Dallas, Texas Methadone Clinics

Today’s increasing rates of opiate abuse have spawned an epidemic of unsuspecting users who fall prey to the trap of addiction. Considering Dallas’ proximity to the Mexican border, its residents remain exposed to the lure of heroin and the risks that it brings. Dallas, TX methadone clinics offer a way out of the emotional turmoil and confusion of opiate addiction.

Dallas methadone programs have ample experience in treating chronic and long-term opiate addiction, so if you’ve tried other forms of treatment with little results, you may well need the level of support that Dallas, TX methadone clinics have to offer. For more information on treatment programs in your area, please fee free to contact us here at Addictions.com.

Dallas Addiction Stats

  • Drug treatment admission rates from 2008 show heroin was the primary drug of abuse for 11 percent of all treatment admissions
  • As of 2014, opiate overdose deaths ran at a rate of 6.8 fatalities for every 100,000 Dallas County residents
  • In 1995, a milligram of heroin costs $2.34. By the year 2011, the price had dropped to $0.84 per milligram. Lower prices coupled with increased purity have not only made heroin more accessible, but also makes for a better quality “product” overall.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Causes and signs of drug abuse tend to go hand-in-hand throughout the course of abusing opiates. The cause of opiate abuse starts in the brain as opiates gradually change how the brain works. From there, signs of opiate abuse, such as depression, insomnia and fatigue continue to fuel drug-using behaviors, which further disrupts normal brain functioning.

Dallas, TX methadone clinics take a direct approach in terms of treating the damage done to the brain using methadone as a medication therapy. In effect, methadone treats the cause of drug abuse while helping the brain return to its normal state.

More Methadone Clinics in Dallas

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West Texas Counseling and Rehabilitation Program of Dallas

5415 Maple Avenue
Maple Plaza Suite 427
Dallas, TX 75235

Solace Counseling

1475 Prudential Drive
Dallas, TX 75235

North Texas Healthcare System

4500 South Lancaster Road
Dallas, TX 75216

Nexus Recovery Center Inc Nexus Residential Facility

8733 La Prada Drive
Dallas, TX 75228

Murray Hill Recovery

8222 Douglas Avenue
Suite 390
Dallas, TX 75225

Metro Treatment of Texas LP Dallas County Treatment Center

123 East Colorado Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75203

Homeward Bound Inc Trinity Recovery Center

233 West 10th Street
Dallas, TX 75208

Green Oaks at Medical City Dallas

7808 Clodus Fields Drive
Dallas, TX 75251

Anti-Aging and Longevity Center of Texas PA

8021 E R L Thornton Freeway
Suite A
Dallas, TX 75228

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Getting Help in Dallas

Once opiate addiction develops, there’s no getting around the need for some form of treatment help. In the case of chronic opiate addiction, a standard, traditional-type treatment program can’t provide the types of treatment supports needed to stop drug-using behaviors. In this respect, not just any ole rehab program will do.

Dallas, TX methadone clinics treat both the physical and mental components that drive chronic opiate addiction. This level of treatment support offers you the best chance of overcoming addiction once and for all.

Addictions.com works with many different types of Dallas, TX methadone clinics, so we can find the program that’s best suited to address your specific treatment needs.

Choosing From Many Dallas Methadone Clinics

Dallas, TX methadone clinics offer a range of treatment options, including inpatient, outpatient and residential-based programs. Choosing the program that’s right for you is a matter of finding programs that offer the level of treatment support you need to live a drug-free life.

Metro Treatment of Texas LP Dallas County Treatment Center Methadone Clinic, one of several Dallas, TX methadone clinics, offers methadone treatment along with a range of behavioral treatment interventions on an outpatient basis. While outpatient treatment may fit in nicely with your schedule, it’s most important to ensure the program you choose offers the level of support you need.

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