Top Reasons People Wind Up Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction is a disease that many people struggle with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol is very common. By understanding the reasons for addiction, you can help to avoid it or seek treatment if you see the signs of addiction in yourself.

Social Isolation

Social isolation is one of the most common causes of drug addiction today. With the internet, television, and other isolating factors, people as a whole have started to isolate themselves even as they are telling themselves they are not alone. It is easy to turn to drugs and alcohol, if you are alone. No one notices the addiction and there is no one to stop you from using a substance to make up for the loneliness. The drug slowly takes over until you are only going out to get it and only seeing the people that use it.

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Today’s fast-paced world is extremely stressful. Stress is probably the number one cause of drug and alcohol use. Many people use drugs and alcohol to relieve stress or to escape it. When the stress becomes too much, it is easy for you to turn to the drug or alcohol to stop feeling anxious and afraid. When you start to use drugs and alcohol to relieve stress you start on the path to addiction. You start using more and more to stop the stressed feeling. Before you know it you cannot live without it.

Dissatisfaction with Life

Addicted to Drugs

Being dissatisfied or bored with life can lead to substance abuse and addiction.

Dissatisfaction with life is prominent today. You see what others have and think that you should have it as well. You are not satisfied by the way things are so you try using a drug or alcohol. It makes you feel better. You are suddenly not so dissatisfied with your life. The drugs make you complacent. They make you believe that you are happy, so you wind up taking more of them. Unfortunately, all this results in is becoming addicted to the drugs or alcohol.


Many people try drugs or alcohol because they are bored. It seems like a simplistic reason for addiction but it is very valid. Overall boredom and apathy is responsible for creating addicts. Most people, who are bored, find something to satisfy the boredom. Since drugs and alcohol satisfy the boredom, it is easy to start depending on them. Boredom is also a reason that many teens and college students try drugs.


Self-medication is another reason why people try drugs. When you have a mental or physical illness that causes you pain, it is easy to turn to drugs for relief. Your doctor might have even prescribed highly addictive drugs to help with the condition. Even taking them as prescribed, you still have the chance to become an addict.

Fortunately, knowing these reasons helps you to avoid them and recognize the signs that you might be addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you see them, chances are you need treatment. To find a treatment center near you call us at 800-654-0987. We can help.

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Understanding WHY You Use Drugs Will Help You Figure Out HOW to Quit