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Vermont Methadone Clinics

The Green Mountain State of Vermont is a popular tourist attraction, with several ski resorts, extensive hunting and fishing lands as well as the Green Mountain National Forest. As one of the country’s smaller states, Vermont has a population of 624,592, but a rich cultural history nonetheless. While located on the northeast tip of the U. S., Vermont residents are not exempt from the damaging effects of opiate abuse and addiction in their lives.

With so many new and improved prescription pain medications entering the market, opiate addiction rates continue to soar as more and people are exposed to these types of drugs. When left untreated, opiate abuse can quickly spiral out of control, leaving individuals and families at the mercy of addiction’s effects. If you’ve been battling opiate addiction for a while now, Vermont methadone clinics may well offer the level of care you need to get well.

While other types of drug treatment do a good job at helping you work through the addiction problem, chronic opiate addiction leaves behind real physical damage to the brain and body. In this respect, Vermont methadone clinics treat what the other programs don’t.

Vermont methadone programs specialize in treating opiate addiction in all its forms, so whether you’re dealing with a heroin or prescription pain pill addiction Vermont methadone clinics can help. We here at Addictions.com can help you find the level of care you need to break addiction’s hold on your life.

At this point, it’s important to understand just how opiate addiction works so you can better determine what type of treatment will work best for you.

Vermont Addiction Stats

  • In 2015, 25 people died as a result of opiate overdose. This equals out to a rate of 3.9 fatalities per 100,000 people.
  • For every person who dies from an overdose, there are 1,482 people receiving at least one prescription for an opiate drug
  • For every overdose fatality incident, there are 18 emergency calls made involving an overdose event
  • For every overdose fatality, there are 2 infants born addicted to opiates
  • Between 2010 and 2015, Chittenden County alone had 20 opiate overdose fatalities. This includes the cities of Burlington, Williston, South Burlington, Shelburne, Essex, Winooski, Colchester and Milton.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

A drug abuse problem doesn’t happen over night, but develops gradually over time as the drug’s effects wear away at the brain’s structure and chemical system. Opiates in particular blend in easily with the brain’s chemical pathways, and over time create widespread chemical imbalances. Unlike other forms of drug treatment Vermont methadone clinics make a point to treat the imbalances opiate abuse leaves behind.

Signs of drug abuse develop out of these imbalances and also fuel the uncomfortable withdrawal effects that develop along the way. Signs most often experienced include:

Vermont methadone clinics have experience in treating all forms of opiate addiction no matter how severe. While not everyone’s condition may require the line of treatment Vermont methadone clinics offer, those who do will have a hard time making progress in recovery with programs that use standard drug treatment approaches.

Vermont Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Vermont

An opiate addiction problem evolves over time, weakening the brain’s functional capacity and structural integrity. With each “high” experience, the brain’s loses its ability to function normally. This means your thinking, emotions and overall physical health will show ongoing signs of decline with continued drug use.

Vermont methadone clinics can help you put a stop to the opiate abuse cycle and take steps towards healing and wholeness. Methadone’s treatment benefits account for a big part of the progress you’ll make.

Methadone, a synthetic opiate drug, is a federally approved treatment for opiate addiction. Vermont methadone programs use it as a type of medication therapy that helps support the brain’s healing processes and restores a normal brain chemical balance.

In effect, methadone acts as a substitute for addictive opiates without posing a high risk for dependence or addiction. In this respect, methadone tricks the brain by mimicking the effects of addictive opiates without producing a “high” effect.

Vermont methadone clinics can use methadone to help relieve uncomfortable withdrawal aftereffects and eliminate persistent drug cravings. Since methadone only needs to be administered once daily, Vermont methadone clinics can also use methadone’s therapeutic benefits to help you break drug-using habits and behaviors.

In addition to medication therapy treatment, methadone rehab provides a range of behavior-based treatment interventions, which directly address the addiction problem. Using group therapy, support group work and individual psychotherapy, Vermont methadone clinics help you undo the harmful effects of addiction-based thinking and develop healthy habits and coping strategies for living a drug-free life.

Choosing From Many Vermont Methadone Clinics

Vermont methadone clinics provide a range of treatment options based on program type and treatment settings. The different program types are designed to address the challenges you’ll encounter within the different stages of the recovery process. For example, detox centers mark the first step in the treatment process because stopping drug use is a necessary first step in addiction recovery. Detox-based Vermont methadone clinics provide many of the same services as other types of detox programs, with methadone playing a central role in helping you stop drug use.

Methadone’s treatment effects allow it to be used not only during the detox stage, but also as a long-term maintenance treatment. This means Vermont methadone clinics can also take the form of inpatient programs and residential programs.

If you developed serious medical or psychological problems during the course of abusing opiates, these conditions must be treated or else they will only work to aggravate the addiction problem. In this instance, an inpatient program is best equipped to support your treatment needs.

Residential-based rehab centers are there to help you develop the type of lifestyle that can support drug-free living. The support and guidance provided by residential programs help you gain a solid foothold in the recovery process. You may want to seriously consider residential treatment after completing a detox or inpatient program, especially if your home environment is unstable or chaotic.

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Vermont methadone clinics use a treatment approach that’s geared towards addressing the physical and mental challenges that result from chronic opiate abuse. If you’ve struggled with abuse and addiction for months or years at a time, the treatment available through Vermont methadone clinics offers you a very real chance at taking back your life from addiction’s effects.

If you need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to call Addictions.com’s 24-hour helpline at 800-654-0987 to speak with one of our addiction counselors about finding Vermont methadone clinics in your area.