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Nevada Methadone Clinics

The Silver State is best known for Las Vegas; over two thirds of the state’s population does reside in Clark County. But, the state is so much more. In the northwest, Nevadans enjoy the Truckee River Whitewater Park and Riverwalk District and Tahoe’s 70 miles of shoreline. Northern central Nevada, where the stretch of Highway 50 from Fernley to Ely was called Loneliest Road in America by a Life Magazine writer, is considerably more remote, but it’s great for riding ATVs and sandboarding. Nevada provides something for everyone looking to be part of a community.

The state boasts former mining towns and areas of historical interest, as well as beautiful national forests. But, the rate of violent crime is still the second highest in the nation. A high unemployment rate contributes to a staggering number of robberies, as does addiction. People may assume the twenty-four hour a day lifestyle of Las Vegas keeps people partying round-the-clock, but it’s important to remember that opioid use is just as present in small towns.

If you are concerned about your opioid use or the use of someone close to you, it’s time to explore treatment options. We at Addicitons.com, want to help you return to living a stable, healthy life, and we do this be giving you all the information you need to choose the ideal Nevada methadone clinic. Medication-assisted treatment produces wonderful outcomes and could be exactly what you need.

Nevada Addiction Stats

  • Nevada has the 2nd highest rate of hydrocodone sold in the US, the 2nd highest rate of oxycodone sales, and the 7th highest rate of codeine sales
  • In 2013, 5.5 out of every 1000 emergency room visits was for heroin/opioid-related issues
  • Nevada has the 4th highest rate of fatal drug overdose in the US; the majority of them are caused by prescription opioids
  • 3 percent of high school students in Nevada report having used heroin at least once
  • Between 2004 and 2014, fatal heroin overdoses increased by 128 percent


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

The causes of drug abuse are as varied as the people who find themselves abusing them. For example, some people who are prescribed prescription pain relievers may begin abusing them because they aren’t getting the level of relief that they want. People who use heroin may start recreationally in order to simply get high. And, the reasons for wanting to get high also differ, stretching from self-medicating to inability to deal with social situations. Because there is no single cause to be avoided, many people end up with drug abuse that evolves into dependence and then into opioid addiction.

If you are concerned that someone in your life is abusing opioids, you should look for the signs of physical opioid intoxication:

  • Constricted pupils
  • Loss of consciousness/nodding off
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty focusing or carrying on a conversation
  • Slurred speech
  • Flushed skin

If the drug abuse is developing into dependence or addiction, trouble meeting obligations in the home and workplace as well as a sudden lack of attention to grooming and hygiene can be indicators of serious opioid use.

Nevada Methadone Clinics By City

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Getting Help in Nevada

For a long time, as the rest of the nation grappled with the opioid epidemic, Nevadans felt shielded because they didn’t live in the sorts of communities receiving news coverage. They weren’t in the shadow of the Appalachians or in former mining towns and manufacturing hubs. But, the epidemic is here and people are being impacted at an unprecedented rate, leaving families and communities in tatters.

But, it is possible to recover from addiction. You need help. There are several first-rate Nevada methadone clinics that are designed to provide medication as a component of a larger treatment plan. Addicitons.com would like to help you choose the best program for you needs by gathering all the information that you need to make a sound decision. We are completely committed to assisting you as you prepare to transform your life. No matter your personality, budget, or location, our experts can help.

Choosing From Many Nevada Methadone Clinics

In order to select the perfect Nevada methadone clinic, you need to understand what medication-assisted treatment is and how it impacts participants. To do this, you need to do research, and you need to be honest about who you are and the state of your addiction. Keep the following in mind as you make your decisions.

  • Location

    There are Nevada methadone clinics that will allow patients to take their medication outside of the clinic, but this is a privilege that is earned after months of responsible attendance at the clinic. In all other instances, you are required to enter the facility on a daily basis to have your methadone dispensed. It’s critical that you choose a center you can reliably reach each day. Missed medication can undermine your entire recovery.

  • Type of medication

    Methadone has been used longer than any other medication for the treatment of opioid dependence. It is extremely effective and has considerable research to back up its use. There are, however, newer medications on the market, as well. It’s important that you consider all of your options. If you start a program at a Nevada methadone clinic with a treatment approach that isn’t a good match for your needs, it isn’t likely to be effective.

  • Ask for input from friends and family

    If you have people in your inner circle who have dealt with opioid addiction previously, they may be a wonderful resource. But, even those who are totally unfamiliar with it can be valuable. Their understanding of you and your personality will allow them to identify benefits and drawbacks of programs that you can’t on your own. Also, asking for their involvement makes you accountable to a person other than yourself, and that may be the motivation you need when things get overwhelming and you feel like quitting. But, the Nevada methadone clinic you choose will ultimately be your decision.

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