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Jacksonville, North Carolina is a small city located on the New River in the southeastern part of the state. The city is most well known for being the home of the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and the New River Naval Air Station. Despite the large military presence, the city suffers from heroin and prescription opiate addiction best treated by Jacksonville, NC methadone clinics.

For those dealing with these diseases, Addictions.com has the resources and answers that you need. They are best equipped to help you find treatment in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Although the exact causes of opiate abuse are still unknown, there a few situations that contribute to the addiction. These situations are:

  • Physical injury, illness, trauma, or chronic pain
  • Mental illness such as depression or anxiety
  • A stressful lifestyle

Most opiate addicts have at least one of these in common. You can learn more about the symptoms, signs, and causes of opiate abuse right here at Addictions.com. We are here to help you find the treatment option that is right for you.

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Getting Help in Jacksonville

Opiate addiction is one of the deadliest addictions you can experience. Not only does it have an extremely high overdose rate, it has many side effects that can cause serious illness or injury. Fortunately, there is treatment available. One highly effective treatment is through the use of methadone, available at Jacksonville, NC methadone clinics. This powerful medication helps to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal so you can concentrate on identifying and eliminating the factors that caused your addiction.

Choosing From Many Jacksonville Methadone Clinics

Not all methadone clinics are the same. Each clinic has its own methods, philosophies, and types of treatment. Which clinic you choose depends on your needs, wants, and goals. If you want to get completely off all medications, you will need a methadone clinic that has a methadone assisted treatment program where you can taper down. If you want to still use medication for your chronic pain, then a methadone clinic that has a methadone maintenance program is right for you.

If this seems confusing don’t worry, we are here to help. We can assist you in finding which of the Jacksonville, NC methadone clinics is right for you.

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