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Heroin and prescription pain pill abuse have become the source of an opiate addiction pandemic that’s swept the nation. Likewise, the residents of Cleveland, Ohio have been especially hard-hit by heroin abuse, which has taken a terrible toll on their communities.

Patterns of opiate abuse will inevitably give way to full-blown addiction problems. If it feels like you’re at a point of no return, Cleveland, OH methadone clinics can treat the root of the addiction problem as well as the addiction problem itself.

We here at can provide you with information on available Cleveland, OH methadone clinics and help you find a program that supports your efforts in recovery.

Cleveland Addiction Stats

  • In 2016, Cuyahoga County had 219 opiate-related overdose deaths, with Cleveland being the largest city in the county
  • In February of 2017 alone, heroin batches containing fentanyl accounted for 60 overdose fatalities
  • In 2006, heroin overdose fatalities totaled 49. In 2016, total the number of deaths reached 320.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Signs of drug abuse tend to develop gradually and become more severe along the way. Opiates interact with the brain’s chemical system, altering essential chemical processes. These changes account for the physical discomforts that develop over the course of abusing opiates. Cleveland methadone programs make relieving these discomforts a top priority.

Before long, opiate effects not only cause physical discomfort, but start to warp your thinking and behavior. Once opiates start to distort your thinking and behavior, the beginnings of an addiction are at work.

Signs of drug abuse to look out for include:

  • Muddled thinking
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Changing priorities, such as skipping work to get “high”
  • Emotional instability

Cleveland, OH methadone clinics employ both medical and behavior-based treatment interventions, unlike other types of treatment programs. Let help you find a methadone program that can provide the level of support you need to life a drug-free life.

More Methadone Clinics in Cleveland

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Stella Maris

1320 Washington Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

Rosary Hall

2351 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

Recovery Resources Women/Family Services Program

Metzenbaum Childrens Center
3343 Community College Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Recovery Resources

2900 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

Matt Talbot Inn Residential

2270 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

Cleveland Treatment Center Inc Ohio Bureau Of Drug Abuse

1127 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Addiction Recovery Services Univ Hosp of Cleveland/Dept of Psych

11100 Euclid Avenue
Hanna Pavillion 5th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44106

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Getting Help in Cleveland

When opiate addiction goes untreated, it becomes that much harder to treat the condition. The effects of a chronic, long-term opiate addiction can cause serious medical problems to develop, such as heart disease, diabetes and malnutrition. Chronic addiction problems can also breed full-blown psychological problems , such as depression and panic disorders.

Cleveland, OH methadone clinics use methadone as a medical treatment to address the brain chemical imbalances opiates leave behind. From there, Cleveland, OH methadone clinics combine methadone treatments with ongoing behavior-based interventions, which are designed to help you replace addiction-based thinking with a mindset that’s geared towards drug-free living.

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Choosing From Many Cleveland Methadone Clinics

Your choice between Cleveland, OH methadone clinics should be based on the severity of your condition since different programs offer different levels of care. Levels of care have to do with the types of treatment supports any one program provides. As a general rule, the more severe your addiction problem the more you’ll likely require an intensive level of care.

Cleveland, OH methadone clinics can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Inpatient programs – offer the most intensive level of care, which includes treatment for medical and psychological problems
  • Residential programs – offer short or long-term residential care
  • Outpatient programs – offer less intensive long-term care and monitoring

There are a few programs, such as the Addiction Recovery Services Univ Hosp of Cleveland/Dept of Psych Methadone Clinic that offer multiple levels of care, so it helps to keep this in mind when considering program options.

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