Yakima, Washington Methadone Clinics

Painkiller overdoses are causing hundreds of deaths in Yakima, which recently received thousands in federal funding to expand access to opiate abuse treatment including methadone maintenance therapy. Opioid overdose deaths in Yakima have increased steadily in recent years, making this epidemic a major public health crisis for Washington.

Yakima, WA methadone clinics help individuals safely and comfortably overcome opiate abuse using medications that relieve withdrawal symptoms. Our caring drug abuse counselors are on standby 24/7 to help you find local methadone clinics and opiate abuse treatments.

Yakima Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Painkiller abuse is commonly caused by prescription misuse, or from underlying psychological factors such as chronic stress and mental health disorders. Heroin abuse is frequently driven by painkiller addiction, since heroin is often lower in cost and easier to obtain than most prescription opioids.

Physical signs of opiate abuse:

  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Excessive sweating
  • Small pupils
  • Changes in sleep patterns

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Getting Help in Yakima

Yakima, WA methadone clinics are ready to guide you or your loved one safely along the path to lifelong sobriety from opiates. Methadone, buprenorphine, and similar medications prevent you from feeling the effects of other opioids so you can successfully recover from addiction and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Methadone clinics will customize treatments just for you based on your unique, personal history with heroin and/or painkiller use.

Choosing From Many Yakima Methadone Clinics

Finding the best methadone clinic can be tough when you’re also battling addiction — use Addictions.com to explore nearby treatment centers in Yakima.

  • Decide on inpatient vs outpatient

    Inpatient clinics offer safe, stable environments away from drugs and negative influences, while outpatient clinics offer day treatment so you can manage your family or career at night. Choose among Yakima, WA methadone clinics with a recovery program that fits best with your lifestyle.

  • Consider the location

    Methadone is commonly dispensed in an outpatient setting so patients can receive their daily dose and resume normal daily activities. If you or your loved one is seeking outpatient treatment, look for Yakima, WA methadone clinics nearest your home or sober-living community.

  • Benefit from other therapies

    Some clinics offer 12-step support groups, behavioral counseling, and exercise therapy to complement methadone treatment and enhance your recovery. Search for Yakima, WA methadone clinics that combine other effective therapies with methadone maintenance therapy.

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