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As the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte has a lot going on. Residents love cheering on the city’s two professional sports teams, The Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers.

However, Charlotte does have it fair share of downfalls, namely opioid abuse. This epidemic has swept through the region, claiming thousands of lives in its wake.

Are you addicted to opioids in Charlotte? It’s time to get your life back on track. With assistance from, you can browse Charlotte, NC methadone clinics and start using this medication to wean yourself away from this deadly habit.

Charlotte Addiction Stats

  • Black tar heroin is one of the most prevalent drugs in Charlotte.
  • Heroin overdoses increased by 90 percent from 2010 to 2010 in Mecklenburg County.
  • 61 people died from overdosing on opioids in 2015.
  • Half of people who took a survey on drug abuse said they started on heroin between the ages of 16 and 19.
  • Half of survey respondents said that their heroin addiction started because of prescription painkillers.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The signs of heroin addiction aren’t always easy to spot right away. You might just think a person is being moody or feeling anxious. However, when you start to notice a person has labored breathing, nausea, dry mouth, and constricted pupils, you may want to consider getting them help.

People start on heroin for many reasons, but the majority of them began their addiction through a prescription for painkillers. However, some people use heroin to self-medicate their depression, anxiety, or stress.

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Metro Treatment of North Carolina Charlotte Treatment Center

3315 Wilkinson Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28208

Horizons Outpatient Services

1816 Lyndurst Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28203

Eastover Psychological and Psychiatric Group PA

Eastover Awakenings
3303 Latrobe Drive
Charlotte, NC 28211

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Getting Help in Charlotte

Once you get into the habit of taking drugs, it will quickly destroy your life. You’ll exhaust your bank account trying to score heroin and might even resort to violence or stealing from family to get the funds you need. You might get fired from work and lose lifelong friends.

Things don’t have to be this way. Get help from us to end your addiction for good. Learn how to protect your family from opioid addiction or put an end to your own bad habits with the help of Charlotte, NC methadone clinics. Methadone facilities let you wean off heroin without withdrawal symptoms.

Choosing From Many Charlotte Methadone Clinics

With so many Charlotte, NC methadone clinics out there, we know it can be a bit challenging to decide where you want to go. However, just take a deep breath, relax, and use these tips to guide you.

  • Find someplace close to home. Charlotte, NC methadone clinics will require you to make daily visits, as methadone must be taken daily and can’t be given as a take-home pill. Therefore, pick somewhere you won’t mind driving to.
  • Ask loved ones for their advice. Relying on others to help you is a big part of overcoming your addiction. If you turn to friends and family for help, they can assist you in researching centers and choosing the right venue for you.

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