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While South Carolina may not be one of the front-runners where opiate abuse is concerned, residents of Charleston are no less affected by the the influx of illicit opiates in their communities. Heroin and prescription pain pill abuse rates continue to increase as more and more people are exposed to these drugs. Charleston, SC methadone clinics are there to help individuals overcome the effects of opiate abuse in their lives.

Charleston methadone programs treat the full spectrum of problems that opiate addiction leaves behind. If you’ve been battling opiate addiction for a while now, methadone rehab programs can help you live a healthy, hope-filled life. can help you find Charleston, SC methadone clinics near you and connect you with people who can help you get well.

Charleston Addiction Stats

  • As of 2016, 5,824 opioid-based prescriptions were handed out. This equals out to 9.19 percent of all prescriptions written in the Charleston area.
  • In 2013, U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials seized over 130 grams of heroin from a Charleston residence. This particular case exposed a large-scale heroin distribution network.
  • The number of emergency Narcan treatments for opioid overdose increased from 262 in 2015 to 417 in 2016, which is a 59.16 percent increase in treated overdose incidents


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

When left untreated, an opiate abuse problem only gains momentum in terms of its hold over your physical and psychological well-being. Opiates work by gradually changing brain neurotransmitter processes. Since the brain relies on a delicate balance of chemicals to function normally, it doesn’t take very long at all before the effects of opiate abuse start to show.

Signs of opiate abuse include:

  • Mental fog
  • Muscle aches
  • Fatigue
  • Moodiness
  • Loss of sleep

Charleston, SC methadone clinics do what most other types of programs don’t. These programs use methadone to treat the brain chemical imbalances that drive addiction as well as the addiction problem itself.

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Clinical Solutions of Charleston PA

1954 Ashley River Road
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Charleston, SC 29407

Charleston Center of Charleston County

5 Charleston Center Drive
Charleston, SC 29401

Center for Behavioral Health South Carolina Inc

2301 Cosgrove Avenue
Suite F
Charleston, SC 29405

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Getting Help in Charleston

Taking that first step to get help can be one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. The reason for this stems from the draining effects of opiates and how they compromise your thinking and ability to reason. Addiction not only wreaks havoc on the body, but also reconfigures your motivations and daily priorities. Eventually, the drug “high” takes top priority over all else including work, family and financial stability.

Charleston, SC methadone clinics take you through a series of behavioral treatment sessions, which are specifically designed to help undo the addiction mindset. Let help you determine whether Charleston, SC methadone clinics are the right line of treatment for you.

Choosing From Many Charleston Methadone Clinics

Choosing between the different Charleston, SC methadone clinics is a matter of determining what level of treatment can best support your treatment needs.

  • High intensity inpatient programs treat serious medical and psychological problems as well as the addiction
  • Residential programs provide a stable, structured living environment, which help you develop the types of daily living skills needed to live a drug-free life
  • Outpatient programs, like the Center for Behavioral Health South Carolina Inc Methadone Clinic, conducts behavioral treatment sessions on a weekly basis as well as ongoing evaluations and screenings

Ultimately, finding the Charleston, SC methadone clinics that offer the level of treatment you most need offers the very best chance of getting addiction under control.

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