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Located on the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the mid-west and the third largest city in Ohio. Developed as a shipping point during the days of river trading, it has become a city rich in the arts, culture, and Fortune 500 companies. It has also developed as a hotbed for heroin and prescription opiate abuse that can only be stopped by Cincinnati, OH methadone clinics. offers resources, answers questions, and can help find treatment for the diseases these drugs produce. If you or a loved one is abusing these drugs, seek help in Cincinnati today.

Cincinnati Addiction Stats

  • In 2016, Cincinnati and surrounding areas reported 100 more opiate overdose deaths than in 2015, with 2017 expected to bring even higher numbers.
  • In 2013, heroin surpassed marijuana as the most commonly abused illicit drug in Cincinnati.
  • Cincinnati saw 78 heroin overdoses over just two days in August of 2016.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It can be very difficult to tell if you or someone you love has an addiction to heroin or prescription opiates. You should know the common triggers before assuming there is an issue. These are:

  • Physical illness, injury, or trauma where pain killers are prescribed
  • Mental illness or trauma where opiates are used as a form of relief or self-medication
  • High stress lifestyle
  • Pressure from friends or family

The signs that there is an opiate abuse problem are a lot more varied. Each person reacts to the drugs in different ways. Some people choose to doctor shop or get multiple prescriptions. Others are risk taking behavior or track marks. The best way to identify the signs of opiate addiction is to look right here at

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Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center/Substance Dependency Program

3200 Vine Street
8th Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Center for Chemical Addictions Trt

830 Ezzard Charles Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45214

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Getting Help in Cincinnati

Once you are addicted to opiates, it is extremely difficult to get off them. They actually change the pathways to your brain causing loss of pleasure when not on the opiates and severe withdrawal. Opiate withdrawal is difficult enough to interfere with your ability to go to counseling and other forms of Treatment.

Fortunately, Cincinnati, OH methadone clinics offer a solution. That solution is methadone. Methadone is a popular medication that prevents the full impact of the withdrawal symptoms and can help you focus on the more important aspects of you treatment.

Choosing From Many Cincinnati Methadone Clinics

Cincinnati, Ohio has a variety of methadone clinics and opiate addiction treatment facilities. Choosing the right one is more complex than simply picking one at random. You need to find the right one for your needs. You can do this by carefully examining your addiction and determining your needs, wants, and goals. Don’t worry you don’t have to do this alone. We can help you by providing all of the information you need on methadone and the Cincinnati, OH methadone clinics so that you can make an accurate, informed choice.

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