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With over 21,400 residents, Auburn Hills, MI is home to the Chrysler Corporation and Oakland University.  As a college town, there are many academic, arts and cultural opportunities for students and people who live and work in the community.  Businesses moved into the area and corporate growth has contributed to a growing economy.  Good schools, shopping centers and parks dotted around the city make Auburn Hills a great place to raise a family.

As with other cities and counties across the nation, Auburn Hills has seen a rise in opioid abuse and a rising drug-related death toll.  In April of 2017, Oakland County, where Auburn Hills is located, launched a blog to address proper disposal of prescription medication.  Many point to opioid abuse as a gateway drug to the growing heroin epidemic across the nation.  When people can no longer get prescription pain medications, they often turn to heroin as a cheap solution to satisfy their dependence.

Quitting can seem impossible for those battling heroin addiction.  The cycle of getting high, craving and using to avoid sickness is vicious and never ending.  Auburn Hills, MI methadone clinics may be one available avenue to help, but there are many others.  At, we work with you to develop a personalized recovery pathway.

Auburn Hills Addiction Stats

  • Prescription drugs account for nearly 60% of all overdose fatalities in Oakland County, MI.
  • 7680 people were enrolled in methadone opioid treatment programs in 2013 in MI.
  • 2.7% of Michigan citizens ages 12 or older reported a dependency to illicit substances.


Causes & Signs of Drug Abuse

Addiction can to substances can strike anyone at any time.  Even smart, conscientious professionals can find themselves relying more and more on chemicals to take the edge off living.  With prescription pain medication abuse at epidemic proportions, people are turning to heroin to satisfy their craving for opiates.  Who is at risk for heroin addiction?

  • People suffering with chronic pain
  • Doctors and nurses with ready access to opiates
  • People who have experimented with other types of drugs
  • Individuals who have a family history of addiction

For treating substance use disorder, our compassionate staff at are available to speak to you about risks and circumstances that affect you directly.

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Getting Help in Auburn Hills

The lifestyle of heroin addiction is tragic.  The euphoric high hooks the user and things spin quickly out of control.  Higher doses of the drug is needed to get the same level of high.  Money disappears.  Jobs, relationships and physical health are all affected.  To stop the merry-go-round, turning to help through Auburn Hills, MI methadone clinics can create a stable foundation for future recovery efforts.  Doctors closely monitor use, and patients can stop heroin with less withdrawal and cravings.  A taper schedule is eventually employed to help patients stop using methadone, as well.  This sets the stage for less chance of relapse.

Choosing From Many Auburn Hills Methadone Clinics

Saving yourself and your loved one from heroin addiction takes a collaborative effort.  At, we know the struggle.  No one should have to face the recovery effort alone.  As you look forward, consider a drug-free life filled with:

  • Warm, positive friendships and family relationships
  • Abundant new job opportunities.
  • A stop to nagging legal troubles.
  • Physical wellness.

Embrace a happy, healthy way of life.  If heroin addiction is holding you hostage, take your life back.

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