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New Jersey Methadone Clinics

The Garden State is home to nearly nine million people who come from a variety of backgrounds; it’s the second most diverse city in America. Now, these people may all love the proximity to other states that lets them take jaunts to Philadelphia or New York for the day, but they always come home for the best pizza in the world and some great fresh produce. Grabbing locally grown tomatoes, corn, blueberries, and asparagus from a roadside stand or farmers market is one of the best parts of living in New Jersey.

When you live in New Jersey, you can climb a mountain, hike in the Pine Barrens, shop in a city, and lie on a beach in a single day. This tiny state is full of things to do and you don’t have to travel far between them. Sadly, one of the many things packed into the state is an alarming rate of addiction to heroin and prescription narcotics. There is a genuine opioid epidemic ravaging the state.

If you or someone you love are among the many New Jersey residents battling with addiction, there is help available. Medication-assisted treatment through a New Jersey methadone clinic could be a literal life saver. Addictions.com wants you to get the help that you need, so we have compiled all the information needed to choose the ideal clinic for your needs and situation. We want to give you exactly what you need to recover.

New Jersey Addiction Stats

  • Among admissions to drug treatment programs in New Jersey, 40 percent were for heroin addiction; seven percent were for other opiates
  • In 2015, 918 people dies from a heroin overdose, 43 from morphine, 427 from fentanyl, and 302 from oxycodone
  • More than two-thirds of admission to treatment for heroin addiction report their first heroin use at or before age 25
  • Among people who entered treatment and declared heroin their primary drug of abuse, the most common secondary drug reported was cocaine/crack
  • In 2010, 80 percent of patients admitted to treatment for heroin addiction had previously been in treatment


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

It’s not easy to identify the causes for drug abuse when dependence or addiction set in because, at that point, the abuse is less of a choice and more dependent on factors like genetics and brain activity. But, in the beginning, there are some common causes. People abusing opioids often do it for the euphoria it causes. Euphoria can be helpful in self-medicating mental illness, easing trauma, and providing an escape from daily life. Other people may abuse opioids for the pain relief they provide. This is very common for those with chronic pain conditions.

Signs that a loved one is using opioids include:

  • Ceasing to take care of themselves or their residence
  • Failing to attend activities
  • Unexpected fluctuations in their finances
  • Changes in their weight
  • Defensiveness when asked about drug use
  • Abrupt changes in their sleeping habits
  • Social isolation

These signs don’t guarantee drug abuse is occurring, but they signal a problem that is worth further investigation.

New Jersey Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in New Jersey

New Jersey is fighting back against opioid addiction. Recently, the state passed a law limiting initial prescriptions to five-day supplies, the strictest limit in the United States. The law also mandates state-regulated insurers to cover both inpatient and outpatient drug rehab. The state knows how vital professional help is to kicking a drug habit. A lot of New Jerseyans still think that they have to use their willpower to manage their addiction, but that isn’t the case, and it sets them up to fail. You can’t do it on your own.

Addictions.com was founded to help people struggling with addiction find the resources they need to recover. We have gathered all the relevant information that you need to choose a New Jersey methadone clinic. Medication-assisted treatment has been proven effective, and methadone is linked to many positive treatment outcomes. We want you to have access to that assistance. Regardless of your personality, location, or budget, we can assist you in finding the perfect facility.

Choosing From Many New Jersey Methadone Clinics

As you begin to make decisions about your recovery and the role a New Jersey methadone clinic will play, you must do research. You need to know how these programs work, the role methadone will play, and what you need to be successful. Think honestly about yourself and your needs.

  • Talk to people who are or have been patients at a methadone clinic

    If there are people in your family or circle of friends who have taken methadone as part of a treatment for opioid addiction, you should make time to meet with them. Ask them about their experience and the New Jersey methadone clinic they used. These people know you and they will be able to help you know if a facility will meet your needs. Take what they have to say and add it to your other research. This will help you make an educated decision.

  • Location

    You will be required to travel to the facility you choose every single day. Down the road, you may be given the option of coming every other day, but that takes at least three months of daily attendance. Therefore, you have to choose a New Jersey methadone clinic that is conveniently located. If you miss a day of treatment because you can’t get to the facility, you run the risk of upsetting your recovery or being removed from the program. Don’t put yourself at risk.

  • Do you need to begin in inpatient rehab?

    Most people simply want to start with outpatient treatment through a methadone clinic. But, there are people for whom that is not advisable. If you have previously been in outpatient rehab and relapsed or have a severe or long-term addiction, you will likely do better in recovery if you begin with a stay in an inpatient rehab before entering a New Jersey methadone clinic program. You need to consider your situation and what would be best for your health. What will give you the best chance at success?

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