. Most people who are addicted to oxy realize how much it damages their health, their finances, and their life. Oxy treatment is available to those who need it.