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The long-term use of prescription pain pills can easily give way to heroin abuse regardless of the circumstances. For this reason, rates of opiate abuse and addiction continue to grow throughout the country, as well as throughout Green Bay communities. If you’ve fallen prey to the effects of chronic opiate abuse, it may be time to find out what Green Bay, WI methadone clinics have to offer.

Green Bay methadone programs treat both the physical discomforts of opiate addiction as well as the psychological dysfunction that addiction brings. When chronic opiate addiction is involved, treating the physical aspect of addiction is just as important as treating the toxic thinking that addiction breeds. We here at can connect you with Green Bay, WI methadone clinics near you.

For now, it helps to get a general understanding on how methadone rehab treatment can help you overcome addiction once and for all.

Green Bay Addiction Stats

  • In 2013, over 20 percent of Green Bay residents with health insurance received a prescription for pain relievers
  • Between January and June 2013, 46 percent of all prescriptions written were for opiate-based drugs
  • In the Green Bay-Brown County area, 12 out of every 100,000 residents died of opiate overdose between 2006 and 2015


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

After so many weeks or months of opiate abuse a cycle of drug abuse takes on a life all its own. While some people may be more susceptible to the effects of ongoing opiate use, once the brain comes to rely on the drug’s effects, the need for the drug continues to grow more intense over time.

When left untreated, signs of opiate abuse start to take shape in your daily life. These signs may take the form of:

Green Bay, WI methadone clinics help eliminate the brain’s need for opiates using methadone as a treatment drug.

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Getting Help in Green Bay

With ongoing opiate abuse, a full-blown addiction problem will soon develop. As difficult as it may be to make the decision to get rehab help, it’s the “addiction mindset” that makes the need for help so hard to see.

Green Bay, WI methadone clinics not only treat the physical aspect of addiction, but also the destructive thinking that drives compulsive drug use. Using a range of behavioral treatment interventions, Green Bay, WI methadone clinics help you replace addiction-based thinking and behavior with healthy coping behaviors for managing daily life pressures.

Choosing From Many Green Bay Methadone Clinics

Much like other more standard forms of drug treatment, Green Bay, WI methadone clinics vary in the types of treatment they offer. For this reason, it’s important to consider your own treatment needs when choosing a rehab program.

For instance, the AMS of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Addiction Medical Solutions Methadone Clinic offers different levels of care ranging from inpatient to residential to outpatient care. Whereas inpatient programs handle the most severe of conditions, outpatient programs offer more along the lines of counseling and ongoing emotional support. Residential-based Green Bay, WI methadone clinics operate as live-in treatment environments where you can develop the types of habits and behaviors that support a drug-free lifestyle.

Let help you find a program that can provide the tools and supports needed to overcome addiction in your life.

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