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Oklahoma Methadone Clinics

Known for its rich open plains and prairies, Oklahoma is one the nation’s top producers of wheat, hay, cotton and peanuts. Oklahoma is also a major player within a number of industries, including food processing, machinery manufacturing and oil refining. Residents of the Sooner State may well live more laid-back lifestyles than New Yorkers or Californians, but the effects of opiate abuse and addiction impact families and communities in harmful ways, much like the rest of the country.

Opiate addiction affects people from all walks of life, so if you or someone you know struggles with an opiate addiction problem, you’re not alone. The good news is Oklahoma methadone clinics can help.

Oklahoma methadone clinics specialize in working with the most severe forms of opiate addiction. Their treatment approach uses methadone as a medication therapy, which has a long, established track record as an effective opiate addiction treatment drug. If you’ve tried other forms of treatment and had less than favorable results, methadone treatment may well be the key to helping you take back your life from addiction’s hold.

Addictions.com come works with Oklahoma methadone clinics throughout the state, so we’re in a prime position to help you find an Oklahoma methadone program that’s right for you. For starters, it helps to have a general idea on how opiate addiction works so you can better determine which types of methadone programs will work best for you.

Oklahoma Addiction Stats

  • For the year 2015, prescription opioid overdose deaths totaled 277, which amounts to 7.2 fatalities for every 100,000 people
  • Opioid-related inpatient hospitalization rates increased by 17.2 percent between 2009 and 2014
  • In 2014, opioid-related inpatient hospitalization rates equaled 155.1 hospitalizations for every 100,000 residents
  • In Washington County alone, six out of every 10 poisoning/overdose deaths involved prescription pain pills between 2007 and 2015. Cities affected include Vera, Ochelata, Ramona, Dewey, Copan and Bartlesville with Bartlesville accounting for 79 percent of total deaths
  • In 2012, the rate of opioid prescriptions written exceeded the number of people in the state at a rate of 127.8 prescriptions for every 100 people


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

If you’ve abused opiates for a while now, you’ve likely noticed how the body seems to crave more and more of the drug with each passing. These changes develop out of the drug’s effects on the brain’s chemical system. Restoring this system back to normal is a big part of what Oklahoma methadone clinics do.

Causes of drug abuse lie in how addictive substances alter the brain’s chemical environment. These changes take place whether you’re snorting heroin or taking a prescription pain pill for treatment purposes.

When used on an ongoing basis or used in excess, a growing physical dependency starts to take shape. Signs of physical dependence take the form of withdrawal effects, such as insomnia, depression and fatigue. Oklahoma methadone clinics use methadone to help break this dependency and relieve withdrawal discomfort.

With long-term or chronic opiate abuse, physical dependence morphs into psychological dependence, which is what addiction is. With addiction, dependence takes the form of a mental and emotional “need” for the drug to cope with daily life pressures.

By the time addiction sets in, opiates have essentially changed your priorities, morals and motivations in drastic ways. Oklahoma methadone clinics combine methadone’s effects with addiction-based treatment interventions to treat both the physical and psychological effects of chronic opiate abuse.

Oklahoma Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Oklahoma

It’s not uncommon for people struggling with severe opiate addiction to go in and out of treatment programs with little progress to show for their efforts. Traditional-type treatment programs do a good job at treating the addiction, but little to treat the brain chemical imbalances that opiate addiction leaves behind.

Oklahoma methadone clinics offer a two-pronged approach to treating opiate addiction. These programs use methadone as a type of medication therapy that works to wean the brain off opiates while restoring a normal chemical balance in the process.

Addiction-based interventions are then used to help you identify addiction-based thinking and behavior, while developing healthy coping behaviors for managing daily life pressures. Interventions commonly used include psychotherapy, relapse prevention training, group therapy and support group work.

The overall effects from Oklahoma methadone clinic treatment enable you to feel healthy again, both physically and emotionally. In turn, you’re able to function in everyday life in ways that you couldn’t before, such as holding down a job and enjoying time with friends and family. The effects of Oklahoma methadone clinic treatment also helps motivate your desire to live a drug-free life.

Choosing From Many Oklahoma Methadone Clinics

While Oklahoma methadone clinics may operate as specialty-based rehab centers, there’s still a range of program options from which to choose. Methadone rehab can take place within any one of the following settings:

  • Detox centers
  • Inpatient facilities
  • Residential facilities
  • Outpatient programs
  • Sober living programs

These programs differ in the level of support and care each program type provides. Oklahoma methadone program benefits work well for detox purposes as well as for post-detox purposes.

If you’ve developed medical and/or psychological problems as a result of chronic opiate abuse, inpatient-based Oklahoma methadone clinics offer medical, psychological and addiction treatment care. From there, some people transition over to residential care. Residential programs provide you with the day-in, day-out structure and routine needed to promote continued abstinence once you return home.

Outpatient-based Oklahoma methadone clinics provide you with ongoing guidance and support to help you manage the ups and downs of recovery when living at home. Sober living programs offer an added level of support for people who aren’t ready to return home after residential treatment ends. These programs take place within a semi-independent living environment, meaning residents work, maintain the home and pay rent while benefiting from the community support that a sober living home provides.

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With each passing day, opiates continue to strip away your ability to fight addiction’s effects. Under these conditions, it’s never too soon to seek out needed treatment help.

We here at Addictions.com can help you find an Oklahoma methadone clinic that offers the level of support and care you need to beat addiction and live a drug-free life. To speak with one of our addiction counselors, please feel free to call our toll-free helpline at 800-654-0987.