Tupelo, Mississippi Methadone Clinics

Painkiller addiction affects roughly one in every 10 Tupelo residents — many of whom abuse hydrocodone. Over 95 percent of drug overdoses in Tupelo and Mississippi are caused by painkillers, and result in hundreds of deaths that continue to impact local families and communities.

Tupelo, MS methadone clinics use methadone, buprenorphine, and other FDA-approved medications to help individuals fight opioid abuse with a lowered risk for serious health complications. Use Addictions.com to explore available painkiller abuse treatments in Tupelo.

Tupelo Addiction Stats

Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Hydrocodone is generally prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain caused by injury, illness, or surgery. Those who use hydrocodone can become physically dependent on the medication when using the drug long-term or in high doses. Misusing prescription drugs is a common cause of addiction, as well as environment, genetics, and mental health disorders.

Physical signs of opioid abuse:

  • Runny nose
  • Slurred speech
  • Impaired coordination
  • Constricted pupils

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Getting Help in Tupelo

Tupelo, MS methadone clinics will customize treatments for each individual so you or your loved one can successfully combat and overcome opiate addiction. Quitting heroin or painkillers on your own increases the risk for relapse and serious health complications including dehydration and heart problems. But methadone clinics in Tupelo will guide you safely through detox and withdrawal using medications that minimize symptoms.

Choosing From Many Tupelo Methadone Clinics

Factors to take into consideration when choosing among Tupelo, MS methadone clinics include location, cost, and additional therapies. Use these tips to find the best methadone center for you or your loved one.

  • Scope out locations

    Methadone is generally dispensed daily in an outpatient setting to prevent patients from misusing or abusing their medications. Look for Tupelo, MS methadone clinics located nearest your home for convenience.

  • Seek affordable treatment

    The cost of methadone treatment varies depending on location, services, and amenities offered at the clinic. Most Tupelo, MS methadone clinics accept major health insurance plans and offer a variety of payment options to accommodate all residents who need help fighting opioid addiction.

  • Ask about additional therapies

    Methadone is highly effective at helping you overcome physical dependency on opiates, but other therapies are often needed to address mental root causes of drug abuse. Search for Tupelo, MS methadone clinics that offer 12-step support groups, counseling, and behavioral therapies so you can overcome addiction in full.

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